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Posted in: Diet passes controversial secrets law despite protests See in context

Sad - tragic even ...

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Posted in: Koizumi defends changing stance on nuclear power See in context

@ Aizo Yurei

The nuclear fission reactor old boys group is corrupt to the gills. Bribe money functions as the carrot and other "accidents" can function as the stick. The corruption is so thick - you would think that knowledge of a cheaper to build alternative, the safest and cleanest energy source since photosynthesis a completely safe, a-neutronic, fusion process not only has not only not been in the public domain for some time but that it did not even exist!

If Koizumi really had moral fortitude he would be shouting about it from the rooftops. No radioactive by-products - no spent fuel rods - hydrogen and boron-11 in and helium and electricy out - in a power outage it just shuts off like a light bulb.

The silence is deafening. From Koizumi, Abe, and the press!

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Posted in: TEPCO mulls overhaul to counter break-up plans See in context

Abe needs to step on Tepco HARD! Forget about salvage - shut down - tear down the plants. Get moving on this.

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Posted in: How to split from your boyfriend without turning him into a stalker See in context


A cursory search for statistics in a futile attempt support your claims, results in data which indicate you are most likely afflicted with a tendency to overgeneralize & argue from a preconceived bias rather than facts. Consider these quotes:

From http://www.ebay.com/gds/How-to-buy-the-right-Doujinshi-for-you-/10000000000952937/g.html "I'd like to debunk the common misconception that "Doujinshi" is Japanese for "Porn comic". Doujinshis are NOT ALWAYS PORN. I would say over half of the ones on e-bay are, but that's just because the porn is what sells best in America; in Japan, a small margin of doujinshis are pornographic."

From Eng Wikipedia entry for "dojinshi"

In Western cultures, dōjinshi is often perceived to be derivative of existing work, analogous to fan fiction and almost completely pornographic. This is partly true: dōjinshi are often, though not always, parodies or alternative storylines involving the worlds of popular manga, game or anime series, and can often feature overtly sexual material. However, there are also many non sexually explicit dōjinshi being created as well. The Touhou series for example, is notable for the large amount of dōjinshi being produced for it that are not pornographic in nature.

Groups releasing adults-only themed materials during the annual Touhou only event Reitaisai in 2008 were estimated at roughly 10%. http://d.hatena.ne.jp/GilCrows/20080602/p1

10% is a far cry from the "easily over half" you were touting. It appears that you are forming conclusions from mostly "western" driven markets such as e-bay and then misapplying your acquired bias to the Japanese culture.

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