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ushosh123 comments

Posted in: Electric spoon See in context

I just hope it's not the current itself that is directly causing the taste difference.

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Posted in: 'Foreign travelers are Japan’s guests' – Governor against charging tourists more than locals See in context

Incoming tourist has upward pressure on the exchange right? So it's a bit counter intuitive.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after stealing box with GPS tracker from man’s doorstep See in context

So you can entrap and then call the police

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Posted in: Woman arrested after stealing box with GPS tracker from man’s doorstep See in context

Entrapment only applies to police? I can entice others to commit crimes? That's news to me. I guess you're right then.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after stealing box with GPS tracker from man’s doorstep See in context

What element is missing for it to be considered entrapment? Looks like bait with GPS tracking was used. But I guess much like plea bargaining, the concept is foreign to the justice system I guess.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after stealing box with GPS tracker from man’s doorstep See in context

And here I thought entrapment isn't allowed.

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Posted in: 64-year-old man arrested for molesting 1-year-old girl in Kyoto park See in context

One year old in a park should have all of the attention of the mother, and I can't really think of a reason the opportunity for this to happen arises.

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Posted in: Judge orders ex-interpreter for Ohtani to get gambling addiction treatment See in context

I still don't get how Otani wouldn't notice $16m 'missing' from his accounts....

160 mil that is, but seeing as the wins went to mizuhara's account and not ohtani's it felt odd that he would be in on it.

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Posted in: Revenge porn consultations reach record high 1,812 cases in 2023 See in context

Oh, expecting absolute privacy on the internet, oh sweet sweet child.

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Posted in: Half of anime industry workers log over 225 hours per month: survey See in context

Number's are bad but the industry is always going to be heavily cyclical, deadline driven and low barriers to entry so not surprised.

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Posted in: Japanese police use plea bargaining system for 1st time in fraud case See in context

If it's used in Ghosn case, than how is it the first time? I don't quite believe that the concept of a plea bargain is completely foreign to the Japanese justice system.

I guess why reduce sentence when you can lock them up til they confess.

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Posted in: Fan outcry over K-pop star's date highlights 'harsh' industry rules See in context

Only solution is regulation, the companies running it aren't going to regulate themselves. The companies have all the leverage, "this" is basically what the idols offer.

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Posted in: Record 63% of Japanese in financial stress, poll shows See in context

Isn't deflation the definition of the cost of living not going up? Feels like much of the same, not that it isn't a issue.

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Posted in: Agency admits two more Johnny's employees committed sexual abuse See in context

Remember, "Smile up!"

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Posted in: Ohtani says he never bet on sports; claims interpreter Mizuhara stole money, told lies See in context

I dunno, not knowing where a few million bucks in your account went to, even on a high level basis sounds mighty fishy. I do agree he should be incentivized enough to not gamble, but he's mighty careless then.

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Posted in: Police officer busted for stealing women’s underwear from several residences See in context

I don't think the punishment is unfitting of the crime, similar to shop lifting perhaps with a element of perversion. Was there really emotional damage to the female victims?

Sure, Japan should take some of these perversion driven crimes, but this ain't it.

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Posted in: Over 50% of car drivers in Japan do not stop for pedestrians at crosswalks, according to a survey by the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF). Why do you think that is? See in context

Isn't it based on right of way? There'd be way more accidents if they literally didn't stop if they didn't have right of way 50% of the time.

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Posted in: Bank of Japan ends negative interest rate policy, opting for its first hike in 17 years See in context

Um... I thought the boc operating in quarter of a % was being cautious...

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Posted in: LDP amends party rules to toughen penalties for fund violations See in context

The revised internal rules stipulate that the LDP can urge a lawmaker to leave the party if an accountant of their political group is arrested or if the lawmaker is prosecuted for violating the political funds control law.

So... The revised one allows for them to urge them to leave the party if prosecuted; the non revised one means they can't even ask? They are tethered to the payroll for life? Sure... I believe that

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Posted in: 'Katespiracy' explodes after UK royal photo gaffe See in context

Yawn, silly ppl do silly things.

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Posted in: Film poses moral questions about 2011 Fukushima disaster displacement See in context

Doesn't seem realistic to reinstate the community as it involves various members, the neighbours she talk of may not want to remain there. So the community she pines for just isn't the same.

There is literally no talk of the dangers related to the meltdown. Not to be rude but 18 interviewee feels like it's anecdotal.

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Posted in: Japanese male office workers experience simulated menstrual pain See in context

"How does it feel masaya?"

"It's nothing, is the device even on?"

"Oh let me see" cranks up the pain

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Posted in: Despite 'Barbie,' women not getting movie lead roles: report See in context

Ah, the witcher, there is no shame in Jerry rigging more female lead into male lead stories, just to prop up stats at the cost of everything else.

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Posted in: China pledges to increase opportunities for foreign companies as it seeks to boost its economy See in context

I hope no one is confused by the fact that the most important thing to a company, China will not provide, and that is stability. Things may be great today, but no one knows about tomorrow.

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Posted in: South Korean doctors hold massive anti-government rally over medical school recruitment plan See in context

The increase seems a bit steep and clearly some feel threatened.

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Posted in: Airfares were already dropping. Here’s why they could go even lower in 2024 See in context

Fake news as far as japan is concerned.

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Posted in: Japanese teacher beats up student for making fun of his body by calling him anime character name See in context

Don't think the student learnt any lesson here, as the only one punished is the teacher.

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Posted in: The number of marriages in Japan last year fell below half a million for the first time in 90 years, according to the health ministry. What do you think are some of the reasons for this? See in context

The progression from dating to marriage to having kids is quite time and resource restricted. It's not only it takes alot of time and resources but there's only so much to accomplish them. Many factors impact this including demographic, economic, hierarchal, technological, social ones. And basically most of the changes in those over past 90 years I would say overall negatively impacts the younger generation.

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Posted in: Former nurse at hospital arrested for secretly filming female patient undergoing surgery See in context

I hope he presumed there was the possibility of some malpractice, rather than due to perversion.

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Posted in: Leap year glitch disrupts driver license issuance in parts of Japan See in context

Reads title, lmao.

Thanks for that.

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