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Posted in: Starbucks in talks to open in last Japanese prefecture See in context

The one they just opened in Matsue had the zombie apocalypse recently. Lines were out of the city.

I lived in Tottori-ken, great place. Deserves a sorta cheap and bigger size coffee (normal coffee shop sizes are stupidly small) place.

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Posted in: Red Bull 330ml PET bottles pulled from shelves due to sell-by date snafu See in context

Wow, they are people starving or what have you in Japan, America, England and let alone people without fresh drinking water in Africa and there wasting Red Bull because of a sell by date.

There is nothing wrong with the product and does anyone really look at the sell by date on a frickin Red Bull can.


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Posted in: Japan becomes first team to qualify for 2014 World Cup See in context

Congrats to Japan. Pretty entertaining game, Japan were the better team. Passing and moving from the start, with Honda and Kagawa leading. Intricate passing between them. They had more chances but maybe Australia had one of the best chances. Japan have the idea's, they just need the conviction. A decent striker. This Mike guy is a poor substitute to put on to be honest but that's what they've got.

It was a handball, the referee was right in front of it for one and two, the player didn't see the ball go past the first defender, it caught him by surprise and he handled it.

Honda duly slotted that away with a great pressure penalty.

Japan have a good base with some solid passing but they need two strikers to move them up in contention for a last 16 in Brazil.

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