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Posted in: If you read a blog in which the writer outlined plans to go on a killing spree, what would you do? See in context

Guess this question should be for the JT moderators to answer, not us posters. Likely, it would depend on where it was placed in the thread.

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Posted in: 4 killed in Pennsylvania health club shooting See in context


"Don't like the gun violence in America? Don't live there. I would rather you change your address than the U.S. Constitution. Want all countries to be the same? I don't. I want to be able to have a choice of diverse countries to live in."

Hmm. Good Point. The gun violence IS one of the reasons I left the states. I lived in Pittsburgh before, and know the general area well enough to know that in general, the people there are decent friendly people.

Now, if Ronanciannan were to say in front of the victims' families that the killer was merely exercising his "choice" to have a diverse country to live in... when he took out his guns and shot their relatives, would they nod and agree with him? Or would those decent, friendly people exercise their "choice" to become savage in a desire for retribution.

I am an American, and I am all FOR gun control. There is a BIG difference between the constitutional right to bear arms in the defense of the land and the desire to create anarchy and death with those same weapons.

Mr. Looney Tunes is only a minor example of gun un-control. Looking around pittsburgh to other areas, and there are plenty of cases where gun violence has caused death and misery. Its not L.A., but there are still drive-by shootings in places like Wilkinsburg, etc.

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Posted in: My first run-in with the police See in context

Here's my take on the job and income questions. Its a field sobriety test.

In the States, I believe field sobriety tests come with things like saying the alphabet backwards while standing on one foot... Think that's strange, or normal? Now think how the Mexican feels who doesn't even know the alphabet half the time.

Here, we're the foreigners who don't know the language, yet the police have to ask some questions to check if you are drunk, on drugs, etc. Instead of embarrassing you with the "Stand on one foot" routine, they are asking you questions like what your income is...

If you slur your answers, get belligerent, I'm guessing you'd get a ride to the station.

At the Koban around my station, the police seem to delight in stopping everyone with a bicycle to check for lights. I just walk on by while the Japanese teens get chewed out and Salarymen get belligerent with the cops for getting in their way.

Moral: If you break the law, don't be surprised at getting harassed by the police. After all, what would the police in your own country do if you did the same thing?

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Posted in: Only a miracle can save LDP now See in context

Have to agree with TumbleDry. Despite being loathed, if there are no competitors in the elections in the smaller places (which is often the case), the LDP will continue to hold onto seats.

Also, with the lack of enthusiasm about the entire political process, few people will vote, except those who are old and (likely) still on the side of the LDP. People complain about the LDP, but won't take time away from their precious weekend time to vote for someone they don't know. So, the addage of "Better the devil you know, then the one you don't" applies here.

And finally, there will likely be a scandal to pop up mere days before the election against the DPJ. The LDP will throw juicy meat before the mass-media, DPJ will have to apologize, and they will lose the election, again.

This isn't democracy here, its Feudalism in suits rather than in Samurai armor, but the style is still the same.

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Posted in: Beat Takeshi to make appearance in pilot of Shingo Katori’s new TV series See in context

Not high drama, but it could be amusing. I remember another Katori drama, "the flowershop that doesn't have roses." Katori played an emotionless man, so I wonder how well he will play an overly emotional J-Cop.

Don't expect anything even vaguely 24 like, but I would love to see an episode in which he has to arrest his fellow SMAP member,Kusanagi Tsuyoshi for walking around naked in the park...

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Posted in: Teaching Japan a lesson See in context

Thanks for the updating.

If the worsening global economy should one day cause the company I work for to go under... and if I should ever decide to work for another Eikaiwa company, I will check to see if these schools are around in my area, and if they offer me a good salary. I have a family to feed and what may be a "decent living" for a young single man or woman just won't cut it for a family with expenses.

But again, good luck to these guys. May the Eikaiwa force be with them...

If they can become truly successful enough to eliminate more brutal Eikaiwa schools that use the any semi-conscious-lifeform-as-Engrish-teacher strategies, maybe the whole Eikaiwa market will have to improve itself to keep up... and then Eikaiwas will be seen as a respectable job by one and all. And J-People might even start being able to use English... Or is that just pie in the sky?

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Posted in: Teaching Japan a lesson See in context

I must be missing something here, and need some updating... As far as I understood things, the foreigner "teaches" the class, and the manager crunches the numbers. Unless the manager is teaching accounting, most of the managers I have ever worked with are not that good at English, thus need to take lessons rather than teach them.

I fail to see how 1 lesson a week is going to do much. so the Mgr sits in a classroom with the student of their choice... they get to choose who they teach after all. How is that supposed to make the manager any better at number crunching and convincing student/customers to buy another year of lessons?

As far as who mandates what is taught, that would likely be the Headquarters/Mr. Dean Morgan and whatever inner council he works with, not the manager who barely making enough to get by on.

But, whatever. It's his shtick/his advertising slogan. More power to him in trying to scrape out crumbs left over from all the rest that are seen in ads on the trains.

From what I have seen, most of those entering the Eikaiwa job market come over for travel, booze and bed partners (not necessarily in that order). I doubt that any of them would care one way or another about whether the manager teaches 1 lesson or not.

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Posted in: Teaching Japan a lesson See in context

Yet another Eikaiwa. The country is full of them, and they all sing roughly the same tune of "We're better than they are..." they sing it together so well, you would think the whole Eikaiwa industry is just one big conglomerate.

Its nice to see the details, but I bet you would get the same set of answers from the founders of Gaba, Berlitz, etc.

It's interesting that just because this guy has a western face, the usual crowd of Eikaiwa haters have kept quiet. I guess they all forgot that Nova was co-founded/run with a certain Westerner that fled the country before the company officially imploded.

Still, I wish the guy as much luck in business as I wish for any company's president, including my own. After all, if not for some guy starting a company, employees like myself wouldn't get paychecks.

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Posted in: Coca-Cola plus Catechin See in context

What won't Coca-cola and Pepsi try to put in their drinks. Pepsi had cucumber flavored drink (I don't want to say cola) and now we have green tea-flavored....

Aside from fatfrenchfool's ipecac extract, what other fun flavors will they try?

How about Ramen-flavored? or Sushi-Flavored?

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Posted in: Marie, at AIDS awareness concert, says she has sex five times a day See in context

This can be taken so many different ways.

Likely, she misspoke herself and meant to say 5 days a week... or since this is Japan, not France, 5 times a year...

Her idea of what constitutes sex could be really watered down... like considering shaking hands with a handsome guy as sex...

If she is indeed having sex 5 times a day, its likely that she isn't doing much during the act itself. there's a word for that in Japan, but I'm sure JT will delete my post if I type it. The hint is with fish and woman...

She could be doing porno on the side. Then its a part of her job and the only thing she's getting out of it is a paycheck and some soreness.

Take your pick, either she's lying or she's looser than the pants of those women on the diet commercials after they lost 15 kilos.

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Posted in: 1st new-flu case in Tokyo confirmed; infections number 263 in Japan See in context

I think the main point of all this is that now that it has shown its ugly head here in the Tokyo area, it will complete its spread throughout Japan so long as people on crowded trains continue sneezing and coughing openly without any consideration to others around them.

Not so many years ago, people here were more considerate of each other, but those days have passed and consideration went the way of the dodo bird. So they will reap what they have sewn. Maybe they'll start learning politeness and manners again. like covering your mouth when you sneeze or cough.


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Posted in: No-bra gear may gain ground this summer See in context

Hey, I'm all for comfort and all, but here's the grind. All its going to take is one "costume malfunction" like what happened in the super bowl for it all to go wrong.

Here's how I see it hypothetically happening. Some J-chick with barely a pair of fried eggs to hold up her shirt and a lack of proper strap adjustment on a train gives the standing male passengers too much of a show. Especially if her strap comes off due to her napping on the commute home. She wakes up; realizes she's at least partially exposed and starts screaming about being victimized. then the news will be full of stories of other women being victimized because of this fashion, and the company's stocks will go into the toilet due to negative reaction to the product.

End of product, and everyone goes back to layers. So guys, enjoy the show while you can, I doubt it will last long.

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Posted in: Yakuza hard hit by economic downturn See in context

I'm with Sarge here. See this? It's the world's smallest violin playing the world's saddest song.... or maybe its just a booger between my fingers. Either way, this story and 100 yen will get you a cup of coffee at McD's.

When the Yak's are reduced to driving economy class mama-wagons and make their livings being crossing guards for kids, then I'll reach for my camera, otherwise don't bother me with this rubbish.

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Posted in: YouTube to stream full-length movies, TV shows See in context

This is meaningless to those of us in Japan, because the "service is unavailable in your country."

Have to agree, if there are commercial breaks, then its just another TV channel without the TV. might as well just watch it on cable or rent it.

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Posted in: Do you believe some Japanese abductees are still alive in North Korea, and if you do, why do you think North Korea hasn't come clean on the issue? See in context

the way this goes back and forth every year reminds me of all the conspiracy theories that get tossed around about places like "Area 51" in the States. the DPRK government is so shoddy and is on the verge of collapse at any given moment. Whether the japanese people are alive or not is probably beyond their capability to keep track.

A few years ago when this bruhaha was stirred up, the DPRK sent remains that were eventually identified as belonging to an animal but they had been cremated twice. Many yelled foul and said it was proof of a conspiracy to hide the truth, but from what the TV hidden cameras have revealed in the DPRK itself, I don't think they have the technology or guile to be so devious. I think they looked up in their files and the only match they had was the site where they got the bones. They dug up something put it in a box and sent it on its merry way. To the ditch-diggers, they likely didn't care what it was. Case closed. Its a communism, right? no one gets paid more for doing a good job. so why bother.

The Yokotas might as well look for bigfoot as hope to get some clear answers out of that mess of a country.

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Posted in: Half and haafu See in context

Strangely enough, I am wondering why Debito hasn't joined this thread. He was the one who late last year posted on another J-News site his attempt to eradicate the word Gaijin from the Japanese language for much the same reason that people seem to have a problem with Haafu on this thread.

It doesn't matter what is being called. If Corey has a problem being half-Japanese, half-Portuguese, it's likely it started long before he touched down in Japan. He doesn't go into his parenting, but I am guessing that his parents didn't help figure out how to deal with racists. He seems to have put Japan on a high pedestal expecting to be welcomed as solely Japanese. When he didn't get the anonymity he sought, he turned sour.

That's a common theme I've seen over my 10 years. People come expecting some perfection, and when they don't get it, or when they listen too long to those who complain bitterly about Japan, they start seeing misery everywhere. If they teach that to their children, then their children will expect it as well.

My advice (as has been already said by others as well) is stop with the persecution complexes. If you try to grow a thicker skin and start socializing, and more importantly stop looking for the racist boogieman, you'll likely have a better experience.

p.s. to cleo. I originally signed on has US Akuma (devil), but I remember when my daughter was born, you mentioned that I was now a papa bear ala USA kuma. I definitely fit that image, so I guess I am now a haafu akuma and haafu kuma.

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Posted in: Half and haafu See in context

I have to side more with Tigertty rather than the J-Haters at this juncture. Japan like any country will always have some problems, but if you are going to put on persecution-colored glasses, you will see persecution and racism everywhere.

My daughter is 2 years old, and yes, my wife gets the "Haafu" question all the time. But its always accompanied by if not preceded by "Oh how cute!" Its a conversation starter, not a spitting epitaph. The term refers at least 90% of the time to being half-Japanese, half-other country person (usually white or black because half Japanese/half korean or Chinese don't get noticed as much).

As Tigertty said, take the term and the freedom from obligation and run with it. My co-worker is Chinese-American. He is constantly plagued by women who want to date him. They said he is handsome, and has better manners than the Japanese men they have to deal with. And he is NOT in the entertainment industry.

Its true to an extent that there will always be an outsider-ness to having mixed-racial background, but it isn't limited to Japan, or even Asia. I spent some time in Germany during my college days, they were contemptuous of those coming from Austria, and need we mention the hatred between France and Germany? EU aside, don't bring a German home to a French Family, or vice versus. And they all have the same skin color. When I was in H.S. in the states, I had to deal with bullies, too. We had the same skin color, etc. But I wasn't on the football team or a jock, he was. He used that to push his way around with everyone. My "pure-Japanese" wife had to deal with bullies too. Girl-bullies who criticized her for not being stylish or not being as tall, as long-legged, as fashion-oriented, etc. as they were.

So, if you worry about being different, you always will be, regardless of skin color, height, nose shape, face shape, body shape, ability in class or sports, or any number of reasons. Bullies will bully for any reason at all, skin color is only one point.

So grow some thick skin, put on a smile and start a conversation, you might make a friend. "Haafu," kids have more experiences, and more abilities than those around them. Be proud of it, not ashamed of it.

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Posted in: Nuclear warships in Japan touch a nerve See in context

Yeah Really! I have to agree that this sounds like the pot calling the kettle dirty. There have been a whole lot more accidents and disasters at Japanese Nuclear Power stations than on U.S. Navy vessels.

Does anyone remember the Niigata power plant fire after the earthquake? It wasn't until much later that the plant admitted that during the quake hundreds of gallons of radioactive water was spilled from their containment facility during the quake. I mean, what kind of concern do you have for your fellow man if you build a nuclear reactor on a fault line?

Does anyone remember the two techs dumping fissionable material in steel buckets only to have them starting a nuclear reaction, giving off lots of killer radiation? Guess this Goto guy doesn't remember that incident.

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Posted in: Tokyo Metro See in context

These days everyone is selfish. Wasn't always like that, and most J-people stick to the memory of what was rather than face the reality that they are now some of the rudest people on the planet. Everything I hear them complain about in other countries, they do here. Including spitting, and other obnoxiousness. But they deny that it happens or just shrug it off.

These posters are amusing at best, but its like preaching to the choir as no one else is paying attention. I won't hold my breath for the day when people start showing manners again.

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Posted in: Steelers rally to beat Cardinals 27-23 in Super Bowl See in context

Caught the highlights on the PC. Everytime I came back, there was a different score. I'll have to look it up on You-Tube to watch the action.

From the photo of the day, am surprised by two things: there are other Pittsburgh Steelers fans in J-Land, and that they could take the time off to booze it up on a Monday for the game.

Guess I'll have to throw my own party tonight.

Here we go, Steelers! Here we go!

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Posted in: Super Bowl See in context

Here we go, Steelers! Here we go!

Actually, I'm surprised that there there are such things as Japanese Steelers fans, knowing that Pittsburgh is not your regular tourist kind of destination, and that the large populous of rednecks there still hate the Japanese for the loss of the Steel industry (oh so long ago).

But who knows. The guy on the left certainly looks Japanese... And now I am aware of at least 2 other Pittsburghers in Japan besides myself.

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Posted in: Bush dodges shoe protest during visit to Iraq See in context

My only question is: where were the secret service? Isn't it their job to take one for the President? I saw no one diving to protect GWB from Shoes of Mass destruction. Wonder if Bush will require that everyone who meets with him during the last month in office comes in barefoot.

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Posted in: Bush defends his record of using military might See in context

Thousands of American soldiers dead. tens of thousands of Iraqi people dead (only a small portion of whom were actual combatants), economy-crippling debt, record numbers of jobless, etc. etc. Still no sight of Bin Laden, and now even more potential terrorists want to bomb the U.S.

Yeah, I can see how Bush would feel that is a record to be proud of. I just don't see it though. Hopefully there will be a War Crimes Tribunal for Bush, but I won't hold my breath.

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Posted in: Try to get a credit card in Japan See in context

Thanks for the info about the Saison card. If I get to Ikebekuro station, whereabouts underground should I hunt for this wonderous Credit Card giving machine?

But having been burned by bad credit-rate-elevating card companies in the States, I have to wonder what the rate is for the Saison card? I don't know I want to deal with 24% like in the states.

I was also under the impression (from my own rejection calls) that foreigners are considered high risk unless you have permanent residency visa because they fear that we'll flee in the middle of the night.

Also, I heard that all J-Credit cards are like AMEX in that you are expected to pay off the full amount at the end of the month, not carry a revolving debt like in the states. So those who have had revolving debts would be considered a bad risk... Anybody able to confirm that?

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Posted in: Obama picking Washington insiders for cabinet despite promising change See in context

Triumvere - Good Post. It seems that no matter who Obama selects, nor what he does, he won't please the far right. But that's the nature of the game. As P.T. Barnum put it, you can please all of the people some of the time, or some of the people all of the time, but you can never please everyone all the time.

Thus, there's no reason to be surprised that those who voted for McCain are not going to be happy with anything he does. It's a proud part of the constitution's Bill of Rights that allows for freedom of speech. It's only during Bush's time that anyone who disagreed with Mein Fuher Bush's actions was labeled a "liberal" supporter of terrorists and marxism.

I am all for the council of Rivals. They should be able to keep each other honest. And it's the first big step towards mending fences and reaching across aisles.

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Posted in: U.S. congressman warns of Obama dictatorship See in context

Just to add my two cents worth to this. IMO, this whole argument can be summed up in two words: Sour grapes.

Those who according to Molenir

voted for McCain, even if most of them held their noses to do so.

saw their party lose, not by a fraction but by a large amount. Some would say by a landslide. Now, it's sour grapes and name calling. Certainly that is what this Congressman is doing.

People worried that JFK was going to hand over the U.S. to the Pope because he was a catholic. Like now, they said the end of the U.S. was at hand, but they were wrong.

If Bush had been such a great president with such great policies and great leadership, then McCain would have been proud to be associated with him and McCain would have had the victory. The fact that Obama won by such a huge majority indicates that the people who loved Bush were in the vast minority.

So, lets all sit back and relax. the U.S. survived Bill Clinton and George Bush. It'll survive Barack Hussein Obama too. Who knows, it might even get better.

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Posted in: Obama's grandmother dies as presidential race nears end See in context

SushiSake3: Thanks for the news. Just to be sure, can you provide a link about the lawsuit? Palin charges RNC for her designer wardrobe, and for her stylist, and flying her family to and fro (regardless of whether they have anything to do with the event) and McCain apparently wants to sue Obama for a one-time usage to see his dying grandmother. >:-(

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Posted in: Obama's grandmother dies as presidential race nears end See in context

Agreed. Rest in Peace knowing that you have succeeded in raising your grandson to become a front-runner in the race to be the president of the United States of America.

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Posted in: McCain dismisses poll numbers; insists he will win See in context

Of course McCain dismisses poll numbers. He also dismisses just about everything outside of his own reality. Maybe in his mind, he imagines that 100,000 people came to his rallies too.

He's out of ideas, and he can't find anything else to say about Obama except the same old tired rhetoric. And as far as the economy goes, he keeps changing his plans from day to day. Whatever you want, he'll do it, apparently. That doesn't install confidence that he can fix anything. He had his moment in the sun with the 700 billion... make that 850 billion with pork added buyout. Pork that he said before he would fight, but didn't.

His running mate has been hit by scandal after scandal, from abusing her position in Alaska (her only experience) to charging the state for taking her kids on vacation at the state's expense. She wants to take her family on vacation, great. Pay for it out of your own pocket. Everyone else has to.

And then of course, she goes around claiming that she's just a poor hockey mom just like everyone else... except that she charges her party $150,000 for her wardrobe and hair stylist... But, hey, she can see Russia from her house...

McCain says

“I don’t defend her. I praise her. She is exactly what Washington needs,” he said.

Right. Washington needs another person with lots of scandals, skeletons hidden in the closet and is willing to charge tax payers for her personal wardrobe while abusing her position for personal gain.

I think he needs to go back to the old-folks home, drink some warm milk and go back to sleep. McCain doesn't have a clue, and his hearing aid is off so he can't hear the clue-phone ringing.

Well, next Tuesday, as reported in the news, he can go ahead and skip his own rally as he promised. he's lost the election even though in his mind he'll always be a wiener.

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Posted in: Iran: Obama seems more rational than McCain See in context

Let's see. Obama says he's willing to have talks with Iran, and McCain says he wants to bomb,baby,bomb Iran and supports sending cigarrettes to Iran as another way to kill them. If I was Iranian, I would say Obama seems more rational.

Meanwhile as Taikan said, according to the Washington Post, Time Magazine, and the CIA, Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda support McCain because they see him continuing Bush's failed policies of attacking Iraq where Al Qaeda isn't; to the demise of the American military and the economic ruin of the country. They propose aiding him by making an attack against U.S. interests just before the election in order to help McCain get elected.

If Bin Laden likes McCain, It would seem that it would be better to vote for Obama unless you want to support terrorists like Al Qaeda.

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