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Posted in: Anti-whaling activist Pete Bethune gets suspended prison term See in context

I simply can't wrap my brain around why anyone would comment that SS did anything wrong at all ? like Watson , there are only 77 people brave enough to donate their time , vacation days , time apart from family and friends ... to go and risk their lives in the Southern Ocean to protect whales that haven't been given nearly enough time to repoulate prior to allowing hunting again , for any reason . It has been made clear that all info can be studied by using whale fecies , all data except for age of the whales. Ady Gil was rammed while sitting idle , as far as Bethune gloating ... he can do anything he likes while sitting like a sitting duck in a plastic boat in the ocean ??????? SS hasn't harmed a soul , never intends to , only desire to make sure law is obeyed in regards to NO Whale Hunting , especially nearly extinct species . Does anyone here , Japanese or American , or any Nationality ACTUALLY enjoy watching whales die ????? Need to reevalute yourself if you do , life is too short and the world has bigger problems than needing to make a few million bucks off whale meat , ig same resources were spent by placing alternative energy resources in the ocean vs whaling , then maybe Japan would stop sucking killowatts from the grid and give back to this world and be on the cutting edge of solving a world wide dependency on oil . I think Japan would benefit greatly from positive press in regards to helping , vs simply making news for negative issues . I know the Japanese people to be proud and honorble people , this is against their character . I have admored theor work ethic and honor code for years , disappointed in a small group of them for whaling . I am not a rich man , and a single parent , and struggle financially , yet i would never sacrifice my morals , not even to become wealthy for my family , i think they admire me more for trying the honest way vs spending blood money on a new plasma .

Please, people, get off Watson's back and find a way to make a difference , make a donation of a net for an african child fighting malaryia , sponsor a starving ethiopian , donate $5 to ASPCA and save a pet . Unreal .

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