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Posted in: 15-year-girl, boyfriend, 21, found dead in suspected murder-suicide See in context

According to other Japanese newspapers, the Vietnamese man also had a stab wound in his chest (which was probably self-inflicted.)

As far as the "racial-profiling" aspect of the reporting, I personally have no problem with it. It's called news reporting. Simply stating a fact as it is gathered, unskewed, unfiltered. It's news media's job to get as much raw information as possible out to the public. You can slice it and dice it and twist it however much you like, but that's NOT the media's job. I've seen very similar news reporting here in New York all the time.

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Posted in: What are some of your favorite cherry blossom-viewing spots in Japan? See in context

千鳥ヶ淵 (Chidorigafuchi Park) and 靖国神社 (Yasukuni Shrine) neighborhood in Tokyo, hands down. Branch Brook Park here in New Jersey (which has the largest concentration of Japanese cherry trees in one area than anywhere else in the United States.)

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Posted in: Trump declares it's 'time to join forces' to fix U.S. problems See in context

I just didn't get the THUNDEROUS standing ovation when Trump announced the "First Lady" to the Congress. I mean, what does she ever do that's so impressive, and important for the country?

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“All I can do is go home early; I’m broke.”

Nuff said.

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Posted in: Abe hopeful 'Premium Friday' will boost consumption See in context

How about forcing companies to allow employees to use their vacation days?

Use UP their vacation days. ALL of the days they're entitled to. (And all the sick days, too, while we're at it.)

But in any case, with little available income they have at their disposal, cash registers around Japan won't be ringing too loudly any time soon, sadly...

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Posted in: Who would you say has been the most famous fictional character of the past two centuries? See in context

I personally voted for Superman for obvious world-wide fame and recognition. HOWEVER, strictly in the realm of (American) English literature, Santa Clause appears to be BY FAR the most mentioned fictional character over the last two hundred years. (Source: Google Books Ngram)

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I wonder what those two first ladies possibly have in common to talk about when left alone. One, a former career fashion model, the other, a well-educated, former advertising executive from a very well-established family. What I wouldn't kill to be a fly on the wall to listen in. LOL

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Why the cat, you ask? (Neko means cat in Japanese) Because cats are often seen cleaning their face with its paw, which gesture looks similar to a human beckoning someone to come over/closer. Reason we don't make any "maneki-inu" (dog) is because all we ever see them do is lick their friggin' ba--s in public. あっ、ごめんなさい!

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At least here's a kid who's not glued to any iPhones or portable gaming devices. Parenting at its finest moment.

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Shouldn't the fool be all anti-Western and write on his li'l truck from right to left and not the Western way?

Well,on THIS li'l truck of theirs, everything reads from left to right (the "correct" way.) LOL

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Posted in: Clever trick fights soy sauce stains is a godsend for people clumsy with chopsticks See in context

@Reckless: Wow! Am I supposed to have a towel and vacuum cleaner ready at the restaurant?

Every single sushi restaurant in Japan is equipped with a vacuum cleaner for their patrons, along with a mini fire extinguisher for that ever-frequent "blow torch accident." LOL

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Posted in: Japan to send envoy to U.S. to meet new leaders See in context

All this "peaceful transition" business kind of reminds me of that very famous last scene from The Godfather. Kneel before me and kiss my hand (or else.)

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