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SushiSake3Feb. 10, 2012 - 10:31AM JST

That's probably because if you don't include plant construction costs and the 1 in a million chance of a meltdown during a plant's lifetime, it generally is.

Let's see how many million nuclear plants are there world wide????

How many melt downs have we had.? At least three (all in Fukushima)significant ones that we all here know about. But wait if you look further there are many more, let's see TMI, Chernobyl, plus many more if you bother to look.

Very glad I will not live anywhere this new technology!

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kurumazaka- Yep, you are right, my mistake. Actually I was thinking the P-3 Orions which are also a larger, fixed wing aircraft that in Atsugi are Japanese only. C130's are traditionally Air Force and would be from Yokota or Misawa.

Let's just say I lived in Ayase once upon a time. I actually had more disturbance from the helo's(mostly Japanese) which fly quite low and would rattle my windows and dishes. But no complaint from me, they are doing their job, or making sure they are trained well enough to do their job. At least with the jets they fly by FAST! :)

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Someone correct me if I am wrong, but pretty sure those C130's are Japanese craft....

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History of the base in question: The 1,249 acres of Naval Air Facility Atsugi lies in the heart of the Kanto Plain on Honshu, the main island of Japan. The base was originally built in 1938 by the Japanese Imperial Navy as Emperor Hirohito's Naval Air Base.

The base was a there as a Japanese Air base before it became a US base....

No, parts should not fall off planes, Japanese included. No one was hurt, thankfully, but you know that someone is going to get a nicely US gov't funded check now.:)

The Prowlers are old, Vietnam era and are being decommissioned, in fact the ones in question should be out of Japan very, very soon. Welcome more noise though as the replacement, the Growler is true to its name. We call that annoying noise those of you complain about 'the sound of freedom.' We navy pilot wives happen to love it!!

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I vote NO. Crazy to further spread contamination. I do not wish to be downwind of an incinerator that can malfunction and then get the stadard 'oops, that's regrettable!'

Funny thing is in Kanagawa-ken, Yokosuka-shi, they announced this week that they will begin accepting for storage and burning by the end of March. This is the same area that houses the US nuclear powered carrier that so many locals are always protesting! They are so worried about it leaking and causing the very same kind of issues we may see from this disposal, storage and burning of this tsunami waste. Where are the protests?

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I definitely have contributed to this profit - the ticket prices are insane! The taxes are so stiff that we have had to cut back on some of our traveling. Since 2007 the RT to the US has at least doubled.

Wonder if I canI get a discount now that they are doing so well. Nahhhh.

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tokyokawasaki -

Genetic engineering is pioneering many advances in medicine too. In the not too distant future, we will have the technology and knowledge to identify and treat/cure the genes that cause so many dreadful diseases.

Sounds an awful lot like the argument that since we use radiation for X-rays and treating cancer, that we need not worry about the raised levels from Fukushima harming our health.

Agree that on the surface it may sound good to be able to use the soil again, but not practical or realistic. Like cleo states there is more than salt in that soil....

Why not let nature take its course? Isn't there like tons and tons of stored rice here in Japan anyway. Why not delve into that???

NinjaDave, we do have proof that animals incur horrible health risks from GMO foods. (site the research from the book "Seeds of Deception") Often that is what we base our conclusions on since we don't supposedly 'experiment' on humans. However when money is involved, those findings are not considered useful.

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Thanks Cleo for your postings.

GM foods are engineered, not natural. An animal or plant cannot splice their own genes and insert other DNA.

There is this thing called hybridization, farmers have been doing that for centuries, big difference.

A great read to understand about your food: Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey Smith. There is also a website with a wealth of information:

Before actually educating myself on this issue, I was mindless about these issues too. Now I look at the foods I feed my family much differently.

Not interested in GM rice that is for sure!!

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"The technique, which does not use genetic modification, pinpoints DNA variants which confer specific qualities in a plant."

Next sentence: "Armed with this knowledge, breeders can then use classic methods to splice these genes into an existing strain."

Hello, this is genetic modification.

No thanks!

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I agree with TMARIE - BULLY!!

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Very sad, but only the fourth worker to die??? I am not buying it at all.

Stressful conditions, possibly a smoker(very likely), but still 60 even in the US is not all that old.

How about this:

Since 3/11 and having the sky fall on Japan I have been reading way too much - both pro and anti nuclear. How much cover is there?

Anyone watched this?

Heard of Chernobyl Heart? Won't be surprised if my comments get removed!

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Heda -**

Same article: The U.S. Navy's Seventh Fleet was to conduct joint search and rescue operations off the Pacific coast in northeastern Japan.

7th Fleet is always ready!

Already there, already working. Planning started the minute they were aware of the situation - I do know this for fact.

From the article - “There was nobody in charge. Nobody in the Japanese political system was willing to say ‘I’m going to take responsibility and make decisions,’” said Maher, who coordinated U.S. help offered to help Tokyo deal with the crisis.

“Nothing was taking place at Fukushima Daiichi in terms of the government solving the problem” until about a week later when Tokyo and Washington launched a joint task force, he said.

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Keep your head in the sand Heda.

GOJ didn't know what to do. No one was in charge, making decisions. Many decisions were made because of international pressure.

No, I am not woefully incorrect. And you might not know as much as you wish to think. Maher is on target.

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You obviously know nothing regarding how the US gov't works in regards to Katrina. That debacle was about state's rights to handle situations on their own. They have to ask for federal assistance and Louisiana failed miserably.

Back on topic, pretty much how the GOJ reacted and handled this situation, just like Maher states.

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Heda -

'immediately' Wonder what your definition is of that!

Theh US Navy acted immediately! I received a call from my spouse, who was deployed, with information regarding this disaster days before the GOJ even decided to acknowlege it! You are sadly mistaken and Maher is completley on target!

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*BurakuminDes a kid will die before long.

They do every year as you know. It is also sad that these children that actually experienced heat exhaustion will be affected by the heat for the rest of their lives, more susceptible to future collapsing (according to my doctor). Personally I have experienced it and have to be very careful and have to avoid a lot of conditions/situations as a result. :(*

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They want to be accepted just like everyone else, but how can they when they do such weird stuff and look so freaky? Yuck! Who would want to be like that??

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Those costumes look really authentic. Netherlands perhaps. Very strange.

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Don't real jellyfish sting?? So now children will think the cute little guys that are at the beach are fun too!

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I just wish more parents realized that, NO, we don't all wish to hear your dumb kids scream for hours every day. Or, NO, your stupid little yap dog in the cart is not cute when he starts bariking at 5:00 AM when you walk him throug the courtyard so all 300 residents can be awoken! get a grip people it is not all about you! Seriously, how cab people be so clueless?????

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