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Naomi girl you crazy, I would have fainted...

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Posted in: S Korea seeks U.S. military drill delay until after Winter Olympics See in context

I was just on twitter and learned North Korea testing anthrax tipped ICBM missiles at twitter.com/Stratsentinel page.

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Posted in: Demand for nuclear shelters up in Japan amid N Korean threat See in context

Talk about scaremonger. Most construction material have already been tested for nuclear radiation blocking capability. Just look it up online. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant explosions were the eqivalent to many nuclear bombs and contaminated massive areas with fallout. The only safe place is away from nuclear.

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Posted in: U.S., China hold quiet military talks amid N Korea tensions See in context

RealCDN I have been feeling that way for months about NK and my only guess is Russia. Putin has flaoted sanctions imposed on NK. Like making Kim Jong Un his BFF.

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To bad a Russian and South Korean delegation could not be involved in these talks. That way every major player involved could have put their cards on the table

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North Korea's sole major ally is not China, it is Russia. A Russian delegation was in NK to witness the latest ICBM launch. Putin has an open border policy with NK by reinstating the ferry route and by knowingly supplying fuel. The NK end game will most likely be as Russia's lesser partner as is Cuba in global dominence.

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Posted in: It is a purely defensive system needed to protect the lives and property of our people. It does not present a threat to Russia or other neighboring countries. We have explained our thinking to Russia. See in context

Russia has some nerve, they sent up their Cosmo Drone into space today. Its signal knocked nearly 20 smaller nation satellites out of their designated areas therefore blinding those nations. Now Russia is saying they lost the Cosmo Drone. Yeah right, cosmo drone did its job. Its all about the end game with Russia. Japan is doing right. Arm yourself ...

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Posted in: Risky stalemate as science battles human fears at Fukushima See in context

No amount of nuclear radiation is safe to consume because a percentage accumulates in the body. The water problem is tricky and I think can only be released. The damage has been done with the nuclear reactor meltdowns.

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Posted in: Trump again backs alleged harasser; Democrat gives up key post See in context

All Trump is looking at is being able to pass decisions brought before the Senate for a vote. Meanwhile DEFCON warning system alerts just issued a level 5 alert two hours ago

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Posted in: Disposal of low-level radioactive waste from Fukushima nuclear disaster begins See in context

Gamma and Neutron radioisotopes need lead and concrete cinder blocks to stop it.. Tarp and trash bags are like thin air

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Posted in: Disposal of low-level radioactive waste from Fukushima nuclear disaster begins See in context

For as I can see JAEA, TEPCO and J Govt. Have done their utmost to deny the true levels of radioactive contamination nationwide. People suffering nosebleeds from accessive exposure ignore/deny their symptoms. J Govt handling of the situation is Not a good way to deal with a bio hazardous disaster.

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Posted in: Disposal of low-level radioactive waste from Fukushima nuclear disaster begins See in context

More contamination was created by incinerating radioactive waste. Incineration releases radioisotopes into the atmosphere. Not to mention leaving radioactive waste on the coastline and along river banks to wash away during heavy rains. The bags of radioactive waste end up somewhere and the do rip and rupture since they are just plastic bags. I guess we should say thanks for the quasi-effort at disposal. But honestly the whole operation lacks professionalism and sincerity.

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Posted in: The truth behind the U.S. show of force in Asia See in context

If the US Military is over stretched, it is our own doing. We are training Afghan soldiers here in the US to fight in Afghanistan. We are taking orders to build armaments for other countries and not bothering to increase our own arsenal to the capacity. Stop crying and start building.

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Posted in: Fuel removal device installed at Fukushima reactor See in context

Using the concrete that sets under water may help. Like the kind used for bridges. It may also seal the cracks that the water is coming through to the reactor basements

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Posted in: Fuel removal device installed at Fukushima reactor See in context

MOX is also more radio-toxic and more unstable than regular uranium fuel. MOX fuel is hotter and harder to handle as well. Safety first should be the motto when handling MOX fuel.

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Are the spent fuel rods and fuel rod assemblies cool down enough to be moved next year??? If should not they be immediately placed in a cask instead of dangling on a crane. If the number 3SPF is cool and stable I would have entombed reactor 3 entirely, SPF included

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Posted in: U.N. Security Council meets on Yemen after coalition blocks aid See in context

Yemen should not have allowed the Houthi to take over in 2015. Yemen forces should have rallied around their elected President and fought for the country. Yemen is the hotbed armed by Iran to attack Saudi Arabia the same as North Korea is the hotbed armed by Russia and China to attack Japan. I hear no one crying to lift sanctions for North Korea.

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The Iran regime seems to be supplying armaments to the Houthi in Yemen as well as Hezbollah in Lebanon. Iran is the root that needs to be pulled out of the ground. The Saudi Crown Prince has said as much as well and considers Iran's tactics an act of War. The US has a vested interest to remain abreast and to interfere in this ongoing power play by Iran.

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Posted in: Elite Saudis arrested in anti-graft sweep to face trial See in context

The Crown Prince wants to build a Progressive city that uses solar energy for power. The new city is called Neom and the Crown Prince progressive reforms for the women of Saudi Arabia, I think are a reflection of what he wants for Neom City.

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Posted in: Gang member arrested after shooting in Tokushima coffee shop See in context

Gun violence should never be condoned as a means to solve civil disputes. This is the main problem in the US. When gun violence becomes the preferred means to ending problems you lose your civility.

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Posted in: At least 3 dead in shooting at Colorado Walmart See in context

And US Officials think the gun laws we have are enough..... okay.... That Walmart probably sold guns too...

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Posted in: It's our role as the Democratic Party to raise the income level of the people...and aim to make this a country that can lead the cause of peace in the international community. See in context

PM Abe should have raised the minimum wage a long time ago. Tokyo's should be higher, since Abe long ago lowered corporate tax.

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Posted in: Two ex-Trump aides charged in Russia probe, 3rd pleads guilty See in context

The information warfare expert Molly Mc Kew also fingered Bannon, Gorka and Kellyanne Conway as receiving money from Russia and being a threat to national security.

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Posted in: Body of SDF member found after suspected suicide See in context

RIP. . If he did not want to be SDF while in training he should have asked to leave.

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Posted in: Corporate deal-making driven by fast technological change See in context

Instead of finally increasing wages with some of this cash reserve. M & A instead.

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Posted in: Saudis to allow women into sports stadiums from 2018 See in context

The Crown Prince Vision 2030 is Neom City $500 Billion for development. I have seen the website Softbank is in charge of developing Neom City. For what he wants to accomplish the Crown Prince has to loosen the restrictions on women in Saudi Arabia... Progress Progress

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Posted in: N Korea accuses Abe of playing up nuclear threat to win election See in context

Kim Jong Un needs a few ICBM missile programmed to do a double fly by over North Korea. Crazy Kim would be ready to attack. Election be damned if they had an election

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Posted in: A century after revolution, some Russians crave return of tsar See in context

Putin may not want to be called a tsar, but he acts like one. You can't get rid of him, he will rule Russia for the rest of his life

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Posted in: Fukushima radioactive waste storage starts full operation See in context

Hanford nuclear waste facility has multiple stories mostly underground and it is a permanent site. Whomever is in charge of this project needs to get serious. 30 year storage facility is beyond irresponsible. Like placing radioactive waste bags along the coastline, rivers and streams to be washed away by heavy rainfall.

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Posted in: Astros' Gurriel makes racist gesture toward Darvish See in context

Yuli should have kissed his bat for hitting one of Yu's throws. That is the only gesture he could have made that makes sense. I am sure Yuli's family was watching and they saw him hit the ball. 5 game ban to not include the world series is not enough. He should be shamed and ashame of such juvenile behavior.

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