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I have used these legal herbs on a number of occasions from the dogenzaka head shops, and I would like to clarify what you are getting. If you buy herbs for smoking 'Spice' and other analogues then, even if you have smoked cannabis before, this varies anywhere between similar to 'skunk' strength to way way stronger. Some websites claim 80x stronger than 'skunk' and even after one 'puff' I have seen people pass out for up to 6 hours - this is not basil. It is in fact synthetic cannabinoids which are intense and neither sociable nor friendly - since you are comatosed !

Now; the powders... these again are synthetic analogues of MDMA, Coke, Speed, etc, with a small part of the molecular architecture altered to evade current classifications under the drugs legislation. It is the same cat and mouse game that sports people play with the authorities. Again, it is impossible to predict what you are getting, but be assured, all come with a significant 'down' at the end, and an unpredicatble 'high'.

They are both short and long term russian roulette, and also look like the real thing so while people think they are legal ( they likely are ), if found you will still be arrested, detained, until analysis is conducted.

Hope this clarifies some of the vagueness above, and for what its worth I will not be going back there any time soon.


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