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Posted in: China denies visa to 3 Japanese in Taiwan orchestra See in context

Big country. Little mind.

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Posted in: U.S. powerless to act against anti-Islam inciters See in context

WilliB: On what charge, exactly? On whatever charge(s) they file against him, of course. From what I understand, he may have violated his probation. He used fictitious names, (which the court had ordered him NOT to do.) He may have used a computer. (Also against his probationary restrictions.) Possibly OTHER charges. These possible charges have nothing to do with free speech.

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Posted in: U.S. powerless to act against anti-Islam inciters See in context

WilliB: What do I say? I say that it seems the Catholics took the ribbing like regular people. I cannot say the same about thin-skinned Islamists. They are "over the top" on doggone near everything. TOLERANCE is a two-way street! WE, (the US), will treat others AS they treat us. As I said before, it is up to our justice departments and courts as to the disposition of the guy who made the anti-Muslim film. The same goes for Bill Maher. OK? Satisfied?

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Posted in: Islam vs tolerance debated in Muhammad film's wake See in context

Tolerance is a two-way street. We will do unto others as they do unto us. Let's see how it all plays out.

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Posted in: N Korea blasts U.S. plan for new radar base in Japan See in context

Oh, nooooo! The sky is falling! The sky is falling! North Korea's incompetence makes them feel even MORE insecure.

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Posted in: Recreational drug use is not a human right See in context

I died due to my recreational drug overdose.

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Posted in: Yakuza member arrested for stabbing 8-year-old boy in Tochigi See in context

This guy's oyabun needs to stab HIM in his lower pinky.

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Posted in: China pushes Japan with sea claims, trade threats See in context

Trade threats? Japan will ALWAYS make better products than China!

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Posted in: U.S. powerless to act against anti-Islam inciters See in context

The maker of the film is a stupid, careless man who has placed his family, America and American Interests in jeopardy. He is liable for inciting to riot, ( a criminal offense. ) His freedom of speech ends when he impinges upon the safety and the freedoms of others. He is as culpable as one who yells, "Fire!" in a crowded theater when there is no fire.

We CANNOT control the behavior of people in other countries - and we SHOULD not, (unless they present a threat to our Sovereign Welfare and National Security.) We HOLD the moral high ground. We TOLERATE Islam, (although many, if not most of us here in the USA do not care for it.) It is this TOLERANCE that is the SUPERIOR religious value of the United States (in the finest sense of the meaning of religion). We do not have to believe that Muhammad was anything other than an ordinary man of his time, Just as Muslims believe that Issa, (Jesus), was no more than a prophet. ANY religion, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, etc., that tries to force its teachings upon others by means of violence is inherently FALSE and UNRELIGIOUS! The tendency of Muslims towards violence is a red flag, a warning of danger, that will serve to turn honest, peaceful and good "unbelievers", such as Christians, Jews, Buddhists and others away from the professed Islamic, "religion of peace".

That being said, the maker of the film is presently in the USA and will be dealt with according to our laws and sensibilities. IMHO, I believe he is prison-bound - and for a long, long time. (At least, I certainly hope so.)

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Posted in: Romney vows to restore 'promise of America' See in context

President Obama's priorities are for all of the people. Not just the 1%, the birthers, bigots and misogynists.

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Posted in: Progress made on birth control pill for men See in context

This is old news. There was a male birth control pill developed a few years back

You put it in your shoe under your foot and it makes you limp.

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Posted in: Romney says Obama just trying to 'hang onto power' See in context

. . . And Romney's trying to buy it! Why is this sanctimonious empty shirt so whiny? His party is engaged in massive voter suppression - and The Koch Brothers, Adelson, et al are shoveling massive amounts of millions to attempt to wrest the Presidency from the better choice but he continues to whimper and whine.

The economy is growing - albeit at the pace of the flow of molasses in January.

Considering the depth of the abyss that Dubya dug for us, even a slow recovery is absolutely amazing.

And adding to this the fact that the Republicans have obstructed and stonewalled on every little thing, this President has accomplished miracles without one iota of help from the disloyal opposition.

The 2% are disgusting, greedy swine.

Because their views are based upon how rich a man stands

it seems that money changes minds as fast as it changes hands.

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Posted in: Is Phelps the greatest Olympian? See in context

China and the US are TIED for GOLD. 18/18. It's the GOLD that REALLY counts!

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Posted in: Australian drug trafficker's mother begs Malaysia for mercy See in context

A presumption of innocence SHOULD be the law of every nation. If Malaysia cannot PROVE that she was TRAFFICKING drugs, then, she should go free or face a different or lesser charge. The real culprit(s) may have been her boyfriend or the Nigerian.

Why hang someone if there is a possibility (no matter how slight) that they are innocent?

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Posted in: Politicians just don't understand copyright issues See in context

Copyright is a RIGHT, not a privelege.It is the RIGHT of ownership ceded to the creator of a work when he or she registers the work with the US Copyright Office.

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Posted in: Japan ukulele ensemble crowned world's largest See in context

A crowd of 200 played the notes, d e c C G from "Close Encounters". There was a response from somewhere above. A loud voice that said, "Your e is flat."

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Posted in: Around world, Obama's presidency a disappointment See in context

President Obama has NOT disappointed ME!

It is consistently true that many of his burdens were created by the previous administration and they have been difficult to ameliorate, largely due to the persistent obstructionism of the opposing party.

As for bettering relations with the Muslim World: We shake hands with the Sheiks in one area of the globe and must combat Muslim terrorists and ruthless dictators in another. Hard to balance the olive branch with the sword, you know?

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Posted in: Korean idol enrages Japanese netizens by eating instant noodles from the pot See in context

Japanese people:

Get over it!

They are Korean noodles, NOT Japanese.

BTW, ramen originated in China!

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Posted in: Romney sweeps 5 states; promises 'better America' See in context

Bush was the disaster that kept on giving even after Obama came in. Obama HAS improved things. Not as much as we all would have liked, but consider the obstructionism. Romney will do what ALL Republican presidents have done. That is, give to the rich and ignore the poor. The total destruction of America's Middle Class is at the top of the Republican agenda.

"I'll consider Corporations people when Texas executes one."

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Posted in: Politicians just don't understand copyright issues See in context

Oh, sure, sure. Everything is free. What you have belongs to me. I don't know why there's a fuss. 'Cause all your base belong to us.

Come in, children. ALL are welcome. Come into the light.


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Posted in: Carpenter attacks neighbor with hatchet over noise See in context

If I had a hatchet I'd swing it in the morning I'd swing it in the evening All over this town . . . . . .

I need my sleep!

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Posted in: Guys, take note: This is what you should cook to impress women See in context

I can whip up a good and tasty tonkotsu ramen. Any ladies want to sample and be impressed?

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Posted in: Obama says Republicans would 'cripple' U.S. See in context

The Republicans aired their manifesto the moment that Obama was elected. Rush Limbaugh led the charge with, "I hope he fails". The appellation, "The party of NO", came into being immediately after the inauguration. This is no big secret. With opposition like that, the words, "clout" and "sway" are meaningless. President Obama IS the CEO of the USA and he will NOT be kicked out by the shareholders, (who happen to be his faithful and hopeful electorate.) Rather, the obstructionists will be kicked out as soon as they are up for renewal of their jaded posts. Like it or not, many nations point their fingers at the USA and accuse it of racism. They are correct - because it is THAT which lies at the dirty root of the problem. Our debt was increased by President Obama by 16%, compared to GW Bush's 115%, Clinton's 37%, GHW Bush's 55% and Ronald Reagan's whopping 189%. THEY sure could build consensus, couldn't they? THEY did not receive the flak that this President is getting. I have already stated why!

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Posted in: Saudi king revokes woman driver's lashing sentence See in context

I think they fear them driving off to other oases.

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Posted in: Obama says Republicans would 'cripple' U.S. See in context

How can the United States continue to keep a major military machine when we have to borrow money from China? (Borrow to the point that perhaps we can repay our debt to China someday by ceding Hawaii or Alaska to China.) I am a Democrat, not a Republican, so maybe not as fiscally savvy as the conservative mind, but I know that one cannot have income without having product or service in some form. (Not unless you borrow, which is exactly what we are doing!)

I think that most of the "Captains of Industry" are probably Republicans. It is that ilk who have shipped out complete factories to China and India, et al and outsourced personnel and jobs to other nations. Also, they imported "skilled" labor from other countries to these shores even when we had the talent here and wanting to work.

Complain as they might about President Obama's policies, they are - and have been the problem! The problem which President Obama has tried to fix under the poor conditions set up by his predecessor and, of course, without any support from the other side of the aisle. Oh, I know that NAFTA was signed by President Clinton, but I am also aware that it was forged By President H W Bush and that several presidents, such as President Reagan and even Clinton touted it as "good for the country, good for the worker and good for the economy." Hogwash! GATT, NAFTA, and the upcoming "prosperity" projects can suck wind, as far as I'm concerned. At least, as long as we have the labor/manufacturing/production gaps that we now have.

It is shameful that the partisanship in Washington renders the adage, "Loyal Opposition" as null and void now, because, without that idea flourishing, the motto, "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" comes starkly into play! - and we are headed for failure simply because of the lack of unity.

President Bush squandered our monies on wars that were badly researched and poorly planned. I could cite the waste and even theft but I'm sure that you are as aware of the reports of such abuses as well as I am.

Since we are becoming poorer, it is fitting and suitable that we downsize our military.

I don't count at all on the Republican Party to address or repair these wrongs. Far from it! They will merely exacerbate the situation if they get in. More military spending. More outsourcing. More McJobs, more unemploymant, much more dissatisfaction and disillusionment among the electorate and consequently, apathy among so many, that more wrong will be committed. It's the beginning of the slide "down the tubes".

Perry? Fat chance! Romney? Bachmann, Palin? the others? Give me a break! C'mon! Who are we trying to fool here again?

President Obama is my choice for 2012 once more simply because the alternative is disaster!

You know what happens when people have just had enough.

Canada is looking good these days. Anyone want to buy a house in California?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for beating 13-year-old son with wooden sword See in context

Probably more about the boy's disobedience after being told not to do it AGAIN. If Japan does not have places to seek remedies for situations like this then everything cannot be laid at the feet of the mother. What is a single, working mom to do? HOW can she redress grievances?

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Posted in: Woman jumps to her death at Shin-Koiwa Station; 5th suicide there since July See in context

Suicide: A permanent solution to a temporary problem. Life is a gift and should be treated as such.

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Posted in: Body found in sea off Otaru identified as JR Hokkaido president See in context

Suicide: A permanent "solution" to a temporary "problem".

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Posted in: Dollar hits postwar low of 75.94 against yen See in context

In 1954, '55 '56, the Yes was 365 to a dollar.

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Posted in: Do you think there should be a statute of limitations for murder cases? See in context

No Statute Of Limitations on murder cases. Perhaps the best that a murderer should get is life in prison. (Personally, I think that's a fate worse than death.)

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