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Posted in: Gov't looking for new catchphrase to replace 'omotenashi' for Olympics See in context

I hope that catchphrase is less annoying than omotenashi and not over done and driven into the ground.

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Posted in: 3 dead, 2,901 hospitalized due to heat exhaustion in May See in context

To people wondering if the temps. I live in Aichi and it got as high as 36 a few times during May. Especially in cars sitting in the sun.

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Posted in: Woman gives birth on flight from Canada to Japan See in context

Toshiko a full term pregnancy is considered 40 weeks not 36 but a baby can be born anywhere between 36-40 my son was born at 39 weeks. Also pretty sure everybody knows how a pregnancy works here haha.

I am confused by a lot of the information being provided in the comments. Her partner was unaware of her being pregnant? Is there another article somewhere with more information? I'm surprised she was allowed to fly that close to her due date. I had to make an emergency trip back to the U.S. Before I gave birth and was one week away from not being allowed to fly so I'm wondering if she either had a premature birth or lied about her due date?

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Posted in: Michelin-star sushi restaurant in Tokyo defends foreigner rules See in context

Have I agree with wakarimasen all of my Japanese friends and even family are always late. I can rarely get my husband anywhere at agreed meeting time. His parents are always 10 minutes late so it's 100% discrimination to say this a foreigner problem.

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Posted in: First ever Easter Kit Kats in Japan feature 13 types of carrot-flavoured cuteness See in context

I'm confused. The headline says carrot flavor but the packaging in the picture says Apple pie

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Posted in: 10 distinctly Japanese comfort foods See in context

I love ochazuke. It has become one of my go to foods when I don't feel well.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan teaming up with Doraemon See in context

This article talks as if this is the first time McDonald's has carried doraemon toys they carry them every time a doraemon movie is release. Which is every spring.

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Posted in: Sendai official sacked over fake bereavement days off See in context

I had a student in my school whose mother always made excuses as to why her daughter couldn't come (they weren't obligated to come it's an after school English class for little kids but she called almost every week saying somebody died or her daughter was sick she only showed up once a month and was always far behind the other students in the lessons..why join something like that then lie? I don't understand the need to kill family and friends to stay out of doing something..

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempting to drown one-week-old daughter See in context

Chiseled451 that's very rude of you to call someone scary for suffering what is called baby blues. You talk as if i said I tried to kill my child and need help. Many mothers suffer from baby blues and the bad thoughts aren't always toward their children. Bad thouhhts can range from "im a bad mother/ I regret having my baby" to "I want to murder my baby" you don't know what thoughts I had as I never mentioned what they were.

I never needed professional help because I never let it get to that point. Like I mentioned I asked for help to get some sleep so I never reach that depression stage.

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Posted in: A Japanese woman’s experience giving birth in U.S. See in context

With all due respect kick board I am an American with family and friends who gave birth in American hospitals and watched them give birth perfectly fine and most were thinking me insane for not finding a place that did over pain relief. Epidurals are not the only method of pain relief either. I was terrified of having a baby in a foreign country and the pain does not ease that pain. Like I said above. It's only my opinion everybody has different experiences.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempting to drown one-week-old daughter See in context

What this woman did was wrong but as a new mother I understand how she felt. Within the first few weeks after my child's birth I became very stressed and had horrible thoughts. My clinic made it clear from the moment we registered to give birth there that if I had these feelings to tell the nurses or family and friends immediately. They even urged us to call them if we needed to after leaving the hospital.

Whenever I had these thoughts I immediately woke my husband (these thoughts usually happened at night or early morning) to tell him I couldn't deal with things at the moment and needed some time to sleep and have my brain recover. He has been very supportive even now when on my sons bad days I feel that evil creeping back into me.

These women need to call for help as soon as they have these thoughts. I'm so glad this baby survived she is very lucky and I hope this woman gets the help she needs. I hope more clinics become like mine and let mothers and fathers know that help is needed when these thoughts happen. I am blessed with a supportive family I only hope the same for others.

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Posted in: A Japanese woman’s experience giving birth in U.S. See in context

My experience giving birth in Japan it wasn't financially crippling but I feel traumatized by my experience. I was in an extremely painful and difficult 9 hour labor. My son was weak when he was born. I was just told to deal with the pain because all the clinics in my town refuse pain medicine. I wasn't even allowed to spend time with him outside of an annoying nurses eye sight where she criticized my every attempt to breast feed him and would slap my hand away and grab my breast and put it in his mouth. They bottle fed him while they kept him from me and now he doesn't like to breast feed so I spend every waking hour pumping milk to put into a bottle.

I have to say American hospitals have more kindness and care in them than japanese ones but that's just my experience only. On a side note there were two women at my clinic that I wished had stayed with me at all times there because they were more understanding toward my situation and did every thing they could to make things easier for me. Those women were Angels.

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Posted in: Over 20,000 bras recalled due to injury fears See in context

Haha every bra I have ever purchased in my life has done this. Kind of silly to make a big deal out of it but still nice of them.

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Posted in: Mother suffocates 4-month-old daughter to death See in context

Here is a bit of advice of a soon to be new mother in Japan. It's hard. I have been alone most of my pregnancy and it's hard. My husband is not allowed to come home early or stay home from work whenever he wants too. I have also learned many japanese women are clueless about babies.

I go to breast feeding classes and mothers classes and see women older than me unable to even handle the fake baby given to them. They are confused how to hold a baby or dress a baby. The doctors don't give you any advice unless you ask for it. Many japanese women are left alone nobody to help them their parents or in laws live too far away or have told them to take care of the baby themselves.

I am lucky my mother in law is going to be very involved in helping me out. She bought a lot of magazines and books to learn what she should so to help me so I can sleep and feel less stressed out when my son is born. Not everybody is as lucky as I am here. Of course as mentioned above mental issues are swept under the rug and not addressed properly at all in Japan.

This woman should have sought help and what she did is by no means correct but to wish death on her is too much.

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Posted in: Woman killed by snow falling from roof See in context

So sad. I hope no more incidents like this will happen this year but winter has just begun and the snow is already in full force...stay safe out there everybody.

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Posted in: Big Mac hurting as customers get pickier See in context

I wouldn't call people picky for wanting a custom burger. Not everybody likes all the toppings and some people have allergies or weak stomachs to certain foods.

Every person should have the choice to be able to eat out with friends dietary needs or not.

I can't eat a lot of things right now due to allergies and pregnancy and living in Japan has made it really hard to eat outside because it's nearly impossible to customize anything.

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Posted in: Japanese wives in int'l marriages share what they hate about Christmas overseas See in context

Lucky for me my husband and his family love American version of christmas and thanksgiving. We tone it down a bit on food portions of course but they enjoy getting involved in my culture. Super thankful for that.

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Posted in: Hiroshima woman arrested over death of newborn baby See in context

I am currently pregnant with my first child and my Japanese husband has been completely clueless the entire pregnancy about what is going on in there.

I can see this woman telling her husband that she miscarried and telling a complete lie of what happens during a miscarriage and her husband believing every single word.

It's been hell for me just trying to get my husband to read information on babies and pregnancy. So I can completely believe this man being left in the dark about it all.

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Posted in: Discarded dogs show dark side of pet boom See in context

It's not just dogs either. All pets in Japan are treated this way. I have two birds. I'm sure both are inbred as their behavior and hormone issues are abnormal from what I have experience with birds in the US. They offer babies that are cute but not everybody buys them and the adults go on to stay in the shop forever with kids banging on their cages. Some put on bottom shelves where they only see legs. Birds are supposed to be placed up high. Waist level is the lowest they should be.

My cockatiel was on the floor. He was already 6 months and kind of dirty and was late being weaned. I told the shop once he was on adult food that I would be purchasing him and he was marked as sold. He has his issues but he will be forever cared for in my home. I just wish pet stores offered more nutritious food for birds. I have a hard time finding food that's good for them.

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Posted in: Americans urged to stop wasting food See in context

Obese doesn't mean they aren't going hungry. I grew up in America in a household with no money. We scraped to get by and bought what we could afford. What we could afford was not healthy because fresh healthy foods cost more than crappy food. I gained a lot of weight. I suffered physically and mentally because of my lack of good nutrition and a decent meal. I ate one meal a day. No breakfast and lunch was a bag of chips from a vending machine because my mother could only give me 1 dollar for lunch and nothing in the lunch line at school was a dollar or less.

Dinner was whatever we could throw together. Summer vacations were the worst because no food available. When I was with other family that had food I gorged on it until I was sick.

I didn't even know what real food tasted like until very late in my life when I was able to take care of myself and it got better when I got married to someone who could afford real food.

to say american people don't suffer from hungry just because they are obese and Rich is just false because not everybody is rich. The Rich tend to be thin while the poor tend to be obese but as I explained above there are reasons for that. Also it works in reverse. My friend goes without food some times so that her child can eat. She is severely underweight. Don't label a persons life by how they look.

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Posted in: 6-year-old boy hit and killed by car while playing on skateboard See in context

are people commenting here not getting that this kid is 6 years old? he's not 10 or older..I wasn't allowed to play by myself outside until around 9 or 10 years and I wasn't allowed to leave the neighborhood. YES kids get hurt but kids that young don't have the ability to do right from wrong..being able to see your kid from your window or door or from a park bench in the distance is enough supervision..but letting a 6 year old go with friends on a skateboard alone..it's not right. Letting 6 year olds run all over town alone it's not right. 6 is not old enough to go places alone they are just out of kindergarten for crying out loud.

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Posted in: 'Frozen' tops box office in Japan for 5th consecutive week See in context

of course the dubbed version is more popular it is aimed at kids after all. All of my English speaking friends with kids wanted to see the English version but couldn't because of their kids. I was happy all theaters in my area were offering the English version! It's super rare to find animations with an option of dubbed or subbed.

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Posted in: Live-action 'Attack on Titan' film casts lead role, sets filming location and start date See in context

Yeah I don't see how this film is going to work out. Japanese don't do well with CGI in their films and...it feels weird having the entire cast be Japanese when the only Asian in the series is Mikasa and she is only half Asian the rest are all European Caucasian.

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Posted in: Advisory against pregnant women using hot springs to be lifted after 32 years See in context

It's not the minerals or water that is dangerous..it's the temperatures..some spas or ryokan have onsen as hot as 50 celcius this can raise blood pressure in pregnant women and cause major issues to the developing baby.

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Posted in: Homeless men pelted with eggs by youth gang in Matsuyama See in context

disgusting little brats. Kids as young as 10 years old doing this type of thing? Their parents should be ashamed of raising such horrid children. People acting like this is a joke..how would you like to be attacked every night while trying to sleep being pelted with up to 20 eggs while these horrible monsters laughed at you?

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Posted in: What do you think about zoos and aquariums in Japan? See in context

depends on the zoo or aquarium. The Nagoya Port Aquarium and Higashiyama Zoo are awful and cramped for the animals. The dolphins look depressed and bored. Only star animals get star treatment in both areas. The Churaumi Aquarium in Okinawa isn't terrible though they give a lot of space and attention to all of their animals.

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Posted in: FamilyMart cancels release of foie gras bento due to complaints over animal cruelty See in context

to those questioning if foie gras is commonly eaten in Japan perhaps you haven't eaten at a Japanese wedding before..every wedding I have attended in Japan served foie gras and you can find it on the menu at any gourmet french restaurant so I would say it is pretty commonly eaten if you dine gourmet.

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Posted in: Japanese TV show fills us in on 'the right and wrong kind of fat woman' See in context

sigh some people arguing here. I am experienced in losing weight and monitoring my diet and exercise. I used to exercise heavily and wrote down everything I ate and calculated the calorie intake. Over 4 years I lost 80 pounds. The I plateaued and eventually injured myself. I still calculate my calories and I exercise daily but not heavy anymore due to doctors order...my weight never goes up or down anymore. Sometimes it has to do with how your body works it's not all about monitoring diet and exercise. Someone like me had to do heavy exercise daily just to lose 80 pounds and I ended up injuring my shoulders and my knees to the point that I am only allowed to walk or light jog with a brace.

So yes there are people who are small eaters and still can't lose weight.

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Posted in: 8-year-old girl dies in Okayama from strangulation; mother in hospital with stab wounds See in context

people... nobody is putting this woman down for being 51 and a mother..but a 51 year old with a child who is 8 years old? meaning she got pregnant in her 40's after the age of 35 mental disabilities have a higher chance of happening to the baby. So people are understanding as to why her child was disabled.

On top of that there is the stress she may have experienced caring for a disabled kid at the age of 51 but whether she commit this crime or not is still unsaid but as many people have stated above the signs are pointing toward her committing this awful crime.

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Posted in: 88-year-old man falls to death while clearing snow from roof See in context

driving through takayama on sunday and I saw a similar scene that thankfully didn't end in tragedy. Young woman standing on a roof shoveling snow..I just couldn't figure out why anybody would risk their necks like that.

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