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Posted in: Twitter, mixi join forces to counter Facebook in Japan See in context

Unless registration on mixi has changed you need to have a Japanese cellphone email address to register. So as Mirai has said this eliminates anyone outside of Japan. What then is the purpose of teaming up with twitter? Sounds like they are headed the way of MySpace.

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Posted in: Dolphin hunt film canceled in Tokyo after protests See in context

NHK was gunna play it but you pretended you didnt have a tv when they came to the door asking for 3000 yen!

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Posted in: Retirement blues spur some older men to crime, suicide See in context

i would love to see the sources behind this writers research and also some statistics. this scattered mess of an article holds little more than random subjective ideas from the author.

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Posted in: Infernal affairs: Errant cops struggling to clean up their act See in context

maybe if they didnt waste their time being racist idiots and stopping me, a kindergarten teacher, every time one small crime occurs in our area they would actually get some real work done.

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Posted in: The flip side of metabolic syndrome - being too skinny See in context

wow, really surprised to see this article is written by a gaijin with how many super skinny, extremely trim/fit, and beautiful gaijin women there are here in japan...right guys? hahahaa.

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Posted in: The state of the language school industry See in context

tmarie - yeah i love how parents who dont speak a lick of english are experts on how to teach it. i have experinced a fair load of monster parents who expected the impossible and most times they had zero experince with english and only brief education.

also the biggest and most obvious flaw of english in schools here is the fact that its still taught in japanese. i have worked as an ALT at multiple schools and have watched plenty of senior english teachers attempt to teach fluency while using only japanese 80 percent of the time through class.

the other horrible thing is that i have met almost zero english teachers here who come no where close to actually being able to speak the language.

europe got it right ages ago. hence most can speak fluent english even though its a second lang. alas japan refuses to take note or acknowledge such facts.

then again should i really be complaining? its such faltering by the education system that will foever keep me in a job here

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Posted in: Stuffed teenage girls arrested for trying to eat and run at restaurant See in context

they ate shabu shabu but police described what looked like okonomiyaki splattered on the ground near the girls feet after they had been caught.

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Posted in: Man gets 17 years for stabbing neighbor over feeding of stray cats See in context

not really a life sentence with how long japanese oyajis live these days. he probably has a good 10 years of post-jail life ahead of him.

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Posted in: Beat Takeshi announces newest action flick See in context

more movies from a guy who thinks he is halarious by merely coming out on stage each time in a poorly made costume that attempts to make him look like another star? yeah, ill pass.

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Posted in: Yuki, Sawamura cuddle up for 'Paranormal Activity' See in context

the movie was complete crap, and thats coming from someone who has seen loads and loads of horror movies. why people were scared by this is beyond me. just another cheaply made "fake found footage" horror movie.

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Posted in: Man arrested after killing wife, 2 children in Osaka See in context

slashes to his wrist? what a coward. if he strangeled them why not hang himself to get the same. they didnt ask for this. if you were so miserable why not kill yourself first and let them make their own choices. the worst part is the biggest waste of a life is the one who lived.

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Posted in: Apple's Jobs unveils $499 iPad tablet See in context

it might be a good idea but definitely something you wanna wait to make a 2nd gen.

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Posted in: Nintendo profit drops despite strong holiday sales See in context

i bought both a wii and ps3 when the systems came out. while fun at first, the wii quickly lost its unique controller based properties. every game i bought for the system was fun for a few shakes but almost all the titles could not handle any decent story or engrossing environment that kept me hooked. after about 6 months i sold the damn thing out of the fact that i just never even picked it up anymore. on the other hand i still grab every free second i have to game on my ps3 and find the japanese version absolutely wonderful due to the fact that it plays all regions (also imported games are surprisingly reasonably priced in den den town).

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy arrested for Saitama school bomb threat See in context

wow this kid just fails at life. obviously didnt study and wanted an out but was also so stupid he didnt realize how easy it is for them trace an e-mail. definitely a future celebrity on worlds dumbest criminals.

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Posted in: 66-year-old woman dies after being hit by truck in Tochigi See in context

how is a hit and run not news? what if it helps find the driver or at least a lead that saw something.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for staying in hotel 36 nights with parents and not paying See in context

definitely this poor lady was just out on her luck and probably overwhelmed by the care of 2 parents. although this does not justify out and out abuse of this overly trusting hotel - it shows that obviously there are few options for those who get into tough times. although with that said there is always more to a story like this.

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Posted in: Roppongi police hold anti-drug event See in context

i wonder how many people showed up to support them, completely unaware that the giant leaf on their shirt is a pot leaf hahaha.

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Posted in: Would you be willing to pay for access to newspapers' online content? See in context

lets see i havent bought a cd in about 5 years and i only go to see a movie at the theatre if it is 3d at this point....yeah definitely not gunna pay for newspapers online - what a joke.

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Posted in: Veteran tour escort relates travelers' lack of decorum See in context

tanaka - you definitely need a blog!

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Posted in: Nintendo's profit dives as Wii demand dwindles See in context

the problem with the wii is there are just no games you want to play for a decent amount of time. also the whole movement sensitive controller is unique at first but has no staying power. i bought a wii and a ps3 not too far apart. loved the wii for about 3 months and then never touched it ever again. still playing the ps3 due to the games always being on the cutting edge and the console itself is comparable to a decent computer and can play all regions for movies and games. i already sold the wii. just got so boring so fast.

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Posted in: Rumors of drug use by Sawajiri's husband may be behind her being fired See in context

damn and i bet battle ship yamamoto was going to be SO AMAZING!! like all other japanese movies whose, fx, quality, and plots are comparable to american day-time soaps.

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Posted in: Powerful typhoon lashes southwest Japan; expected to make landfall Thursday See in context

coming from florida i have yet to be even slightly in awe of japan`s so called "typhoons." yawn

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Posted in: Police officer reprimanded for destroying documents on wandering cat in Hyogo See in context

whoa intense police drama! definitely needs to be lifted to the script writers of law and order. damn, to be a police officer in japan. when do they ever get a rest from the excitement!?

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Posted in: 2 men spray irritant in Bic Camera's Shinjuku store See in context

keystone cops foiled again! dagnabit!

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Posted in: Erika Sawajiri loses comeback movie role as contract termination looms See in context

when she threw that fit it was ridiculious. i never completely understood, but she seriously acted like one of my kindergartners who doesnt get there way. she pouted the whole interview, almost refused to answer questions, then bawled at the end.

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Posted in: The McJob of Asia See in context

McJob is kind of wrong, you'll get paid 3500-5000 yen an hour. I agree that genkiness over skills is favored, Japanese students want gaijins like the stereotypical they see on TV.

ummm....yeah you obviously have never worked for one of the big name dispatch companies before. 3500-5000 yen an hour? let me know which dispatch company pays that much and i will be happy to sign up.

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Posted in: Japan’s medical infrastructure crumbling See in context

everyone should watch the japanese movie densen 伝染 for what can happen if a hospital does not have good upkeep.

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Posted in: What is your impression of the English-teaching industry in Japan? Have things improved since Nova's collapse or are there still bad apples in the barrel? See in context

nova failed for the reason most schools in japan do. too much overhead not enough income.

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Posted in: Bathed in blood See in context

i saw this movie and it just plain was bad. there was nothing special, unique, or even remotely notable about the entire thing. the director shows two people get tortured with no plot, piss poor dailogue, and the actors fail epically as well. its obvious his only thought was to shock his audience and i can see where some would be, but even as an extreme horror movie lover and a massive fan of asian horror (which i usally place above the level of western horror) i would have to say this movie was just absolute trash with zero redeeming value.

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Posted in: Uno Kanda and husband’s cell phone snapping contest See in context

most worthless article i have ever read. ever.

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