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evian 1

I might be wrong but this is my understanding to your questons.

About the 1st question. Koreans and Chinese claims yasukuni is a war criminal shrine just like your idea of Adolf Hitler shrine. However, I think those who visit Yasukuni does not consider Yasukuni as a place to worship criminals but rather a place to honor dead soldiers. So there is a difference in understanding on Yasukuni's characterstics between them, which is causing conflicts among them. If people visiting Yasukuni are visiting Yasukuni to worship just war criminals and their war crimes, then I will side with koreans and chinese on this issue but for now, I don't think most of them are thinking that way. Also if Germany erect new shrine today, that fact will make the case too different from Yasukuni. For Yasukuni was built at the beginning of Meiji period long before Japan became militaristic in WWII.

2nd question. From koreans and Chinese point of view. because its a place to worship war crimes, visiting Yasukuni represents unrepentance. But from other side's point of view, Abe is considered as just honoring war dead. This is why people visiting Yasukuni does not think visiting there is a bad thing. So in my opinion the most important thing is what visitors are really thinking when they visit there. The fact that they are visiting or not visiting Yasukuni does not decide everything. I personally don't visit Yasukuni because I don't like the view presented in its museum, but I won't side with those Chinese or Koreans criticizing Yasukuni, for reason stated above.

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