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Posted in: Red Bull guilty of 'minor' budget cap violation, FIA says See in context

Max is clearly the strongest driver this season, the man is unbeatable by a hard margin. The FIA should get their act together as regulating body. You can blame the team but Max will be/is champion no matter what, we aren't talking mere points here. It's up to FIA to stop with the ambiguity or detect early clear cause for violation or a loss of points.

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I trai between the hours of 1am to 6am these days when the venue has no more than 3 patrons at a time. The thing is hanging on my chin. I lift heavy and I need my oxygen to recover between timed sets. If Anytime has a problem with it they can study late-night security cam footage, email me, and I'll kindly ignore them

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Article's argument: because there won't be any fans.

Nice clickbait. It will take more to upset the status quo than a few missing cheers of support.

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Posted in: 'Final Fantasy XIV' game sales suspended because too many people want to play it See in context

And for JT staff: I know this article comes from a different website, but the statement "being billed as the final major update for the game" is false.

Endwalker concludes the first narrative arc of the game with a new story launching in the 2022 Q1/Q2 patch 6.1

This game's lifespan is guaranteed for years to come with future expansions confirmed. Please check official sources.

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Posted in: 'Final Fantasy XIV' game sales suspended because too many people want to play it See in context

Comment #1: "How hard is it to print money? Hard it seems"

I don't know when last you've taken a look at global supply chains but a shortage of chips means reduced access to server hardware acquisition, which is exactly why Square Enix has been unable to field additional servers for the mammoth growth FFXIV is experiencing.

Comment #2: "People need to go out, get fresh air, have other hobbies instead of staying inside home all day and playing games."

Such boomer remarks in the year 2021 are really just inappropriate. If you're as young as your profile photo suggests you need to stop joining elders in beating a dead horse. Videogame entertainment sales and revenue are world leading.

As for the game itself, quality product crafted by a quality crew in Shinjuku. I wish Naoki Yoshida and his team continued success.

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Posted in: Megaship refloated; Suez Canal reopens to traffic See in context

"Today, Egyptians have been successful in putting to an end the crisis of the stranded ship in the Suez Canal, despite the enormous complexity surrounding the process," Sisi said.

It was a Dutch-led operation, the article states as much. It's common knowledge their understanding of delta works and water management are highly specialized. It wasnt Allah Akbar or the Egyptians. Credit where credit belongs.

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Posted in: Asian stocks follow Wall St up; silver eases off high See in context

Absolutely correct as GenHXC points out. Fake news if I ever saw it. Gross incompetence of quality journalism and narrative construction that's amateurishly obvious. WSB has never and will never, promote silver. O-N-L-Y GME. And that 225 is going to 1K btw. Check /r/WSB for yourselves to check the actual narrative on silver. I swear quality research and journalism is hard to come by these days.

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Posted in: Silver swept up by GameStop retail frenzy, prices soar See in context

Lies. The msm is trying to spin the narrative that WSB is going from one to the next. WSB only cares about taking GME (and some others) to the moon and beyond. Be very careful of what you read in 2021! HF's are using every trick in the book to derail the focus of private investors. Nobody cares for silver, go row a boat

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Posted in: Chilean man to be flown to France to face charge of killing Japanese student See in context

You met him AFTER the killing...?

No, the Summer prior, in August. Supposedly they broke up around that time or slightly prior. They were not in each others company when I got acquainted with him.

Everyone more intimately familiar with the case (a large group of foreign students then present in Japan) all know the trail leads to him. Youtube threats, him following her to France, plus his timely escape back home all allude to it.

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Posted in: Chilean man to be flown to France to face charge of killing Japanese student See in context

As someone who met this guy while studying at the University of Tsukuba a couple of years ago, I can confirm that during my 1 day interaction at a fireworks festival in Tsuchiura, he appeared like a relatively normal bloke. The amount of evidence however is staggering, including the youtube video's of threats made at Kurosaki's address. There can be no doubt. He will do time for the disruption he caused in the Tsukuba community and the grief suffered by friends in family. The outright contempt for life he has shown by denying this young girl hers is unforgivable.

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