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Posted in: More Japanese youth wearing surgical masks to hide their face See in context

Everybody's talking about baggism, baggism-thats the next step.By those words John Lenin meant to put a bag over your head that way nobody can judge you. Wearing a surgical mask doesn't totally cover your head but has the same effect some want to achieve. He was ahead of his times-anyway, give peace a chance.

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Posted in: Coast guard on lookout for 1,000 Chinese fishing boats See in context

Before the shooting starts talk first. The way it looks like is shoot first talk later. This should be settled diplomatically. Looks crazy out there. If it comes to blows could be bad for the rest of the World too.

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Posted in: Japanese man climbs all world's tallest peaks See in context

In 2007 the mountain (Mount Gashabrum) blew him away-Almost! Congratulations on having courage and determination to come back and reach your goals.

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Posted in: Four climbers die on Everest See in context

Climbing to the top of Everest is indeed risky business. I think that along with the physical difficulty of the task there is also a spiritual aspect too that people might disregard or not approach with the proper understanding and respect. If you neglect that-the spiritual aspect- I think you truly risk not making it back.

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Posted in: 73-year-old Japanese woman scales Mount Everest See in context

Tamae Watanabe- congratulations on a great accomplishment. You're a star!

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Posted in: N Korean military warns of 'special actions' against South See in context

This new threat is probably the result of humiliation- being taunted for the failed rocket launch. I'd take the threat seriously.

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Posted in: Twinkle twinkle See in context

Just because of that photo I feel like going there. I know that if I go there I'll feel happy-looking at all the sparkling lights!

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Posted in: The world below See in context

Awesome shot. Mt. Fuji-mysterious place.

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Posted in: Former Yankees pitcher Irabu found dead in LA in apparent suicide See in context

Hideki Irabu-terribly sad to hear of his death. When you consider this guy was pretty famous. Having played in the pros. He could walk into a room and turn heads commanding respect. Terrible shame since with that experience you could do a lot of good for yourself and the community. He must have been deeply troubled. May he rest in peace. My condolences to his family.

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