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Sailwind said;

Wake me up when the FBI files criminal charges agaisnt the Governor.......ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

I guess you overslept on the part where the FBI directly investigated McCain for his role in the Keating Five. Yes, McCain was allowed to continue working despite having been close to the convicted and sentenced Charles Keating. And, of the five senators, only McCain had a close and personal relationship with Keating, accepting $112,000 dollars from Keating, and used Keating's private jet for 9 trips abroad to the Bahamas at Keating's expense.

If you want to talk about close and personal relationships with criminals, look no further than McCain.

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Ahh Troopergate! Thank you Sailwind for clarifying why the McCain's so eager to pursue this matter. He hopes to keep people from thinking about how his running 'play-mate' has been found guilty by a bipartisan committee of abusing her power.

So McCain will do anything to keep people from seeing Palin's problems, his own misfortunes with the economy bill and his own skeletons...

More negative adds, more ho hum, no solutions. That's McCain for you.

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See here! Palin has been found guilty by a court of peers (picked by a bipartisan committee) of wrong-doing. She has illegally allowed her husband to have access and influence over people in charge of the State of Alaska.

She's going around screaming to high "Doggone it" that Obama is a terrorist for having worked with Ayers to help educate children in Chicago, yet she is the one who has been shown to have done much worse herself in the form of trying to have her ex-brother-in-law fired. She's flunked the Ethics test, but wants to point fingers at Obama about the ethics of working with a man who protested the Vietnam war nearly 40 years ago.

It's obvious to me that she has no leg to stand on as far as accusing anyone of ethical concerns. She and McCain are crooked and don't deserve to be in any office, let alone, the white house.

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The SS McCain is sinking fast. He can deny the existence of the financial iceberg all he wants, but the damage has been done. he claimed that he always fought against any pork coming across his desk, but McCain defaulted to old government policy of slathering the 700BILLION dollar bailout with pork, driving the price even higher. When asked about the pork, he shrugged and said that's just the way it is in Washington. In other words, McCain wasn't going to change that situation. He made himself a liar about his claims of fighting pork spending.

McCain's final offensive, his Waterloo as they say, is to play the patriot vs. terrorist card over and over again like those stupid soundbites found at supermarkets. The first time, it had impact. The 100th time, its just annoying. Nothing new, and now that economy is going south and causing just as much if not more damage than the 1920's stock market crash, its seems out of touch with the concerns of regular people.

McCain needs to focus on the economy, but his policies are not helping the voters, only the corporations. In his 2nd debate, he popped up his idea of buying people's mortgages, but after the debate he changed the wording to make it costlier for tax-payers.

McCain has to be careful about how much he says about Obama's past because he has a lot of skeletons in the closet himself with Keating and the Iran-Contra connections. They are just as relevant and just as important to know about. They show that McCain has bad judgement about the economy, can be swayed by shady lobbyists, and is willing to work with neo-nazi extremists in order to fund terrorism.

People in Glass houses shouldn't throw rocks. Someone should teach that saying to McCain, but then again, his house is pretty-much broken now. He has little more to lose. Soon, the report on Palin will also come out on Troopergate. The ship is sinking fast.

Time to abandon ship.

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Just to thrust my two cents back into this... If you want neutral news, you should watch both CNN and FOX. CNN supports democrats, Fox only shows Republican news. Between the two, you can find some semblance of the real story.

When this whole thing started, most Republicans disliked McCain because he was considered too liberal. His voting record matched many liberal Democrats including on supporting abortion rights and gay marriage. He seems to have been nominated by way of getting liberal-minded republicans to support him as well as the unfortunate fact that republican opponents tried less hard than he did to reach ALL republicans.

When he started his campaign against Obama it was solely based off of the idea that he had experience while Obama didn't. he unfortunately got himself tied to Bush (which he didn't want) and like Hillary (who he thought he would be running against) figured that his long term experience would be enough to decide voters during a war situation. After all, he has been a soldier as well as being in the senate longer than any of the potential democratic front-runners.

Unfortunately, like Hilary, he misread what people wanted. They don't want to continue a bad war and a bad economy. People want a change, any change from the bad situation they are in.

Fast forward to Obama picking Biden. Now McCain's message of experience vs. Inexperience fell on deaf ears since Obama now has a safety-net Vice-President who has even more experience than McCain.

McCain's reaction: bypass Lieberman, the smart choice and go for Palin. No matter what his real reason might have been, the public sees this as reactionary and a shamefaced attempt to steal dissatisfied women from Hillary's campaign to his. He also changed his campaign to virtually mirror Obama's own ideals in order to muddy the waters further.

He should have stuck to his original tactics instead of mirroring Obama because it made him a wanna-be instead of the leader he claimed to be.

Finally, he has constantly said that he opposes pork spending He, along with Palin, have made that a cornerstone of their campaign. "John fights pork and vetoes any pork bills that come across his desk." Yet the 700 Bil.Bailout he also staked his campaign upon died thanks to his own republicans. The only way to get their 2/3rds vote was to slather it in pork. The world was watching this time, and news of the pork is everywhere, even here in J-Land. Now his claims of fighting pork look empty and his words even less effective.

So, all he has left is the swift-boat attacks. turn and turn again, he could have done better but he didn't. The Republican camp lock-steps to support him, but behind the lines, they must be weeping at each mistake he and Palin make. there are still a lot of poor, white people who would rather support a white president than a black one, but even they can't ignore losing their jobs and having their candidate ignore them or in the case of Michigan, abandon them.

Sure, McCain will come out cussing 'doggone its' at the debate, but the economic iceberg has already struck, and the S.S. McCain is taking on water fast. The unsinkable candidate he no longer is. It will take more than a tenuous connection to Ayers or Rezko to change opinions and more than a bull-dog with lipstick to keep him afloat. sorry hockey mom. Its back to the Troopergate hearing you will go.

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By your frequent reference to the definition of a terrorist, GWB is a dyed-in-the-wool terrorist. He has single-handedly destroyed the economy(Reps want to blame Dems during Clinton's time, but Bush had 8 years to notice and didn't)

He has stomped on and ripped up the Bill of Rights/constitution with his 'Big Brother' Patriot Act Gestapo methods (Shall we mention use of torture and denying rights accorded to all from the Geneva Convention at Guantanamo).

And of course let us not forget his failed ability to win a war against a single country with no advanced weapons (or weapons of mass destruction) to speak of certainly seems to have filled the American people with terror. Note that this war has now lasted longer than World War II which started in 1939 and ended in 1945

McCain wishes he weren't sleeping together with Bush, but they're tied at the ankles; inseparable.

McCain should have been able to see that no one likes a prolonged war without clear goals or definable victories. No one likes a war in which its nearly impossible to tell who you are to defend and who you are to shoot. That is what people learned with the Vietnam war when soldiers couldn't tell if the village they were entering was filled with south Vietnamese or Northern Vietnamese insurgents. Oh yeah, McCain spent a large part of the war as a prisoner. He didn't have to worry about being told to stop advancing because of a parallel that was on some map. For him it was easy to tell friend from foe. Those in the boxes with him were friends, those keeping him a prisoner were foes (unless you count the guard who drew the christian symbol... then it would seem that McCain was making friends with the foes).

GWB saw his father defend Kuwait and repulse Saddam easily. He didn't understand what his father already knew; that Saddam was the linchpin keeping The Shiites and Sunni's from killing each other. GHWB put Saddam in place while he was working under Reagan in order to deal with the problems Carter encountered at the end of the 70's with the Ayatollah in Iran. Now he's stuck with a pile of "doggone it" and can't get rid of it. McCain thinks the best solution is to keep up the war for another 100 years without any accountability, only body-bags.

I for one am sick of that style of government and this election is my chance to change things.

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I love how the relationship between Obama and Ayers keeps growing with each posting by the right. First, its that he's pals with Ayers, now its Ayers and Dhorn. Palin's friends are going keep going "doggone it" until they can claim that Obama was the bomb maker in the 60's (at the age of 8).

But in my original post, which has been long forgotten about, I mentioned that McCain was one of the Keating 5 accused of severe corruption in 1989 for aiding Charles Keating in the Lincoln Savings and Loan Association that resulted in the loss of life savings for 21,000 elderly people.

How's that for terrorism? We are having an economic meltdown and the republicans want to ask a guy who was a part of a group who destroyed the lives of so many people to be in control of the entire U.S. economy? That's just horrific.

Lets not forget that Palin and McCain's lawyers are now trying very hard to prevent the truth about Troopergate from being revealed because they know that she misused her power while Gov. The independent investigator hired by both Republicans and Democrats in the state has found something and now Palin's lawyers don't want it exposed so they will continue smear attacks to divert everyone.

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FandB said:

USAKuma- I don't beleiev a word of what CNN says. They are pro Obama and ahte Republicans.Can you provide solid evidence from a well known unbiased news source?evidence against Obama is assured, evidence against Palin is idle gossip.

So by your own accounting, no matter what source or solid evidence I provide, if it is against Palin it's merely idle gossip. We used to call that "looking at things through Rose-tinted glasses." In this case, Palin-McCain colored.

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These are facts, and OBama is now finished, thank goodness to bad rubbish!

This was supposed to be in quotes in my previous post, but somehow it didn't get highlighted. This quote is from theGreatEscape not me.

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TheGreatEscape said;

USAKuma- Whatever you say does not stop the fact that Obama has been a member of a church where anti US hatred was spewed, and he associated with a terrorist.

These are facts, and OBama is now finished, thank goodness to bad rubbish!

So the fact that McCain was one of the Keating five isn't important at all? The U.S. suffers its worst financial breakdown ever, and Bush turns to the guy who was a part of the Lincoln Savings and Loan scandal for ideas on what to do. That's like asking Ahmadinejad for advice on how to save Israel from the Palestinean mortor attacks.

As for Obama and Rev. White... I guess Palin's association with the Pentacostal church where she was supposedly cured of witchcraft by their members is OK. Or her current church's philosophy concerning Jews must be okay. Here's the quote from CNN.

Palin now attends the Wasilla Bible Church. She was there on August 17, just days before entering the national spotlight. David Brickner, the founder of Jews for Jesus, was a speaker. He told congregants that terrorist attacks on Israel were God's "judgment" of Jews who haven't embraced Christianity. Brickner said, "Judgment is very real and we see it played out on the pages of the newspapers and on the television. When a Palestinian from East Jerusalem took a bulldozer and went plowing through a score of cars, killing numbers of people. Judgment -- you can't miss it."

Yeah, Go Palin go! sounds like she supports terrorists and their killing of Jewish people. That is if you believe that an association with a person who says bad things means that you also believe those bad things as Palin does.

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You gotta love this time of the year. "The Pot calls the kettle black" trying to hide its own black color. Its Halloween and all the skeletons are flying out of the closets.

Obama was 8 when Ayers tried to be a terrorist. If this guy was such a bad terrorist, why is the government allowing him to run around teaching university classes and be a community supporter. Its not like he's Bin Laden and can't be found or anything. As for pals? the guy held one dinner for Obama in 95.

Meanwhile McCain was one of the Keating Five when he was 58. McCain actively helped Keating with the Lincoln Savings and Loan scandal that cost 21,000 elderly people to lose their life savings and 747 banks to fail.

Gee, doesn't that sound familiar to what's going on now? McCain may have been allowed to continue to serve his terms in office, but there's a lot more association between these two than there is between Ayers and Obama.

But republicans like Sarah and McCain rarely bother with worrying about reality. To them, the Economy is strong, and the 159,000 lost jobs in September aren't important.

McCain has based his campaign on his claim that he vetoes any pork that crosses his desk, yet he helped add huge amounts of pork to the $700 BILLION dollar bailout of yet another savings and loan collapse. When asked about this about face, he shrugged and said that's the way it is in Washington. Apparently, old age has allowed him to forget what he promised before, or what he's doing again.

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After the Debates, I reviewed both CNN and Fox for their views. TIME/CNN admitted that both did well, giving each a rating of "B" in that neither made any major muck-ups, but neither truly outshone the other. Fox said republicans were breathing a sigh of relief that Palin didn't muck-up anything major. After her previous TV interview blunders, they were happy to see her say her lines correctly.

Personally, I agree with TIME. They both did what they needed to. Biden kept himself in check and didn't throw out any big gaffes, nor did he rise to Palin's attempts to go tit for tat. His cracked voice during the recounting of his having to raise his injured sons alone after their mom and sister died in a car wreck may have helped him connect with single parents.

On the other side, Palin kept throwing off low-brow comments and affections like winking at the camera and using "doggone it" in order to try to connect with under-educated white people. I personally found her behavior insulting and patronizing. She reminded me of a bad actor in one of the English textbook CD's I teach, trying to pretend that she's a hick when its clear she isn't. I'm surprised she didn't throw in a "Y'all come back now, y'hear?" and then spit chewing tobacco into a spittoon. But I'm sure she made her masters happy. Fox News definitely thought so.

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I won't count Palin out automatically. She will try to egg Biden into making an attack that she will say (later) is domineering and sexist. Biden's also known for his gaffes. If Palin can get him to throw one of those out, she'll be able to pick up the win.

As says, Biden needs to reign himself in, while Palin needs to work to make herself look knowledgable. Wish I could watch these debates live, too...

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Bush noted that the maximum $700 billion in the proposed bailout was huge, but was dwarfed by the $1 trillion in lost wealth that resulted from Monday’s stock market plunge.

The difference to me is that the $700 billion WILL come from tax payers of all classes, including the very poor, and those who rely on government programs for their daily needs. Meanwhile the potential $1 trillion in lost wealth would likely only go to investors and profiteering stock corporations.

McCain put his reputation on the line saying that he was sure he could get both sides to agree to this bill, but 2/3rds of his own republicans nixed the bill. Don't look so good for all that experience he says he has let alone for his supposed ability to unite both sides for bipartisan efforts.

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Interesting. Seems like female otaku. Where the male otaku dive into their figurines in order to avoid social interaction, these gals dive into their dolly-dresses to avoid men and avoid having to keep up with western fashion expectations.

Actually met one of these girls before, though I thought she was just being a goth-girl. Very socially inept. The Japanese staff shook their heads, but I found that she was just very shy.

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Agree with Buddha4brains. McCain's using a lot of "What If's" to point out all the bad possible endings.

Anyone can do that. We could say "If Senator McCain is elected to office, he will make yet another gaffe which will cause Iran and China to start nuclear wars to end all of existence." How's that? Just as meaningless and just as dire as McCain's "If Obama gets his way,....we'd lose everything." speech.

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Obama's got his game on, alright! had some great observations about his foreign trip. He had a lot of people working and planning things out well ahead of time, people with the connections that McCain didn't bother with. Now it shows with huge crowds and meetings with all the top people in the right places.

Time said McCain's own trip to Iraq in March had only 8 advisors, and he mainly stayed on the Iraq base. After Obama met with the Iraqi government, he got their support for his timetable. After all, they don't want permanent foreign bases like there are in Japan. When Bush supported Obama's ideas, it made McCain look all the more out-of-touch with his rhetoric about losing a war to win an election.

I loved the comment about McCain going to a German restaurant in Ohio. Sorry McCain, this is as close as you will get to big crowds in Germany.

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Masato Takato, 45, allegedly sent an email at 1 p.m. on Tuesday to Shizuoka FM, in which he said that he had planted bombs at shopping malls and supermarkets.

He has denied the allegations, saying, “I sent the email by mistake.”

So he sends an email to the radio station saying something like 'give me 20 mil. or i blow up ZaZa City shopping mall.' by mistake? Who did he intend to send the mail to? Santa Claus? Normal people don't write crap like that. Hope they throw the book at him.

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They're a nation of Walter Mittys

I would go a step further. Walter Mitty imagined himself as everything from doctor to spy, but Cosplayers fixate on one particular figure from someone ELSE's fantasy.

Even Trekkies and Ren.Fair types usually try to come up with their own names and identities. With the exception of the Ren. Fair girls who call themselves Guinevere. they made me roll my eyes when I saw them... they are probably Cos-Players now.

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As in... Do you think the International Criminal Court should be able to charge George Bush with war crimes?

In a perfect world, we wouldn't need to worry about that. In a truly peaceful world, it would be possible to take a leader to court for any misdeeds.

But the real world is neither perfect nor peaceful enough. After G.W. leaves office, he may be open, but until November, trying to sue or arrest a government's leader by anyone other than his or her own people is never going to happen.

The U.N. was created to try to solve international problems, but as we have seen, its ideals have fallen quite far. Bush ignored the U.N. condemnation of his Iraq invasion, and they haven't been able to do anything about it. I don't see that changing anytime soon.

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Oh yeah, I can just see it now. You're playing Metal Gear Solid and the character, while sneaking along, must now pause (along with baddies) to admire some banner about coca-cola for 10 seconds before play can resume. Talk about annoying.

Or worse! You want to get to the final boss? well the ad on the wall in the game says that you have to purchase and send in the stickers from 10 boxes of whatnot along with a receipt (showing that you purchased them) in order to get the pass-code.

It'll be just like the really old days when people had to send in the cereal box-tops to get the secret decoder ring. Gee Whiz! Don't you just wanna run out to your local Ps3 dealer right away?

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This disgusts me! One of the reasons I came to Japan in the first place was that at least here (when I originally came) teachers were respected. Now its just like the States.

Everyone wanted Japan to be just like the States, now it is. Metabolic syndrome kids and juvenile delinquents are fighting and killing from extremely young ages. The parents would rather pay 30,000 or more on their cell phones each month but can't be bothered to pay 3,000 for their child's lunch.

Actually, I don't want to call them parents, they don't do any parenting, so lets call them baby-makers. These baby makers don't want to have anything to do with raising their kids so they throw their offspring at the school and say you deal with it. and when there is the slightest inconvenience, SUE SUE SUE!!!!

I want to *#%^&$$@%^@$ them for ruining the potential educational lives of their children. they want the money for themselves not their kids.

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Although not defending the man, the short length of High school girls' skirts these days make looking anywhere but at one's own shoes a "peeping incident.

Just the other day, one of my female coworkers was pointing out (to another female co-worker) how one girl's attempt to hide her backside with her bag backfired as the bag apparently caught her hem and lifted it up for all to see as she climbed the stairs to the station. I had to take their word for it, and keep my eyes down but that caused me to bump into a Japanese man coming down the stairs (and looking up, most likely).

If they want to keep guys from looking up skirts, they should do either of two things: Make girls wear longer skirts, or make a special staircase for girls with skirts complete with multiple blinds so that no one can look up. the former makes more sense, the latter is more likely given that they already have women's only train cars.

Seriously, IMO, (AGAIN, NOT DEFENDING PEDOPHILES) There should be a waver that women sign when they wear a skirt so short as to barely cover their bottoms that says they are fully aware that they are inviting men to look up their skirts and they will not prosecute anyone who does look up their skirts. If they don't want to sign the waver, have them wear longer skirts, or jeans etc. The fashion world is full of alternatives. I don't buy the argument that girls HAVE to wear short skirts. It may be peer pressure driving girls to hike up their skirts, but that's the same pressure to smoke, have sex for money, etc. Just because its there doesn't mean its okay.

Again, I am NOT defending a peeping tom, but merely saying that this man could merely have been walking up the stairs and looked up at the wrong moment just as easily as he could be the alleged mass-peeper that police were looking for. We'll probably never hear any more about this case from JT to be sure.

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It says there will be a new anime coming out soon. Wonder if it will show the same old style of buxom women wearing anti-clothing and throwing themselves at the hero like the women in those "Axe" commercials. That's what I want to know (and see).

Surprised to know he's still making the series. thought he died off long ago. Guess I'll make a trip down to the old book store...

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Whoa! Slow down here! Since when did this become a personal bash fest on individual readers. Why hasn't the Moderator stepped in to tell everyone to get civil?

Romulus3: Congratulations on your parenting. I wish you and your family all the best. By the way, do you know the acronym E.S.I.D.? Every situation is different. I find it fits in most parenting situations. That's all I want to say. Peace.

Damax6: I think you are reading a little too much into this story. If you have more facts about this story, please share the links with us. I understand your being irate about kids having kids. It makes me shake my head in disgust as well, but Japan Times has not given ANY details about the parents, so assuming they are "yamama" and "Yankee" parents just because this happened at a manga cafe is a little over the top for a leap of faith. If JT posts their ages, and it turns out they were as you claim, I'll join you in holy anger. But I think we should wait until we learn more.

Patrick Smash: I totally understand and agree with your posts about parenting in general. I have a little 1 year old girl. I worry about her future and any possible mistakes I might make as well. glad your son is OK.

I will be traveling with my family soon, and so in my mind I keep thinking about that family in Canada. Each parent thinking the other had their kid with them and being seated separately on the plane so they didn't realize what happened until they were already airborne. Its giving me nightmares. And so does this news story. But I can't let nightmares or anger at what other parents do or say keep me and my family from living our lives the best that we can.

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Posted in: 2-yr-old boy drowns in drain while parents are in comic cafe See in context

I feel bad for the parents, and a little anger at all the negative attitude here. This story doesn't strike me as being nearly as bad as parents leaving their kids to die in a sweltering car while they played pachinko. This seems like a simple laps in attention.

Need I remind people that large numbers of children of the same age die in similar accidents while the parents were at home? And not just in Japan. How many news reports have there been of kids of around the same age dying in the family pool or on a busy street because no one realized that 2 year olds know how to open doors and gates but don't know how to avoid danger?

Show some compassion. The parents are already beating themselves and each other up over this. Just last month, a family in Canada left their 2 year old in the Vancouver airport while they flew to Winnipeg because each thought the other spouse was taking care of the tyke when they were separated. It could be the same here.

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Posted in: Are Japanese police really as incompetent as readers on Japan Today make them out to be? See in context

I feel that "incompetent" might be a little strong, but I think most readers came from countries with higher crime rates and were used to seeing police doing more actively to solve those crimes. Thus, in comparison, Japan's passive methods will appear much more like incompetence.

In the Hawker case, many, including myself, felt furious that one man would be able to escape from 11 officers. Are those 11 incompetent for having allowed a person to run away? At the time, they claimed he wasn't a suspect yet,but if so, why have 11 officers around the building? If he was a suspect, then their actions are negligent at the very least, and bordering incompetence.

The Japanese police have had a long time of peace, and now that crime is increasing and increasingly being reported in the news, their failure to capture criminals are all the more apparent. they are finding themselves looking worse and worse in the media spot light, and their passive methods are no longer considered good enough.

I will note that the recent case involving the young woman who disappeared from her apartment showed some active investigation. The cops investigated every apartment, and eventually found the killer.

As a resident of Japan, I hope that the Japanese police will continue to update their investigation methods and become more active in enforcing the law for the sake of everyone.

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Posted in: I doubt whether there will be an increase in people wearing them, though. Body shapes determine the people who'll wear slacks, and I think those who like wearing skirts will strongly resist them. See in context

Body shapes my left foot! School-girls in skirts are a major source of income for all the anime, comics, and porno industry. Those 3 along with all the old men looking up skirts will make sure slacks never see popularity.

The girls themselves will keep with skirts as long as they are stylish. Blame the likes of Kumi Koda for her "Ero-Kakui/sexy-cool" fads on fashion. heck blame any number of girl groups in the "musical-idol" industry for encouraging young girls to wear skirts, and to make them ever shorter.

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Posted in: Unsuspecting passenger returns cannabis after sniffer dog test botched at Narita See in context

The officer should be strung up by the short hairs! He used a passenger's suitcase without consent, then lost it. If that victim had gone on to another country where the dogs are better, then that person would be in an interrogation cell trying to explain how it happened. Which he wouldn't be able to do because he never knew it was there.

The news update from late last night said that a male foreigner found the box and returned it to the police. If I was him, and I knew of this story, I would take it to the media and sue the heck out of the Japanese TSA.

As you can tell, this story shook me up a lot because its bad enough to know that some TSA is going to be rifling through my shorts and socks to find a bomb, but to know that they could be intentionally planting drugs in my suitcase makes me lose all confidence in security.

What happens if next time, the security guy tries the same thing but using a live grenade or C-4 in the suitcase. Sure, C-4 won't go off without a detonator, but if they lose it, and the passenger goes on to somewhere like LAX... it'll be a one-way trip to Guantanamo without the benefit of a lawyer or due process.

There should be more of an outcry at the Narita TSA!

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I feel for Ms. Golden, but one thing that seems unclear here is her ability to use the Japanese language or her access to people who do. My wife found an abundance of help in as lowly and powdunk place as Shizuoka, and when we came to Saitama, the local government went so far as to pay us to have our child.

During her pregnancy, my wife received tons of offers for classes and support groups. But yes, they were all in Japanese, so it may be true that everything would be less than perfect if we couldn't speak the local tango, or had friends who did.

About the trains.

I agree with Yasukuni to an extent. Its a sorry state of society that young men and women take the priority seats without consideration of other people who need it, but that doesn't make vigilantism acceptable. In the example case above, were there no other priority seats available on the train? or were they all filled with young punks. If so, maybe you are on the wrong train. In Tokyo/Saitama area, there are women-only cars, I think it would be more possible to find a seat there than in the middle.

But that's just me and my wife...

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