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Posted in: Divers search for missing captain after tanker blast See in context

Its funny how i always see "After the accident the something ministry urged whatever exploded/burned/sunk operators nationwide to step up safety measure, a spokesman said."

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Posted in: Man arrested for armed robbery at convenience store in Chiba See in context

Joe, You mean we will have to pay for his stupidity right? If he goes to jail... you all know....

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Posted in: Tokyo police advise women on how to stay safe while in elevators See in context

Woman should be careful, but there's no need to be paranoid all the time, If you see someone "suspicious" inside an elevator, just don't get inside it. and if you are inside the elevator and someone "suspicious" enter it, just get the out, don't wait the door to close to press every button. I wonder if some people have common sense...

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Posted in: 5 bodies found in 4 houses in Yamaguchi See in context

That seems to be a little odd, Maybe the guy who went missing got killed by the real killer, If the Poem was there for 2 years, someone else might have seem it, and did all that, and then killed the guy, so everyone would think it was him... Hope the police find the guy who did that.

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Posted in: Mother gets 30 years for letting 2 kids starve to death See in context

falseflagsteve said "... Part of having a humane system is treating the offender with dignity and with care...

I think he is right, If we dont treat people with dignity and care, the goverment wouldn't need a judicial system, the population could just blunt her to death. Thats not how things work in the year 2013, which is the year I am living now.

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