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It doesn't matter how many times someone apologises if it is insincere and not backed up with genuinely felt remorse.

Define "apology" and "remorse" so that we can discuss a little bit more intelligently.

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Posted in: S Korea, China fault Japan on 'comfort women' at U.N. See in context


There's the threat of Mt. Fuji. Japan needs the support of its neighbors. This is how negative sentiments turn to hatred. Please don't feed it. =(

First off, no humans and no Japanese would like to be insulted with words like "criminals" over and over and over again, for something he/she never committed sometime over 70 years ago.

If you are talking about the Japanese government, instead of individuals, the government has repeatedly officially sent letters of apology to Korean presidents even though there was not a prostitute being systematically abused by the Japanese government. You should find out the criminals, not the government's systems.

Those apologies were made only for political "appeasement". The apologies fell onto Koreans' deaf ears. Their national media simply ignored the events. Major Japanese media also ignore them because Japanese media themselves are inherently anti-Japanese.

How many more times should Japanese govt apologize? 7 times? or 70 x 7 times? or Koreans just stubbornly keeps their hatred and sense of victimization forever? There may not be any forgiveness from Koreans even after the world war III or IV, I'm afraid.

The US govt has been happy to see such a masochistic apologies because they think Japan deserved endless apologies only because they were forever nasty Japanese. Is this type of American hatred and xenophobia still being brewed somewhere in the US? In gitmo? Probably. I want the US media to stop their hate speech against Japan over the "comfort women" business which is simply non-existent.

You need to find out who the Korean prostitute brokers were, and punish them. They were the kidnappers in the Korean peninsula, not the government, not someone who has nothing to do with the war or such crimes today.

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Posted in: S Korea, China fault Japan on 'comfort women' at U.N. See in context

Whether you are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, British or American, you are inevitably brain-washed by respective government's educational system and the media.

The media in a country is conveying "history" written by its own government or by an aggregation of governments sharing a specific bias. None can 'see' the world without a solid bias. That's why teaching history is equivalent to teaching religious faith. There is no "bare truth" we can see because humans cannot see the world with "naked eyes".

Primary sources, like the recruiting ads for the licensed prostitution by the Japanese govt along with health check system for the Korean prostitutes, have been deliberately suppressed or maliciously misinterpreted for political purposes in some countries maybe because of the language barrier. How many English-speakers could read what the prostitution ad said and calculate their salaries from the ad?

Since 1945, Japan has been fast rebuilt from ashes. It became one of the centers of the global currency inflation under the fractional reserve banking. Madness of the inflation was proportionate to that of the US dollar -- but not any more. The dishonest money, especially prime currencies, are about to die. Those were the days. Japanese govt is NOT a permanent ATM. Too bad.

If you wanted a lot of quick cash, just mugging Japanese government was the best bet. Inherently, Japanese cabinets have been wishy-washy milk toast toward Chinese and Korean governments. Japan has given away huge amount of money to China and Korea from the Japanese tax payers every single year since 1954 without a reason (well, the "official reason" was "Official Development Assistance" or ODA).

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Posted in: S Korea, China fault Japan on 'comfort women' at U.N. See in context

You will always be misled if you separate people into Koreans and Japanese as angels and demons.

As far as attempting to clarify the situation, you should have a view to separate people into criminals and their victims, instead.

I'm not trying to defend the Japanese govt's prostitution business. I personally believe selling and buying prostitutes are sin and crime. Amsterdam and Las Vegas are doing it under the local government today.

However, the point is the Japanese government were already paying a lot of wages and compensations to the pimps and the prostitutes from the national budget.

Abductions or human-trafficking were sad facts of reality just like we were experiencing from the abduction business by the North Korea these years.

The abusers of prostitution license during the war should be punished but it would be quite difficult to accuse the Japanese government with the same subject, who were officially prohibiting minor prostitutes.

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Posted in: S Korea, China fault Japan on 'comfort women' at U.N. See in context


what everyone seems to be conveniently overlooking is that many young women did NOt want to become prostitutes for the Japanese, they, some as young as 12 were forced into it and raped repeatedly and THAT's the issue. If you don't believe this you are calling these (many) women liars - and that is a very sad thing indeed.

I thought you guys were talking about the war and one of the military systems under the warfare.

I am not sure what to say about individual criminals among Japanese and Korean human-traffickers who were cheating the Japanese expenditure bureau on the prostitution budget.

Remember it was common in Asian countries, including China, Korea and Japan, for many families to sell girls in order to avoid starvation of entire families. Not only Koreans but probably also Chinese and Japanese joined the traditional practice via the modernized prostitution once it was established as a safer and promised method under the Japanese government.

The imperial govt prohibited minors from the prostitution business. It was the private pimps protected by the govt license, who abused the privilege. Since the prostitutes were not directly employed by the govt, they were under the contracts with the recruiting entities run by both Japanese and Koreans.

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Posted in: S Korea, China fault Japan on 'comfort women' at U.N. See in context

The "comfort women" were employed by the Japanese govt under an open contract during the war. Japanese govt decided to license the Korean pimps in order to protect its own soldiers from sexually transmitted diseases that could be brought in by ramdom Korean prostitutes who had already been running the business around the Japanese stationed areas.

According to a recruiting ad printed by the Japanese govt, a prostitute's salary was over 20 times higher than that of an average Japanese soldier.

Korean pimps took most part of the Japan money but the women still could save worth 20+ residential houses within a few years. Those licensed prostitutes were already paid - hugely. If they still demand more money, they will have to ask their pimps. It was a dirty concession that exclusively benefited a large number of Koreans prostitutes around the Japanese governmental business.

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