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Posted in: China's imports of Japanese cosmetics keep rising See in context

This isn't surprising, a government does not equal it's people. No matter what tensions or disputes two governments have with each other, the individual people's of those nations can generally get along. The Chinese people clearly seem to like Japanese products and culture, despite the CCPs vitriol, otherwise they wouldn't spend their Yuan on it.

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Posted in: 'Evangelion' studio receiving threatening fan comments; will report offenders even outside Japan See in context

The exact same thing happened when the show ended back in 1996. The only reason the End of Evangelion film was made afterwards was due to the barrage of death threats and hate Gainax received from fans dissatisfied with the ending. Not much has changed in 25 years, anime otaku continue to show themselves as socially maladjusted weirdos

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Posted in: New Zealand declines to call China's Uighur treatment genocide See in context

New Zealand and Canada are the weak links of the Five Eyes 'Alliance'. New Zealand due to their cowardice and Canada due to their incompetence (inviting the Chinese military to observe Canadian combat exercises). Time for Australia, the US and UK to kick them out I think.

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Posted in: Putin vows quick, tough response if West encroaches on Russia's security interests See in context

Russia is as much of a threat to the US as China. Good thing the US now has a president willing to stand up to both countries instead of capitulating to and appeasing them like the previous president.

The United States is the biggest threat to the entire world. For the entirety of the 21st Century and for much of the 20th, the US has been the chief exporter of violence, war, resource theft, poverty, international governmental interference and social upheaval. Your country has a lot to answer for.

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Posted in: S Korean students shave heads in protest over Japan's Fukushima water release plan See in context

I guess it wouldn't be a normal day in Seoul without some sort of over-reactive protest.

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Posted in: U.S. expels Russian diplomats, imposes sanctions for hacking See in context

Why NOT engage in economic warfare? Russia is run by a sociopath at the top of an organized crime family running a gasoline stand masquerading as a “country”. The West would absolutely crush them.

There's the typically psychotic, imperialist mindset of the violence orientated American. 'The West' is not going to follow the US Empire into another oil war.

You want to practice asymmetric warfare? We will show you what real asymmetry looks like.

Good luck when your country is at each others throats and is on the verge of social collapse.

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Posted in: U.S. expels Russian diplomats, imposes sanctions for hacking See in context

How about sending some tank buster missiles to Russia’s enemies.

What a brilliant idea hey? Let's start a devastating war in Eastern Europe all because America feels that it's empire is being threatened.

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Posted in: U.S. expels Russian diplomats, imposes sanctions for hacking See in context

Pot calling the kettle black much? The US is engaged in exactly the same clandestine hacking and surveillance activates as Russia, expect with the US it's on a grander scale worldwide. Add to the fact the US constantly interferes with many country's governments, the US has no moral high ground to stand on.

The US even interferes with the governments of it's close allies, the CIA had their hand in the unconstitutional dismissal of former Australian Prime Minister Gough Whitlam in 1975, effectively the US orchestrated a coup in Australia, their most loyal ally.

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Posted in: Pearl Harbor dead remembered in ceremony curtailed by pandemic See in context

It’s your sacrifices that have preserved American democracy and brought democracy to places like Japan.

Things imperialists say.

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Posted in: Australia, Japan to bolster defense ties amid China's rise See in context

China and Japan are Australia’s largest trading partners with China being the largest by far. Let’s hope Scomo chooses the right side to support.

Japan is the right side for Australia to support. China is a totalitarian state with no regard for international law, human rights, borders and conservation.

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Posted in: Sony's PlayStation 5 goes on sale, pre-orders overwhelm supply See in context


It is amassing how much free time people have for such mind numbing activity.

Please share with us what great and riveting hobbies you have, Paul.

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Posted in: Biden wins Michigan, Wisconsin; Trump files suits, requests vote recounts See in context

Trump is quite literally a dictator trying to pull a coup.

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Posted in: India, U.S., Japan and Australia kick off large naval drills See in context

Why is it never mentioned how much it costs tax payers for each missile fired and how much it costs per km for these ships?

It will cost us far more than tax-dollars of China is allowed to steamroll the Pacific unchecked.

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Posted in: Ambitious but controversial: Japan's new hydrogen project See in context

Winning at self driving technology, has the most data on cars already driving unlike the competition. Toyota, Honda doesn't even know where to start.

GM's SuperCruise has been universally declared to be a far-superior self driving system than Tesla's Autopilot. In all tests comparing the two, Tesla came in at a distant second.


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Posted in: Japan plans to release refugee status seekers from detention See in context

Something that the European Union is already practicing and rightfully so.

The European Union is solely dumping the problem on Greece.

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Posted in: Japan to seek record defense budget under Suga See in context

kurisupisuToday  06:48 am JST

Japan spending money to defend itself in ‘outer space’ - what a joke!

The majority of modern infrastructure is dependent on satellites orbiting the Earth. Japan, like any other nation, is wise to secure and protect it's space-bound hardware in the event of conflict

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Posted in: South Korean sex slave campaigner charged with embezzlement See in context

Looks like the great South Korean grift is finally being exposed for what it is

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Posted in: Tokyo highlights LGBTQ rights before Olympics with Pride House See in context

Burning BushToday  07:08 am JST

What rights do LGBTQ people lack?

In Japan? To list a few:

The right to marry their partner

Inheritance rights

Hospital visitation rights

Tax status rights

Same-sex partners are excluded from the Act on the Prevention of Spousal Violence and the Protection of Victims

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Posted in: Households face high prices for in-demand Pacific saury See in context

Eels, whales, tuna. Now saury? Japan is fishing the oceans to death. People, especially the Japanese, need to realize that not every damn meal has to consist of sea food or meat.

@Pukey2 It isn't the Japanese that are to blame, it is the Chinese.

Chinese fishing fleets are like migrating locusts, stripping the oceans bare out of pure greed. It's good to see that Argentina and Indonesia have started sinking Chinese fishing vessels once they enter those nation's territorial waters.

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Posted in: Anti-mask group in Tokyo slammed for 'cluster festival' See in context

It seems like conspiracy nuts always look like the absolute losers no matter which culture they come from.

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Posted in: Yasukuni Shrine a symbol of haunting wartime legacy See in context

Given that China has deified the mass-murder Mao in that creepy mausoleum and are currently engaged in two ethnic genocides in Xinjiang and Tibet, the Chinese government has no right or credibility to complain about Yasukuni shrine and war crimes of the past.

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Posted in: Turkish man killed at Saitama apartment; friend arrested See in context

these people might be from turkey but,they are not turkish.They are asylum seekers.Most of them live in warabi. however. where ever they come from,they are human being. it is sad.

Their names are Gokhan and Mehmet, those are two of the most Turkish names ever.

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Posted in: Michael Moore's 'Planet of the Humans' asks: What if green energy cannot save the planet? See in context

Humans are a product of nature and are part of the earth. We deserve to be alive just as much as a polar bear.

I personally value human life above all else

Humans haven't been a product of nature or a part of natures cycle ever since metalworking was discovered 9000 years ago. Our numbers and damage to the environment were largely kept in check by natural pressures until the 19th century when industrialisation and modern medicine allowed our numbers to soar far past sustainable levels.

Nature never intended for the creation of plastic and for it to be strewn across the oceans, it never intended for oil and coal to be dug out of the earth and burnt on an ever increasing global scale. And why would you value human life above all else? I personally value human life less than all other lifeforms on this planet, simply because we cheapened the value of our own existence by being the prime cause of destruction and the biggest threat to all life on Earth.

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Posted in: Biden wins big Michigan in crushing blow to Sanders' White House bid See in context

Biden is literally disintegrating, at this stage he is a walking corpse, it is clear he is suffering from cognitive degeneration. The Democrats are just handing re-election to Trump on silver platter.

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Posted in: Ukrainians hurl stones at evacuees from China See in context

For all the nationalist jingoism that is endemic to Eastern European countries like Ukraine, they sure are quick to turn on their own.

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Posted in: Battle of Iwo Jima 75 years on See in context

Yeah, its pretty random and inflammatory for otherwise well written article. Almost like it was inserted after the fact.

What's wrong? You don't like your country being called out on it's many war crimes?

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Posted in: UK foreign minister to visit Australia, Japan in post-Brexit trade drive See in context

Many Australians are from English stock so it does make perfect sense if your discussing foreigners.

There is much of Australia sympathetic to getting a free trade agreement with the old "motherland". We dont mind helping out the Britts as long as it is win win.

Either you aren't Australian or you are from a much older generation. The majority of Australians of British descent are now, at a minimum 3 generations removed and have no loyalty, feeling of close ties or desire to prop up Britain's economy as the UK's Plan B.

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Posted in: 'A floating prison': Cruise of Asia ends in virus quarantine See in context

Why anyone would get on the floating petri-dish of disease and infection that cruise ships are is beyond me.

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Posted in: China says it won't rule out using force to reunify Taiwan See in context

The Chinese Communist Party can't 'unify' what it never held.

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Posted in: Japan's 2 imperial heirs to fly on separate planes to Bhutan See in context

Must be nice to have luxurious, tax-payer funded holidays.

Feel free to not use any of the public services provided by other taxpayers. You do realise that the amount of tax you pay is minuscule in the grand scheme of the Japanese economy.

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