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Posted in: 'Toilet God' song makes a star of songstress See in context

The God of the Water Closet, Lavatory, Outhouse. Chamber Pot, Commode, Can, Potty, whatever....Sheesh...

Can I suggest "Deity of the Dunny"?

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Posted in: Do you believe that dreams have a bearing on or are symbolic of something in your real life? See in context

On two separate occasions I have had very memorable dreams involving people who were dead within 48 hours.

On how many separate occasions have you had memorable dreams involving people who were NOT dead within 48 hours? Perhaps these dreams were only memorable because of the coincidence.

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Posted in: Tensions high after North, South Korea trade shelling See in context

One of the many things that amazes me on JT is the incredible ability for some to spin anything so that it's the US' fault, either totally or partially.

And no, I'm not an American.

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Posted in: 'Space Battleship Yamato' blasts off See in context

I think the sister ship of the Enterprise-D is actually the Yamato

That's right. Damn Gene Roddenberry and his rampant glorification of japan's wartime past.

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Posted in: Scanners and pat-downs upset airline passengers in U.S. See in context

Have to fly to the US soon on business and not looking forward to it unless the TSA follows taka's suggestion and starts hiring Hooters girls as screeners, and then change their name from the TSA to the T&A.

Also for anyone considering flying through Canada as an alternative to the US, we have the full body scanners too, even for domestic flights.

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Posted in: Why do you think that Christmas decorations and illumination displays are put up so early in Japan? See in context

As I say every year when this question comes up on JT (how sad is that), the decorations are put up to give the miserable gaijin community in Japan something else to whine about.

By the way, here in Canada we've had decorations up in shops since November 1st.

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Posted in: U.S senators urge Canada to stay in Afghanistan See in context


Canada needs to keep the border with the US open to trade;

Yes but you're missing half of that story, the US needs the keep the border with Canada open to trade, as Canada is still the US' largest trading partner (you do know trade flows two ways, don't you?) and the US' biggest supplier of fossil fuels.

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Posted in: U.S senators urge Canada to stay in Afghanistan See in context

Canada will be pulling out combat forces (but staying on with development and training of Afghan security forces) and this is because Harper leads a minority government and had to agree to this pullout to stay in power. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of Canadian politics (i.e. neither McCain, Graham, or most of the commentators here) would have been aware of that.

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Posted in: Galaxy S handset See in context

Fadamor - you think that's a Vader cosplayer and not the real deal?

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

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Posted in: Girls, girls, girls See in context

Best Hooterist? It's inevitable, really.

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Posted in: One man’s culinary paradise is another’s cultural wasteland See in context


foreign investment is not dependent on expats living here, nor about improving the flavorless food. though fewer living here might result in fewer lame articles such as this one.

Well said sir! +1 internet to you.

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Posted in: Thousands in Japan, China rally over island claims See in context

Once again Japan inciting disturbances and protests in China

So the protests in China and damage done were Japan's fault? JT logic at its finest.

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Posted in: Air Canada to launch Vancouver-Haneda flights in January See in context

I was excited about this until learning that these flights arrive at Haneda at 11pm. I guess I'll continue to use the AC flights to Narita arriving in late afternoon. I can handle the longer trip into Tokyo from Narita if it gets me to my hotel at 7pm instead of 1am from Haneda.

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Posted in: Magic Pet See in context

Disappointing - I thought it was Cthulhu in a jar.

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Posted in: What would be your ideal summer fling? See in context

I met an awesome girl at a fireworks festival recently. It all started when I bumped into her and got her yukata dirty! Things have been going well and I'm really looking forward to the motorcycle trip we have planned for next month.

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Posted in: Gundam jet See in context

sf2k - nice one!

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Posted in: Chinese navy chopper approaches Japanese destroyer near Okinawa See in context


One likely possibility is that China does not want to see Japan rearm itself. Japan does not need to rearm itself as long as the US Japan Security Treaty is still functional. It may seem counter intuitive to say that China prefers the US presence in asia to a situation where Japan charts its own course as a “normal country“, but this is a well established idea among those whose job is to think about these issues

Bang on and one of the few comments here with any validity to it.

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Posted in: Chinese navy chopper approaches Japanese destroyer near Okinawa See in context

Of all the foolishness expressed on this topic so far, and there has been a lot of it, the winner has got to be the following variations on a theme;

smithinjapan - "If Japan is so utterly upset and afraid by this then why all the talk about getting rid of their only real defenses?"

I'd be asking the same question, if in fact there was "all the talk about getting rid of their only real defenses", except that there is no such talk. If you have been hearing such talk, I'd love to know from whom, other than drinking buddies or students.

ElJeffe - "If the USA were to withdraw all bases from Japan"

Big if, and one that nobody is talking about, or at least nobody who counts.

avenger - "As soon as Japan kicks out the US forces in Japan, China will come marching in."

"As soon as"? That's even better than Smith's. Again, where did this idea that Japan will kick out all US forces come from?

As for the "China will march in" line - it's nonsense. First off, this idea comes from the false premise that Japan is incapable of defending itself without the US, which is just that, false. Japan's military is capable of defending Japan, that's what it's for, and it is very well-equipped to do that. Look at geography, look at supply lines, use common sense - for China to attack and occupy and Japanese islands would be a huge undertaking for very little gain, and would probably fail. Secondly, China has many neighboring countries with far smaller and weaker militaries than Japan's, including some it has had shooting wars with (e.g. Vietnam), and I don't see them under threat of an imminent Chinese invasion without the safety of good ol' Uncle Sam.

the_sicilian - "If you think China will sit by if the US left, well, you will learn Cantonese, very quickly."

See my comments to avenger, but you get first prize with that one.

Get it? The discussion is about relocation of one base in Okinawa, NOT about all US forces leaving or being "kicked out". And if that were to happen, the idea that Japan would suddenly be at the mercy of China is laughable and condescending nonsense.

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Posted in: Namie Amuro takes home Best Video of the Year award See in context

She's 32 already? Wow, how time flys...

Seriously! I remember seeing her when she fist debuted and thinking what a hottie, until told she was only 17 at the time. Bad Unagi.

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Posted in: Antiwhaling activist Pete Bethune is facing 5 criminal charges in connection with his intrusion onto a Japanese whaling vessel. What do you think about it? See in context


In two months, Sea Shep will be in the Med, ramming Algerian and Sicilian tuna boats, and cutting French nets

You mean they're not heading to Canada this year to help save all those poor seal pups from us barbaric Canadians?

I guess since Canada seized their ship last time SS tried that and has put it up for auction, they've learned to keep away. Imagine the uproar if Japan did something like that?

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Posted in: Ragtag military left to defend Japan on shoestring budget See in context


Furthermore, if the US ever decided to put Japan to the test and leave the country, where would the Japanese buy the arms they need to defend themselves

Usually you post good stuff on anything military and defence-related but this one just wrong on so many levels.

First off, Japan develops, produces, and buys a lot of its kit domestically, especially the GSDF - tanks, APCs, assault rifles, ammunition. It doesn't buy these from the US.

Second, aircraft and naval vessels are a mix of domestic designs and stuff licensed from the US, not quite "bought" from the US. Japan has the capability and capacity to design and build its own.

Third, there's a logical flaw in your point. Even if the US totally withdrew all forces from Japan (unlikely), why would that mean that Japan would have no ability to purchase technology or kit from the US? Is hosting US forces a prerequisite for military sales? Does Australia host forces to allow then to buy Super Hornets, Blackhawks, Apaches? If anything, if the US pulled out it would sell MORE to Japan.

Anyway, I think people are giving far too much credence to an article full of anonymous statements by SDF personnel which is a translation of something that appeared in "Shukan Shinsho".

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Posted in: Beat Takeshi snaps at DPJ lawmaker over space budget cuts See in context


on the other hand it was a fact that Japan was doing the research SOLELY to be recognized as the first to build such a computer...

What nonsense - no-one does that kind of research just to be seen as the first. However if it's "a fact" as you claim you should be able to point to evidence of this fact, as opposed to your own ill-informed opinion?

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Posted in: New film has Japan vets confessing to Nanjing rape, massacre See in context


Japan will NEVER allow this documentry to be shown inside Japan, same as they wont allow the film "the cove", to be shown

This movie has been screened multiple times across Japan and there are more screenings planned. Which part of "shown for the first time outside of Japan" didn't you understand?


As for The Cove, it's has limited screenings already and will get wider distribution across Japan this month.

Both films are important for Japanese to see, because the truth is important. But if you're so concerned about the truth, make sure you yourself have all the facts before you being propagandizing nonsense that "Japan" bans films within its own borders.

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Posted in: Beat Takeshi snaps at DPJ lawmaker over space budget cuts See in context

“A country that doesn’t spend money on research is in serious trouble!”

Definitely a smarter comment than anything I've heard from the DPJ lately.

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Posted in: Godzilla to get Hollywood makeover in possible 3-D version See in context

3D - a whole new dimension in crap!

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Posted in: Atom smasher will help reveal 'the beginning' See in context

Belated thanks Nessie, appreciated!

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Posted in: Chechen militant claims Moscow subway blasts See in context

You have an astounding gift for simplifying the abstract world of international relations,and that is a GOOD thin

Please tell me that was satire - the last thing we need is more simplification of complex issues.

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Posted in: Chechen militant claims Moscow subway blasts See in context

Chechnya seems to be the Russians' Afghanistan

I thought Afghanistan was Russia's Vietnam.

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Posted in: Atom smasher will help reveal 'the beginning' See in context

What goodDonkey said.

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Posted in: Atom smasher will help reveal 'the beginning' See in context

Some people try to trace evolution all the way back to the "Big Bang"

Some people might, scientists don't.

But that begs the question

"Begging the question" is exactly what you're doing.

"Where did the material/conditions/initiation of the "Big Bang" come from?

Where did "god" come from, other than the human mind?

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