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This was done by Chinese tourists and has been reported on in the Chinese press in HK and China. This article and none of the comments even mention this fact...

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The main reason why this show is popular in Asia is because it represents a time when the US was a model for the rest of the world....its sort of a swan's song to what they US could never become again. Its timing was perfect-- introduced in 2007 right before the big recession that many are starting to use as the starting point for the total collapse of the US as the dominant world power. It also features the birth of the advertising industry, a "creation" of Edward Bernays, which is largely based on psychology and propaganda-- i.e. basically mostly what is left of US business "expertise."

Ironically the show really is about belittling and degrading the historical roots of what led to the US as a dominant power-- and what ensured the US of being on the winning side of world wars. It was created by the same aging former hippy baby boomers a-holes that were kids in the show...and grew up to become the captains of the US train wreck of an economy and social system that it has become today. Of course, being smug, narcissistic, selfish and drugged up most of the time--- they dont have a problem with "bestowing" on younger generations a bankrupt economy, increasingly strange and sick "social norms", and the loss of nearly all hope of being able to correct the problems they worked on creating for more than three decades.

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Along with Asian carriers, they are the best in the world. They havent even discussed service, food, lounges. When you do that, US carriers are already below 2nd world status. Anyone who flies frequently knows all of this as common fact. When Americans start to actually realize this mostly what you get is "disturbed silence", then denial, then you hear nonsensical things like "hey, they practice unfair trade". If US carriers werent run by lawyers and didnt pay top executives salaries they couldnt possibly earn in a truly competitive market, and didnt have unionized flight attendents that double as minimum security prison guards, etc....then maybe they should own and run and airline...

United 1K (15 years) and million miler plus (which has become meaningless since, like the man said, US carriers are pitiful...)

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