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Posted in: 'Thor' and 'Alien' movies to be shot in Australia next year See in context

Please no more Alien films. Even Ridley Scott himself couldn't get the chest-burster bursting again. It's time to let the series die, let the remaining acid blood leak from the Xenomorph and into the cold vacuum of space. Where no-one can hear you scream. Or come up with new ideas for movies, apparently.

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Posted in: Psy's 'Gangnam Style' hits 2 billion YouTube views See in context

Really? Hackers? Korea didn't buy his music? This track became a global phenomenon, charting at number 1 all over the world, including S. Korea.

But at the end of the day, Psy is just another pop act, right? Like AKB and Exile. How are their global sales, by the way?

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Posted in: British actor Bob Hoskins dies at 71 See in context

Godspeed Bob. I will always remember him in Brazil. "Where did this come from? Out your nostril, eh?!"

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Posted in: Japanese fans say new American Godzilla is too fat See in context

CokeBill at May. 01, 2014 - 09:27AM JST The title "American Godzilla" says it all. Obviously there are going to be some cultural differences.

"Japanese Godzilla" probably has a shorter intestine.

:) Now THAT made me laugh!

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Posted in: Policeman fires at suspect in convenience store robbery See in context

Poor cop. He's going to be drowning under a sea of paperwork just for pulling the damn thing out of the holster, let alone firing it ;) I'm pretty sure the rozzers here have different "firearm appropriateness" training now since that loon went crazy in Akihabara. Iirc, at that time none of the police fired a shot.

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Posted in: 71-year-old man gets swept into sea, shows up at home a day later needing cash to pay for taxi See in context

Great story. As others have said, he's going to be dining out on that for weeks!

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