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Posted in: Garland appoints special counsel to investigate Biden documents See in context

bye bye biden

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Posted in: Japan has a long tradition of bonding over alcohol. But people are starting to wise up. See in context

I don't drink alcohol, never have. There is life without alcohol.

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Posted in: Japan's real wages fall in November at sharpest pace in 8 years See in context

So many foreigners like myself are working in financial institutions and earning over 10M a year plus. This is the norm. I heard that english teachers in Japan earn as little as 3.6M a year and it's hard to image such a low salary. But I guess english teachers are all young and don't care about money, they are just thrilled and excited to be in Japan.

As for Japanese workers, they never complain, never strike, they just obey. So wages will never rise in any meaningful way. Nothing will ever change.

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Posted in: Chickenpox and shingles virus lying dormant in your neurons can reactivate and increase your risk of stroke See in context

Excellent informative article. More of this type of article please JT!

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Posted in: Migrants dropped near Vice President Harris' home on Christmas Eve See in context

Harris, in charge of the border but she has never been there. Hopeless but she ticked all the boxes.

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Posted in: Prices set to rise in Japan for over 7,000 food items on cost hike See in context

Doesn't matter how much prices rise, salaries/wages will not rise and the Japanese people will gaman themselves, plus the J government will always come out with their joke inflation figures of 3%.

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Posted in: Japan inflation at 3.7% in November; highest since 1981 See in context

The true inflation rate is around 12% to 14%. No one believes these government make belief figures.

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Posted in: Winter bonuses at Japanese firms see sharpest increase in 40 years See in context


I have a friend who has the misfortune to be working at one of the most well known ALT companies in Japan. He told me his monthly salary is a terrible just over 210, 000 a month. I was just wondering if he received a large bonus to make up for the appalling salary?

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Posted in: Winter bonuses at Japanese firms see sharpest increase in 40 years See in context

I wonder about all the english teachers on here, what sort of bonus did they get this time?

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Posted in: Even if charged and convicted, Trump can still run in 2024 and serve as president if elected See in context

Jan 6th Committee is completely meaningless. A one sided farce and will be totally ignored by a our great President Trump. He will be back as our great President in 2024 when we can finally be rid of the illegitimate biden who has practically destroyed our country.

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Posted in: 63% of Japanese firms don't support Kishida, citing leadership, prices: poll See in context

 How, just how is it possible that in a country with 125 million people, there's not a SINGLE politician with even a shred of charisma who can make a change?

Yes very true! Seems to be a worldwide phenomenon, this weak incompetent leader situation. Kishida/biden/sunkak/macron/putin etc, Why is this? I am sure kishida will soon be out and replaced with the next talking head.

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Posted in: New Zealand says self-identity enough for transgender athletes in community sport See in context

OMG, more of absolutely pathetic woke nonsense? There's going to be a backlash and all this woke rubbish will be totally swept away.

But if this woke nonsense is really necessary, let's have 3 categories in events ie men, women and others.

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Posted in: In U.S., inflation sparks tough Thanksgiving meal sacrifices See in context

Judging by the recent midterms, Americans love their President Biden, think he is wonderful and are happy with open borders, high crime and of course high inflation. They don't care about high priced Thanksgiving turkeys, it's what they want. I saw on cnn interviews with democrats where they were saying Biden is the best President of all time and that inflation doesn't exist. Thus no worries here for Thanksgiving costs.

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Posted in: Facebook parent Meta cuts 11,000 jobs, 13% of workforce See in context

FB is so yesterday.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually molesting 13-year-old girl returning home from school See in context

How many more times? Self Defence lessons must be compulsory in Schools here. I would be willing to go in and help teach if asked.

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Posted in: Japan reports 78,577 new coronavirus cases See in context

Numbers falling. At last it's all over. Until China make the new variant.

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Posted in: Yen briefly surges to 146 against dollar after another intervention See in context

Intervention is just a waste of Japan's foreign currency reserves. Only has a very limited effect and then the yen will continue falling. Japan has to increase interest rates as most countries are doing.

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Posted in: Asian shares mostly fall as investors watch for inflation See in context

Yes real inflation is 12% to 14%. Nobody believes the "government's" fake figures. And even the fake figures don't take into account shrinkflation, where everything is getting smaller.

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Posted in: Asian shares mostly fall as investors watch for inflation See in context

The yen is almost at the 151 level now. It's fascinating watching it drop and of course there's no floor. My bank is forecasting 175 by the end of the year. I am paid in US Dollars now thankfully.

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Posted in: BOJ chief stays course on ultralow rate policy despite sharp yen drop See in context

Real people are suffering badly at the utter incompetence of the j "government".

There's no end to the collapsing yen with its result of ever increasing prices. Next week the yen is expected to collapse into the 150 yen level and accelerate downwards. When will the yen have depreciated enough for this "government"? It's utterly pathetic, incompetent and brings shame to Japan on the world stage.

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Posted in: Yen in 147 zone against dollar in Tokyo after hitting 32-year low See in context

Will also deter the usual army of english teachers coming to Japan since their earnings in Dollars will be so low. Nobody will be interested.

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Posted in: Yen in 147 zone against dollar in Tokyo after hitting 32-year low See in context

With no pay rises and the real inflation rate reckoned to be at least 12%, plus shrinkflation, plus the yen's collapse never ending, something has to give. Only the tourists are happy as they find everything for them as cheap as in a third world country.

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Posted in: Yen in 147 zone against dollar in Tokyo after hitting 32-year low See in context

Right now, the yen is racing downwards through the 148 level, possibly to hit the 150 yen level in New York trading. Deliberate government policy to destroy the currency. Good job for them that the J people never complain.

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Posted in: Yen in 147 zone against dollar in Tokyo after hitting 32-year low See in context

Fortunately I get my salary now in US Dollars. Nobody wants the pathetic poisoned yen now. 160 to the Dollar is the next support level for the yen, coming soon. Thank god nobody holds the pathetic yen anymore.

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Posted in: Jan 6 panel subpoenas Trump for testimony on Capitol attack See in context

What a farce this "committee " is. You can tell the mid terms are coming and the dems are desperate as they know they are going to be decimated. Once the House and Senate are taking over again by the Republicans that will be the end of this farce.

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Posted in: Japan wholesale prices soar 9.7% in Sept on higher import costs See in context

The yen is now well over 147 to the Dollar and as Mark says 160 is the next support level. The j "government" doesn't give a damn about the effect of rising prices on the J consumers. They know that whatever happens the J people will loyally trot out to vote ldp.

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Posted in: Asian shares mixed; yen falls to 146 level against dollar See in context

My Tokyo company has switched to paying us in US Dollars now, so as the yen drops further and further I am not bothered at all. Especially as all my funds are held in US Dollars and Swiss Francs. Nobody wants the poison pathetic yen anymore.

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Posted in: Japan's loosening of COVID-19 entry restrictions may keep citizens wearing masks See in context

Japanese will wear masks forever.

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Posted in: Yen weakness likely to mute impact of Japan's reopening for airlines See in context

Congratulations to the yen , today at yet another 24 year low at 146.3. Great for the flood of tourists, not great for the ordinary people here as prices continue to soar with no wage rises in sight. I think the Japanese people will resent the tourists with their massive spending power whilst they suffer massive inflation.

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Posted in: Energy costs, weak yen push Tokyo inflation at fastest pace in 30 years See in context

Japan about to be a poor country unless companies start to improve wages.

Wages for most workers will never rise in Japan. To get higher wages, employees need to be members of strong Unions who organize strikes to force pay increases out of employers. This will never happen in Japan where people just accept the status quo. .

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