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unequivocallyobservingjapan comments

Posted in: M4.9 quake jolts Tokyo, Kanagawa See in context

Hope everyone has their emergency bag at the ready. When the big one hits, if ever, tokyo is NOT ready so you'll have to rely on yourself.

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Posted in: Coca-Cola's new vending machines shift power use for cooling purposes from daytime to nighttime See in context

Coca Cola is a damn good company. Koodos to them.

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Posted in: Governor promotes Fukushima rice at Tokyo supermarkets See in context

Let the Fukushima farmers and the associated business eat their own product. How does that old saying go. Act locally............... as in buy your neighbor's goods. No better time than now to put that notion into action.

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Posted in: Oliver Stone tackles 'untold' U.S. history in new series See in context

nanda- Tell your old friend the the bomb was intended for Germany. They had the sense to pack it in. The js didn't. Also, the js had extremely little to no respect for anyone but themselves ( looking down on anyone as sub-human ) so tell your j-elder friend to stop playing the victim because it's a very old and very tired old re-run in which the logical world has long been tired of.

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Posted in: Oliver Stone tackles 'untold' U.S. history in new series See in context

Stone would do well to encourage all nations to tell their 'untold' side of the story, so let's start with japan. There is A LOT of meat to chew on there.

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Posted in: NZ joins Australia in court against Japanese whaling See in context

One of the main reasons why japan still engages in this outdated practice is to kill off the competition. Whales eat fish so do people and the japanese have done bang up job of depleting the world's fish resources and clearly there is no sign of them stopping so being irresponsible as japan is when it comes to natural resources they kill off the competition. Everyone knows the scientific research thing is bogus but unfortunately it was a loophole that was left open and the japanese are exposing it to the hilt. The japanese have long tried to sell whaling in japan as a japanese cultural thing when it is not. Sure it's cultural for a few fishing/whaling villages along the coastline but as far as it being a national thing that is far from the truth. The extreme majority of japanese don't eat whale simply because it doesn't taste good. If anyone says it tastes good they ought to have their taste buds hauled into the taste bud garage for a massive overhaul. Don't be fooled by any of the noise. The japanese are just killing off the competition which is just yet more irresponsibility on the japanese side. Hmm, and the japanese try to sell themselves as preservers of nature. Ah, japanese hypocrisy has no limits.

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Posted in: Toyota recalls pickups in U.S.; spare tires can come loose See in context

And yet another round of recalls by the Recall King known as only as toyota. My my, how the myth is being exposed.

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Posted in: Ishihara calls for nuclear-armed Japan See in context

"Japan has been a victim of two major nuclear incidents, we don't need another. Also, if you knew your history, you'd know that if Japan were to acquired nukes, it would most likely set off a region wide arms race, and make an already sour relationship with the Koreas and China even worse. Japan should always take the high road and show that it is a champion of peace not war."

Wrong. japan messed up with one atomic and one hydrogen then a handful of small nuclear power plant incidents then Tokaimura twice, once in '97 and another and much more serious uranium leak in '99 and then of course the three different explosions and reactor meltdowns at Fukushima. ( uranium and plutonium) japan had more than two mess ups with nuclear power. That's at least seven major mess ups on japan's behalf with nuclear power. In saying all that, there will be a day that japan will officially be armed with nuclear weapons. Many who are in the know have been saying for years that japan is just a screw driver's turn away from having nuclear weapons. Ishihara and the boys have simply been warming up the j-public to the idea for some years now and the noise about a nuclear armed japan is slowly but surely picking up. japan never was a pacifist country to begin with. It has always been a warring nation, it's just that the recent past decades they've been forced to be nice even if they don't want to be. japan never had the high road of any kind in its history.

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Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested for trespassing in Okinawa See in context

" Those at Camp Zama, Yokota, Yokosuka, Misawa, etc don't seem to have the same issues as Okinawa. "

The issues are some of the locals who intentionally make trouble for the military personnel.

Granted some of the lads don't make it easy for themselves either but to be fair and honest some of the boys feel like they are walking on eggshells in fear of mystically doing something wrong. All it takes is for one local to cry wolf and the j-media come-a-runnin.

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Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested for trespassing in Okinawa See in context

Interesting how some in japan whine about the U.S. bases in japan and in particular Okinawa whilst in England the tone toward U.S. bases is virtually mute. What could the inference be? Trespassing is such a minor incident yet some try to blow it up to be way much more than it should be.

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Posted in: Foreign holdings of U.S. debt hit $5.46 trillion See in context

The japanese have long been buying U.S. debt which meant and means they buy their influence in Washington. A tactic that has worked very effectively for the japanese so the Chinese and Koreans learned this tactic and have also bought influence in Washington.

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Posted in: Who makes the best chocolate in the world? See in context

Hershey's! Just kidding. Grew up on it and have graduated since but it still has a special place in my heart.

-French Chocolate. Regulations prohibit the use of any vegetable or animal fat. They use only pure cocoa butter.

-Belgian chocolates.

-Swiss chocolates.

The above countries for sure have many excellent varieties to choose from if you can afford it.

The bang for your buck variety would be Ghirardelli out of San Fransisco.

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Posted in: Critics ask if Abe learnt from mistakes when he was PM See in context

" Why yes, young j-citizen. I definitely should have lied more. "

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Posted in: Osaka to reintroduce Saturday classes for elementary schools See in context

Frankly I was shocked back in the day when the j-public school system did away with Saturdays, knowing the japanese. Hmm, next thing ya know, they'll do away with spring vacation, summer vacation and Christmas vacation. Oops, it's already started. We are looking at a virtual year-round school year. It's happening and it's coming sooner than you think.

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Posted in: Some convenience stores may remove adult magazines from shelves See in context

If any kind of store wishes to sell porn mags then they should have the common courtesy and common sense to put them up high on a shelf in a secluded area where youngsters don't go but sadly this is japan and even little wee tots can inadvertently gaze their eyes upon women in promiscuous poses yet it is good that is has been thought about in japan even decades after advanced nations have been doing it. Better late than never. japan's style no doubt.

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Posted in: U.S. serviceman apologizes for assaulting boy in Okinawa See in context

As this person who supposedly hit a 13 year old boy did a bad thing it makes me sick that the obviously biased sensationalist media hypes this non-story up into a frenzy.

"FYI: I, american living in tokyo, was verbally and physically assaulted by a japanese middleaged man not 2 weeks ago outside of my home and when I reported this to the Japanese police, they asked a few questions before saying "sorry we can't do anything now. let us know if he does it again." basically, a typical "shoganai" answer.

Let's try to think about situations from both sides before we go and judge."

This exact thing has happened to me randomly several times in japan by japanese males over the years while minding my own business.

Yet the world lets japan get away with the undeserving self anointed moniker of global victim.

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Posted in: Posey, Cabrera earn baseball MVP honors See in context

Buster Posey is a great player and the Giants should be thankful to have him.

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Posted in: Japanese company advertises jobs online: 'We do not employ smokers' See in context

Name one good thing that comes from smoking.

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Posted in: Commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan dragged into Petraeus sex scandal See in context

A loose cannon.

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Posted in: Odor-eliminating underpants a hot seller See in context

Could be this year's hot selling item for Christmas and absolutely love the BO suppressing T-shirts which will be good for a good many foul smelling commuters.

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Posted in: How will American fast food affect Japanese culture? See in context

Future tense, will? Hmm. Head scratching.

What affect does U.S. fast food have on Japanese culture?

Probably next to nothing since the japanese have long had their own version of fast food.

Donald Ash ought to open his eyes to the real japan. Too bad newbies who come to japan get caught up in the faux positive myths of japan and this one; japanese food vs. the world's food and automatically thinking that japanese food is healthier or better in whatever context is simply painful to watch.

Getting back to japanese fast food. Sushi is an easy one to target and lets be honest a lot of the rice that is used for reasonably priced sushi is nothing but a starching, low grade in quality, empty calorie gut filler.

Ramen is a another culprit on the j-fast food menu. Salt, fat, and starchy noodles. Eat that every day and you can make a " Super Size Me " documentary.

Katsudon. I need not say another word.

Beef bowls. Cheap unhealthy crap. Yoshinoya and Maytsuya ought to be the headliners when one wants to bash fast food.

Soy sauce. japan should be known as stroke nation. The number of men in their 50's and older walking around town with one side dangling is breathtaking.

Salty pickled whatevers, Things smothered in thick heavy salty, fatty sauces. Deep fried virtually everything bentos. japanese style packaged goods in convenience stores loaded with salts, oils and names of things one cannot pronounce.

Sake (nihonshu) is so heavy and loaded with sugars it's outrageous.

In saying all those truthful things about j-food and drink. I have no problem consuming them as a matter of fact love them but you will never ever catch me saying that j-food is healthy since it just isn't true.

American meals are also. Oatmeal for breakfast with a berry topping. A turkey sandwich for lunch with veggie sticks. And fish for dinner with a whole grain bread. And this is often ( more or less ) what I eat on any given day and I would take this American style of eating over j-food any day.

Nope, it is strictly the japanese who have themselves to blame for their lust of all things palatably naughty.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. to discuss revising defense guidelines See in context

Time for japan to defend itself and truly act like a first rate country that it so desperately in vain tries to be.

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Posted in: Japan urges China to use sea power peacefully See in context

" Japan urges China to use sea power peacefully " while japan holds its own fanatical nationalistic attack hounds on a very thin rope.

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Posted in: I see all of Japan's reactors, except those that are on fault lines, coming back on line over the next few years. Construction will resume on the two reactors that are in the process of being built. See in context

Bingo! Said virtually the same thing to a friend of mine last month. Gosh, does this mean I can be a j-politician, too?!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for strangling 2-year-old daughter See in context

That long ago fabricated myth of japan being a safe country never ever should have been allowed to take root.

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Posted in: Less than 50% of workers in Japan receive full payment for overtime: survey See in context

Well this is a huge shock. It may be one of those very flimsy, intentionally very vague japanese laws that every j-company intentionally ignores and the j-government lets them ignore to have j-companies have to pay overtime but from my very many years of living in japan I have never ever once heard of any person ever getting paid any type of overtime compensation. Ever. However we all are very well aware of j-companies forcing their employees by bullying to put in unreasonable amounts of overtime work for no compensation.

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Posted in: World cup for waiters held in Tokyo See in context

You're a cinch to win in my book as long as you DON'T start this way. " Hi! (cheesey grin) My name is Jeremy! (over-the-top enthusiasm) And I'll be your server for this evening! Can I start you off with a little something from the bar?! " I much prefer the Japanese style except that at some joints you HAVE TO order at least one food item. Which is virtually the same as literally reaching into your wallet and taking out a bit of money.

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Posted in: N Korea still snatching foreigners, Japanese NGO tells Geneva event See in context

True or not if the North Koreans are still abducting people and reprehensible as it is, it is so nauseating how the japanese act as if their hands are clean in regards to the subject of government assisted abduction.

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