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Posted in: Okayama teacher arrested for taking nude pictures of 15-year-old girl See in context

I am with you Dolphingirl! He may be a scumbag and I hope he gets justice, but WHY oh WHY do these girls send naked pictures via cell phone to someone they do not know??? It is a world wide problem which is supposed to be illegal but just keeps growing. More disgusting perverts and more girls who want to be seen as sexy. Sorry girls but you are not women but still just girls. If my daughter ever sent nudie pics via her cell (she is only 10 now), she would no longer HAVE her cell. Parents need to also wake up and do their jobs to teach their daughters more self esteem.

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Posted in: Chiba man arrested for kicking 2-year-old son in head See in context

There was an incident in USA of a woman whose 2 yr old was not "behaving" and the mom beat the child to public! No one, not other customers in the mega store she was in nor did the security man do anything. They all thought it was just her business. I would have MADE it my business. She would be the one who needed stitches in the head. I have children and would NEVER hurt a child, even if tired, frustrated, having a bad day...whatever. They are TOOOOO precious for that! He needs to have his manhood removed. No more child for him!

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Posted in: Continental Airlines launches new flat-bed seats See in context

After years of flying whatever was cheapest and receiving service ranging from passable to horrid, I flew Continental between Japan and US and was hooked. The attendents were so sweet and caring and remembered me the second time I flew the same route! They remembered my name and treated me so well. I will not fly another carrier no matter how inexpensive the flight. For the record, I did not fly first class but I might try the new bed seats if they get them on Japan-US flights. I fly often and for me Continental is great.

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