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Posted in: Tokyo has one safety standard for U.S. beef and another for Toyota's cars and I am extremely tired of the imbalance. See in context

Just fair and balanced business as usual. It is amusing to see what happens when elites clash and how the rest of the working class perceive what comes out in the news.

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Posted in: Prisoner commits suicide at Hiroshima detention center See in context

Solitary confinement is probably one of the worst possible punishments ever. How long was he in that condition, I wonder?

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Posted in: 22-yr-old woman attacked by man with scissors on street in Ibaraki See in context

I recall a similar story not long ago. I commented then that it was probably the perp's first time and that he'd likely escalate. Last time he just cut the hair - now the face too... Do they have detectives over there that can follow this sort of reasoning and maybe anticipate his next move? The guy probably wants to get caught as bad as we want him off the streets. Get on it!

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