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Posted in: Gov't aims to have new foreign workers focus on regional areas See in context

80% of the foreigners in the constructionfirk will end up at Fukushima , without even knowing it.

(History it’s bound to repeat)

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Posted in: LA mural seen as symbolizing Japan's wartime army to be removed See in context

“It’s in Korean town”. I’ll give them that. Just try to paint the same mural in East LA. To see if they complain.

also “they should change the California flag. Bears are killers. “. That will be their new complaint

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Posted in: New Walkman from Sony See in context

just beating an expensive dead horse!

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Posted in: U.S. federal agencies clash on cell phone cancer risk See in context

I used to work for "X "phone company ,,,,and the first thing they told me ,,,give them a (cheap) headphones,,,so they cannot sue us when cancer(early 2000),,,,then stopped using and turning off wifi and phones in my living and bedroom night when I slept!

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Posted in: No. of foreign visitors to Japan in fiscal 2017 reaches almost 30 mil See in context

This boom in tourism had been helped by sites like Airbnb , because of the low prices in places to stay , but I bet after the Government regulation start to kick-in on June, there will be a decrease , as Hotels will regain the control and increase in price , which tourist are always trying to avoid.

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Posted in: What you'll be wearing in 2018 See in context

Les Misérables or Zoolander, anyone please explain??

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Posted in: Indonesia deports Japanese documentary makers out of Papua See in context

The Irony , now Japanese know how it feels when they deport someone out of no reason!! KARMA

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Posted in: Low tide See in context

Mud Surfing!!

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Posted in: Chink in Chelsea armour gives Premier League rivals hope See in context

Go Chelsea!!

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Posted in: Name some movie scores that are so famous that after hearing only a few seconds of the music, you can immediately name the movie. See in context

Hey, Hakuna Matata

simple minds -don't you forget about me

bee gees - Staying a alive

and lets not forget the weather today

Singing in the Rain!

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Posted in: Getting into the spirit See in context

i can see what he ate for lunch!!

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Posted in: Customs officials say pens need weapons import license See in context

chopsticks,,,,mmmm...very interesting concept!!

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Posted in: Customs officials say pens need weapons import license See in context

Pens dont kill people , crazy people staving with knives DO!!

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Posted in: Common painkillers tied to lower skin cancer risk: study See in context

the insanity , whenever a news said the words " X " "Cancer " "Lowers" , they increase the possibility of another serious side effect

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Posted in: Panda born at Tokyo zoo for 1st time in 24 years See in context

I hear its a PANDA-monium there!!!

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Posted in: Kenya looking abroad for stolen cash, seeks cooperation from Japan, others See in context

@originalusername ha ha ha , I got the letter ,from the son of the president of a diamond company there , and I was going to get 30 % of 75 mill $, if i give them bank, etc.

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Posted in: Two men arrested for setting fire to former employee See in context

does anyone gets reminded of Beavis and Butthead : Fire Fire Fire Fire!

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Posted in: Popeye is right: spinach makes you stronger, study shows See in context

He said the research team aimed to conduct a few more studies on mice but hoped to also carry out studies on humans soon

dont keep your hopes up!! we will never hear about that research ever again

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Posted in: Car being chased by police slams into another vehicle, killing driver See in context


Non taken, I work for the medical field too, we get many cases like this , I hate it when just innocent people that are at the wrong place at the wrong time, nothing on this world we write here , will bring that poor nurse back, probably going home tired after a 36 hour shift, I know

nobody here pays my bills or my mortgage , so, I dont take things personals

we are here to express opinions , It what JT wants,,,,lol

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Posted in: Car being chased by police slams into another vehicle, killing driver See in context

this happens in California so often!!!! has anyone seen Police wildest videos?? when police chase usually end up in crashes, just let the morons think they lost the police , japan has so many police helicopters,,,,use them .

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Posted in: Car being chased by police slams into another vehicle, killing driver See in context

Police its at fault!! just dont flash the lights, record the incident , use one of the millions of the streets cameras get the tag number of the car and pick this irresponsible driver at home,!!

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Posted in: Vitamin D plus calcium tied to longer life See in context

Elder people ,,,60 plus, also if you drink too much calcium,,, you will be suffering from kidney stones,,,ouch!

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Posted in: 4 students suffer burns after botched chemical experiment See in context

well,,,if you dont succeed the first time,,, Try and try again!! next !

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Posted in: Japan to make illegal downloading of music, videos punishable with jail terms See in context

I would say to everyone I know, not to download anything online, and 1 week before this law comes to effect , to start boycotting these big J companies, not to buy a single CD , music, not to rent movies, or anything to do with media,

We could show them our buying power!! ( just a dream , lol )

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Posted in: Heat beat Thunder 121-106 to clinch NBA championship See in context


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Posted in: New iPhone app lets users throw darts at expensive, high-tech equipment See in context

No Thank you!!

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Posted in: American father wins custody of child after divorce from Japanese woman See in context

sweet-bitter victory for Garcia kudos!!!!

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Posted in: Man robs restaurant in Ibaraki See in context

"The Ninja" strikes again!!!

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Posted in: Have your tobacco rolled by sexy women at Japan’s first 'shag bar' See in context

"She really knows how to Shag it !!"

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Posted in: The latest singles pick-up spot: Buddhist temples See in context

looking for Nirvana? after a few drinks , I will take you there!

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