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My PC and phone give an early warning of earthquakes ,I saw strong shake coming after 10 sec. this good system should be global standard.

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Ugh...not again. Caucasians in Japan... realy annoying. They have No humor and always angry about Japan. They are crazy.

ANA didn't do anything wrong. They made ad toward Japanese peoples. Gigantic nose,blond hair,blue eye,broken Japanese... These things are typical "GAIJIN"foreigner image(irrespective of age or sex) in Japan. harmless,Just funny,peacefully,traditional Japanese way. sorry,This is not Racism... of course,"GAIJIN" is not discriminatory language. No problem. Japanese peoples does not understand at all,why they are so upset about this AD. gaijin mendokusai

Seriously,If they complain they should go back to their own country...GO HOME. Go ahead ANA, you should not apologize. ignore stupid foreign noisy minority. they want to twist Japanese society to suit themselves. it is same problem about 'whaling'.

Japan need resist stupid foreign pressure, We must defend the right to freedom of expression. Japan is Japanese people's country.


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I think Japan's disaster monitoring system is most advanced in the world. It is a matter of course that Indonesia decided to introduce Japan's quake,tsunami alert system.

Why California does not introduce Japan's EEW? I'm sorry,your system is far inferior as compared with Japan's it. please use better system for protect the safety of citizens. I think Japan's system should be global standard...

If you can understand Japanese,check these Realtime ground motion monitoring system.







Don't panic,Earthquakes occur hundreds of times per day. http://kwatch.web.fc2.com/epicenterList/

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