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Posted in: Darvish's absence spells trouble for Japan's World Baseball Classic chances See in context

Don't bet on it. japan's natural fanatical nationalistic fervor will see them through.

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Posted in: Nepal man says he was tortured by Japanese police, plans book See in context

You'll never find this book on the top seller list in japan.

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Posted in: Japanese electronics firms need to sift through their businesses, taking what's good and leaving what's bad. See in context

Just like the fishing industry, per the whaling conundrum?

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Posted in: Eating on trains: Survey asks 'How much is too much?' See in context

Lots of good comments about this story. Eating in public on trains or walking in the streets is an old time japanese no no. This isn't old japan anymore so this society should flow with the times. japan should instead be working out how to get young j-males to close their legs so at least one more person can sit down. Or to teach drunks to sleep sitting up instead of using one-fourth of the length of train seats as his personal travel couch. Or having the kind manners to hold the door open at any store for the person .00457 seconds walking behind them.

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Posted in: Disney opens world's first store aimed at adult female fans See in context

Only in japan. Adult in the physical sense but not in the intellectual sense.

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Posted in: Osprey out See in context

And here the world is taught that the japanese are a busy diligent people.

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Posted in: 281 Anti Nuke - a Japanese Banksy? See in context

zichi- It has little to nothing to do with a faux phantom. The js will not give up nuclear energy and their not so secret nuclear weapons. It's very much a japanse decision. The js are fully capable of deciding for themselves what they want to do with their nuclear power. Trying to make it sound as if they are at the whim of some faux phantom power is typical blame shifting that some do when the don't want japan to be seen as a bad guy.

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Posted in: 281 Anti Nuke - a Japanese Banksy? See in context

japan will never every give up its nuclear power since they own way too much plutonium and since plutonium is used in nuclear weaponry, and well, since many in the know of say japan is a screw drivers turn away from having nuclear weapons they'll not give up nuclear power. Ishihara himself japan should go nuke. What he means is that he knows japan already is a nuclear weapon owning country. It's not official yet so he's trying to warm up the public to the idea of a nuclear weapon capable japan.

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Posted in: Police officer busted for allegedly molesting 15-yr-old girl See in context

OK now, we'll see japanese 'protesters' out in the streets with nuanced condemnation of this negative action partaken by a japanese police officer. They shall be barking for curfews and what not. OH! No we won't. It's japan so it's OK if JSDF personnel or j-police officers act in anti-social manners.

I certainly hope this so-called officer doesn't even try to lamely state that he was searching for concealed weapons.

Also, “This was behavior unbecoming of a police officer. We would like to take steps to ensure that this kind of incident does not occur again.” Hmm, sad. Same ol' same ol' from the j-establishment. "....we would like to....." Just in case any j-establishment crony is reading this try something new like ACTUALLY take steps to ensure this kind of thing does not occur again.

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Posted in: Sandy engulfs U.S. East Coast, flooding New York; 13 dead See in context

Some good comments on this thread yet there are those who for some reason have an ax to grind. Too bad.

"The massive storm stretched over hundreds of miles and paralyzed several major cities as it brought coastal flooding and hurricane-force winds to the densely-populated East Coast and blizzards to the mountainous interior." Let's not forget that this storm reached all the way in the Midwest of the U.S. The Great Lakes region had hight winds causing larger than normal waves on those big lakes.

Just a thought here, since I personally haven't heard any one single person mention this let alone the media in japan. If anyone wants to help out the folks who were hit hard on the East Coast the Red Cross is a good place to start and or any NPO that will help those affected.

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Posted in: Second stealth jet puts China on path to top regional power See in context

Let's pull the American military out of japan! ( facetiousness )

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Posted in: Japanese auto supplier fined for price fixing in U.S. See in context

japan inc. has been screwing over the U.S. for decades. What makes me sick in addition to japan's obvious passive aggressive behavior is that when the Chinese do this or anyone else the Western media gets hoppin' mad. Sick how the japanese have gotten into the fabric of Western society to the point of affecting a proper observational view of japan. Shame on japan and shame on the rest of the world for allowing this to happen.

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Posted in: Hitachi takes over Horizon project to build 6 nuclear power plants in UK See in context

Since the japanese have long been involved in atomic/nuclear weapons/power it sure would be nice for them to officially announce they are technically a nuclear weapon capable nation instead of their usual pussyfooting around the topic.

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Posted in: Gov't to inspect 5,500 Schindler elevators after fatal accident See in context

Schindler would have been better off with a more decent Japanese maintenance company but then again one can understand how hard it is for non-Japanese to compete in Japan with the taxes that non-Japanese companies have to pay.

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