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Posted in: Nuclear power still key to Japan's energy mix: officials See in context

Honestly, Jeff. Simply brushing off the danger that nuclear poses by saying that nature was involved is below moronic. The fact that such events occur and set off this disaster is a very strong argument against usage of nuclear. The only thing that is ultimately behind nuclear is the lust for immediate fiscal gains by those entrenched in its interest. Let's not lose sight of the human loss brought about by the "accident" less than three years out.

Get rid of nuclear NOW! We are meeting the energy demand curve, though barely, even now. Other forms like solar and wind are booming and creating a wider margin day by day.

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Posted in: TEPCO apologizes for getting Abe's name wrong during his visit to Fukushima See in context

Just a meaningless error to focus the clueless on something other than Abe's mishandling of the last two years. You could print psyco douchebag on hi suit an I would applaud.

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Posted in: Abe pledges comprehensive, prompt steps for Fukushima See in context

I'll believe it when I see it. Japan's government needed to be involved 2 years ago. Now, it's the world's business and every capable government needs to giving input for the future of the Pacific and surrounding areas.

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Posted in: Female station attendant subdues violent passenger with judo throw See in context

So, pinning him down would require behemoth like kilogramage. Maybe they should start hiring more bulky women.

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Posted in: Photo of Pizza Hut employee with dough on his face causes stir See in context

Another non-issue brought to you by the ratings hungry media. 15 seconds of my life wasted, thank you.

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Posted in: Australian tycoon Packer eyes casinos in Japan See in context

Although I dislike gambling, this may be a way to bring some order to a very poorly executed business here. I despise the bankrupted eyesoars dotting every imaginable area of Japanese life. At least casinos would be zoned and properly planned into the infrastructure, whereas a pachinko parlor just gets slapped up overnight wherever they can bribe inspectors enough to build. Afterwards, the owners tend to bail out via some bankruptcy scheme leaving the community with a huge carcass of debauchery and greed just next door to residential areas, schools and temples. Corruption will no doubt exist, but a high-profile foreign business would very likely be held to much higher standards of grounds planning, in addition to having to phase out any closed shops. With well operated larger scale facilities offering wider services, smaller pachinko places would start to dissapear.

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Posted in: Japan and the rise of the male parasol See in context

Must...buy ...more...useless...crap! Friends... marketeers may shun...me!

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Posted in: Man arrested after hitting neighbor with a baseball bat See in context

Knowing the Japanese, probably the result of silently putting up with all manner of bizarre situations throughout their entire lives.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for July 30 mace attack in toilet at train station See in context

I checked her out on FNN, and she's actually not too bad. A little manly, but she's obviously agressive so.... LOL!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for July 30 mace attack in toilet at train station See in context

If it were me, I would have done it after I got on the train too.

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