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Posted in: Namie Amuro to embark on first dome tour in 15 years See in context

smokin hot!

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Posted in: If they want to have tattoos, they should quit working for the city and go into the private sector. See in context

What if it's a tat of the rising sun or 君が代?

Down with Hashizm!!

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Posted in: Japanese beer heads cause Westerners to froth at the mouth See in context

The real issue should be the legality of too much head as far as taxation. The price of beer in Japan and many other countries includes a high percentage of tax. If I order a 500ml mug of beer I expect to pay a certain amount of tax included in the price. If I end up with only 355ml of beer and a frothy, fresh and satisfying head then someone is breaking the law. This is why glasses in many other countries have lines etched in the sides. So next time you are underserved threaten to narc them to the tax collectors. ****

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Posted in: Ishihara wants to meet Noda to discuss Tokyo's purchase of Senkakus See in context

Exactly whose money is he planning to use? Wouldn't he need the approval of the citizens of Tokyo? Either directly or at least through whatever legislature exists. From what I have heard, the people are still paying for his foray into banking (100billion lost on ShinGinko Tokyo) and are not so keen on all of their money being spent on getting the Olympics.

It is very hard for me to understand why on Earth they keep electing him.

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Posted in: Something new brewing in (barrel) aged beers See in context

Here's one you can find at Aeon malls in Kansai.

BTW 'to lager' means to store and hence age.

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Posted in: The maximum amount of salary is not a cap, it is more of a rough guideline. We have broken no rules. See in context

Rules don't apply to the Giants. Can't say I agree with the rule though. Why shouldn't a player make as much as he is worth? It only benefits the owners.

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Posted in: Osaka votes in favor of enforced singing of Japanese national anthem in public schools See in context

I don't know the words. Now I have to learn them too. Can I just sing the chorus?

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Posted in: Fujifilm's FinePix See in context

How much Indian Rs. is 30,000 yen?

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Posted in: Showtime making documentary about Dick Cheney See in context

"Cheney will never be indicted, much less convicted of being a war criminal."

as long as he doesn't plan on vacationing in Spain any time in the future

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Posted in: Japan national anthem booed in N Korea at World Cup qualifier See in context

Good. All national anthems should be booed!

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Posted in: KEEN Footwear See in context

I have two questions for Keen Japan A quick search of the net shows me the Keen Newport retails for 95USD at regular (not discount) stores in the US but here they cost 18,000yen (the Rakuten average seems to be around 11,550). At current exchange rates $95.00 is 7300 yen!! How do you justify this discrepancy?

Secondly, Keen has a fine track record in, and prides itself on it's environmentalism and Corporate Social Responsibility as mentioned in the interview. How does tying up with Itochu, which has exactly the opposite reputation, fit with Keen's vision?

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Posted in: May the horse be with you See in context

New radiation protective gear?

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Posted in: Prices going up See in context

Did you know that an American gallon is different to a British one?

But a pints a pound the whole world around.

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Posted in: Winning move See in context

Knobby knees :-(

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Posted in: Actress Sayuri Kokusho celebrates Y1 mil lottery win See in context

I'd be pretty happy with a cool tax free million yen right now. Might actually go home for Christmas for a change. Congratulations to her.

The Lottery = a tax on people who don't understand math.

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Posted in: On the road See in context


Looks a little like the MK4 Supra.

Looks exactly like a Lotus Elise! Which I believe even Tesla admits. Can never understand why Lotus doesn't seem to get the attention it deserves. The hugely popular Mazda Roadster was an exact copy of the Elan and now with all the buzz surrounding the Tesla you're comparing it to a Toyota. aaaaaaaarrrrgh

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Posted in: On the road See in context

If you like the style and elan (pun intended) of the car but don't care so much much about it being electric - just check out the original Lotus. Exact same car for a lot less money and probably pretty good gas mileage too. Much rather get the Elise for fun and a Prius for shopping both for the price of a Tesla

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Posted in: Softbank floats plan for Japan-wide fiber network See in context

which is 40% owned by the Finance Ministry and has virtually controlled the fixed-line phone line business for decades.

When are they gonna start paying back the 80,000 yen 'deposit' they used to charge for the use of one of those fixed lines?

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Posted in: United Airlines first U.S. carrier in Japan to offer low fare guarantee See in context

LOL!! Good luck ever trying to catch them on this. First of all you have to find the lower price within 24 hours. They can lower the price, for the exact same itinerary on the exact same day, days or weeks later and you are SOL. Sure they will allow you to rebook - for 25,000 yen per ticket plus 2500 for having the new ticket issued through an agent

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Posted in: Debate swirls over best abbreviation for McDonald's See in context

In France they say makudo as well. How about KFC? When does the kenta vs kentaki debate heat up?

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Posted in: Asashoryu to be warned for drunken incident See in context

sounds like a pretty typical Friday night in Nishiazabu.

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Posted in: Lightweight suitcases See in context

Why are suitcases always so expensive? R&D costs? These things are more than likely made in china and can't possibly cost any more than 5000 or 6000 yen to produce.

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Posted in: Yoshinoya's dilemma: Whether to lower prices or not See in context

What this article completely neglects is the fact that the yen/dollar exchange rate is at historic highs. The beef that they are importing from the states is, unless they are locked into long term contracts, significantly cheaper. Why not pass those savings on the the customers. Don't call it a spiraling recession sale but a strong yen sale and people will be lining up around the block. I'm getting tired of these companies that bitch and moan and raise prices when rates are unfavorable and then completely ignore their customers when the shoe is on the other foot

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Posted in: Train ride See in context

uh.. that's actually Kiko. Masako is sitting next to her husband directly behind the Emperor and Empress. I'l agree it is a funny shot but it is nice to see them all enjoying a day out. Although I'm surprised the Emperor made it after his exhausting last minute hastily arranged meeting with China's Vice President Xi Jinping ;-)

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Posted in: Fur of the Year See in context

Most Furiest. Best Furist

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Posted in: Bush throws out first pitch at Game 3 of Japan Series See in context

Hatoyama had better form in Pittsburgh

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Posted in: Tokyo police nab 31 train gropers in Sept, including 15 repeat offenders See in context

Should print their names in the newspapers. let their friends and neighbors know what they are up to in their free time.

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Posted in: Raptor See in context

I want one

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Posted in: Mazda develops new Aqua-tech paint system See in context

Is this why there are so many white cars in Japan?

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Posted in: Enjoy an Asahi Beer summer See in context

Beer = water, hops, malted barley and yeast. It's really very simple. This is not beer.

Actually Asahi doesn't even call this beer but the headline is ridiculous.

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