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Posted in: Ukrainians hurl stones at evacuees from China See in context

For all the nationalist jingoism that is endemic to Eastern European countries like Ukraine, they sure are quick to turn on their own.

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Posted in: Battle of Iwo Jima 75 years on See in context

Yeah, its pretty random and inflammatory for otherwise well written article. Almost like it was inserted after the fact.

What's wrong? You don't like your country being called out on it's many war crimes?

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Posted in: UK foreign minister to visit Australia, Japan in post-Brexit trade drive See in context

Many Australians are from English stock so it does make perfect sense if your discussing foreigners.

There is much of Australia sympathetic to getting a free trade agreement with the old "motherland". We dont mind helping out the Britts as long as it is win win.

Either you aren't Australian or you are from a much older generation. The majority of Australians of British descent are now, at a minimum 3 generations removed and have no loyalty, feeling of close ties or desire to prop up Britain's economy as the UK's Plan B.

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Posted in: 'A floating prison': Cruise of Asia ends in virus quarantine See in context

Why anyone would get on the floating petri-dish of disease and infection that cruise ships are is beyond me.

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Posted in: China says it won't rule out using force to reunify Taiwan See in context

The Chinese Communist Party can't 'unify' what it never held.

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Posted in: Japan's 2 imperial heirs to fly on separate planes to Bhutan See in context

Must be nice to have luxurious, tax-payer funded holidays.

Feel free to not use any of the public services provided by other taxpayers. You do realise that the amount of tax you pay is minuscule in the grand scheme of the Japanese economy.

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Posted in: Japan starts minting coins stamped with new imperial era 'Reiwa' See in context

The Roman era ended around 500AD. The letter J was not part of the English alphabet since 1200ish AD. So the above statement isn't entirely correct.

English uses the Latin alphabet, this is an indisputable fact.

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating son 'to discipline' him See in context

Soon, kids in Japan will use the threat of going to the police if they don't get what they want. If only there were a way to stop this disgusting influence from the west...

Found the boomer.

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Posted in: Japan population declines at fastest pace to 124.8 million: gov't See in context

Good, more room and resources for everyone else including the chance to scale back the suburban and city sprawl to reclaim farmland and natural environments for wildlife. The Japanese archipelago cannot realistically and sustainable support anywhere near and especially not over 100 million people. Japan is dangerously reliant upon foreign imports to provide enough food and energy to it's population.

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Posted in: EU plans to ease restrictions on food from Fukushima area See in context

Chernobyl is still unsafe to this day. However, magically Fukishima is perfectly fine (says the Japanese Gov't)

A lot of the exclusion zone around Pripyat is returning to normal, it's now safe enough for mass tourism and there have been locals that didn't leave the error since the initial incident still living there.

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Posted in: Kardashian kimono shapewear sparks Japan debate See in context

I hate to sound like a right-winger but the entire cultural appropriation debate is absurd. Get a life.

The actual issue that has a lot of people up in arms about in both Japan and the West with this entire thing, is that she is trying to trademark the word 'kimono' in the United States. Which the article didn't mention.

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Posted in: Premiere of Chinese war film canceled in apparent censorship See in context

The CCP doesn't want their people to know that the Communists hid in the mountains, leaving the Kuomintang to fight Imperial Japan alone.

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Posted in: Cryptocurrencies need close scrutiny, monitor warns See in context

'Close scrutiny' kind of defeats the entire purpose of cryptocurrency.

Big, veeeeeery big bubble explode coming !!..

People have been saying this exact same line since Bitcoin debuted in 2009, and yet here we are.

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Posted in: Feminist scholar calls Japan's gender problem 'human disaster' See in context

But with neo-liberalism pushing "self-determinism and self- responsibility" as a principle, the most socially vulnerable were made to believe that they are at fault for efforts that fail to pay off, while the people with the most advantages believe they owe their success solely to their own abilities, Ueno explained.

The usual, factually incorrect, Marxist wordsalad of the ideologically failed Zengakuren generation. It's good to see in recent years the Japanese government has been 'cleaning house' at the universities in Japan, eliminating a lot of the bogus degrees and subjects in 'woke studies' that lead to useless academics with a zero intellectual output such as Ueno, in addition to their efforts to purge the humanities departments of

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Posted in: Man held for pushing commuter off Osaka subway platform See in context

Sorry, I’m a lifelong Osaka and Kobe kid. We act like animals on the train do we?

You ought to get out and about a little more.

Why are you lumping Kobe people in together with Osaka people? They are very different and Jean was only mentioning Osaka specifically. I'd have to agree with him, of all my time in Japan, the only stations I've ever encountered frequent rudeness and overheard outright racist remarks directed towards non-Japanese passengers was in Osaka.

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Posted in: Court rejects call to revoke approval for nuclear reactor restarts See in context

The older nuclear power plants such as the one in Sendai should be decommissioned, these are very old reactors working and relying on obsolete technology. The Fukushima plant was operating a decade above it's planned operational lifetime. The older reactors could be replaced with current generation IV nuclear reactors, these are much more efficient, cannot 'melt-down' and cannot leak radioactive waste, the amount of waste produced is also far less and even the unspent fuel is safe enough to hold in one's bare hand.

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Posted in: Abe meets Iranian president; warns of armed conflict amid soaring tension with U.S. See in context

Another waste of tax payers hard earned cash. Is there some sort of travel quota that has to be met? Must be election season

Diplomacy is never a waste of money. If there is even a slim chance that Abe acting as mediator can help to prevent military or economic conflict, then the trip is worth it.

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Posted in: Japan eyes British help to sink German bid for Australian submarine See in context

Good| Bad

bobohJul. 28, 2015 - 03:18PM JST

^Unamused, "from my memory we haven't built Navy ships in any significant capacity since WWII, neither do we have the skilled expertise."

Oh, really...?

"Eight ANZAC Class frigates from May 1996 to August 2006. • Six Collins Class submarines from July 1996 to March 2003. • Fourteen Armidale Class patrol boats from June 2005 to February 2008. • Six Huon Class minehunters from May 1999 to March 2003. • Two replenishment vessels, HMAS Westralia in 1989 and HMAS Sirius in 2006. • Two Leeuwin Class hydrographic vessels in May 2000. • Two Landing Platform Amphibious ships in August and November 1994.

Of the ships listed above, 36 were constructed in Australia"

from "Naval Shipbuilding: Australia's $250billion Nation Building Opportunity, Defence SA Advisory Board, December 2009"

Small fry buddy, 36 ships constructed does not count as substantial, especially compared to our neighbours even in SE Asia. The ANZAC class were reconfigured Meko class German frigates, the Collins Class (plagued with technical problems and insufficient for Australia's needs, was a reconfigured Swedish design). Next generation submarines such as the Soryu and those proposed by Germany, France are far beyond the technical capabilities and expertise of Australian shipbuilders, as the Japanese defence minister himself said it's difficult enough to construct in Japan, let-alone in a nation like Australia which has only ever poorly modified and attempted to reverse engineer other nations designs.

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Posted in: Japan eyes British help to sink German bid for Australian submarine See in context

smithinjapanJul. 28, 2015 - 10:52AM JST Didn't Japan just finish insulting Australia on this when they mentioned the need to include local business -- like that Australia couldn't understand the technology for building, or something?

@smithinjapan Yes they did imply that, however it was not an insult, it is reality. They were correct in their assessment, as an Australian I can tell you from my experience that we do not have both the technological capability (from my memory we haven't built Navy ships in any significant capacity since WWII, neither do we have the skilled expertise.

@Triring yes you are correct, the former Australia Defense Minister said that, and he was correct in saying so, many Australians, such as myself do agree, I wouldn't even feel confident in ASC's ability to put together a Lego ship let alone a canoe. Nick Xenophon needs to stop playing funny buggers with this, we aren't just dealing with the jobs of a few shipyard workers in his constituency, we are talking about NATIONAL defence and we need the most appropriate hardware to ensure that, considering the US has encouraged us to signup with the Soryu class, I know which one I'd be choosing .

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Posted in: France offers stealth sub tech to Australia to bolster contract bid against Japan, Germany See in context

toshikoJul. 16, 2015 - 08:47AM JST @Ossan: China and Aussies are very good friend now. Aussie politicians dislike Japan as Japan insulted that Aussie people can not be eligible to work and all sort of stuck up comments on operating factories there,

As an Australian I can tell you that no, Australia and China are not 'very good friends' our relationship is a purely economic one. The majority of Australians are wary of Chinas expanding territorial claims and military expansion. No idea where you got the idea that Australian Politicians don't like Japan, that couldn't be further from the truth. Numerous Prime Ministers have visited Japan in their terms. The one politician that spoke out against what the Japanese officials said regarding our ability to build submarines was a relatively unknown, non-influential private MP who is known here under the colloquial term as a 's**t-stirer'. The Japanese officials are correct in their assessment, Australia does not have the technological capability nor the skilled workers to build a fleet of next gen subs, our Collins class submarines are a testament to that, absolute debacle that program was.

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Posted in: Credit union turns down application for account with 'Islam' in name See in context

descendentMar. 03, 2015 - 05:14PM JST

Ah Japan. On the one hand, you have a large corporation openly engaging in racist profiling but doing so with the coginitive reasoning abilities of a 5 year old.

On the other, you have the victim shrugging it off with a "shoganai".

Yep, there's the typical Western, bleeding heart social justice warrior at work. It's not the company with the reasoning abilities of a 5 year old is you buddy. Similar Islamic organisations around the world which seemingly operate as 'friendship associations' and 'charitable organisations' have been caught out funnelling money to terrorist groups in the past. Glad the Japanese aren't adhering to the hand wringing political correctness which is crippling and eroding the West from the inside out.

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Posted in: Social networking for animals See in context

Can it track its damage to local fauna?

Caused by HUMANS introducing them to foreign eco-systems.

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Posted in: New adult arrested for throwing can of coffee at police car See in context

That'll show the cop who's BOSS!

Ha, this comment made my day! I imagined it went down like one of the Boss Coffee ads, where the officer rocks up and it's Tommy Lee Jones, who then uses his laser eye vision to explode the can mid air.

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