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Read a weekly magazine, where a US journalist have a colum, he talk about Abe, there I found the full text of impeach Abe, by rumor of revision the Nanking or Comfort Women. If Japan deny these text, nothing influence to him, only the China or Korea is becomes awkward a little, for they are lost a stick to beat Japan.

He was seemed excellently person as graduate famous college, but he stand by China side and hostile Japan. Those person never touch what happen in China when war is passed, or what China had done at Tibet or Uighur. He would apology that he had talking about WW2 not of the others. But those items is used as present days to get honor of country, not the past story to laugh. He used double standard for us then it be unacceptable for me. I doubt that he knows everything about them, then he write the iniquitous history for his employer, or he is a innocent boy believing that China is normal.

To GalapagosnoGairaishu, nothing is different from you and me, I think so.

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After Russo-Japanese War of 1904, Japan and USA is in collision course. USA wish to invest to Manchurian railway, but it refused by Japan. Chinese and Korean was oppose to Japan, then they inviting USA to aline of them, like now they eager to. Those displeasing actions were piled up, and it grooming distrust between Japan and USA. As result of them Immigration Act of 1924 was realized by USA, it mainly limiting to Japan. With those actions USA choose China an ally against to Japan, and USA gave military aid to China. WW2 is the term of beginning of direct battles with Japan and USA, but indirect battles was continued over 20 years before.

If Japan pay attention for more seriously, and take adopt with effective means, the collision will be evade. But from 1910 to 1930, the power holders of Japan is passed from the lord and vassal to the cabinets and lastly to the military authorities. Then Japan is disorder in internal administration, could not have keep the confident to others. Invasion of Japan to China is, do not under fixed plans, but do it under vested interests of military side, so no one check or alter it. WW2 is planed by USSR, In Japan left side peoples act with them, it was remained in Japan political systems, then the press of Japan is mainly act as left.

In 1990's, for the friendship we have invest to China and Korea, but it was needed only Japan side burden, all result was get by them. Now they cut down Japan as they think all thing is stolen and nothing will be remain. to mortify Japan is the last thing to do. We had resignation to keep friendship with them, then Abe will not bend to China and Korea as a conventional style. China and Korea get angry by Abe's refuse of bend, then they appeal to the world as Abe is the wicker right and dangerous person.

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China will to make the new world orders, then they open the history book, and add the new comment of the proof for China's justice by the red ink. Nanking and Comfort Woman and Slave Work is newly big items, it had rise the Xi Jinpings status and protect him from peoples angers. History can be revision by those grate powers, not by the truth, angelic boweevil may be think so too.

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When past 1990's, we think the China and Korea be impolite for there poorness, then we give assistance them for get rich, now they grow up, but could not free from impolite. The history was moved far from 1945, but China and Korea could not escape from 1945, for the reasons of they have nothing to proud of but have grudge.

The progress to the WW2 is the quarrel of Japan and USA, China is place of to fight. China is negotiation USA to help from invasion of Japan, then USA stand on China side and help for China. If USA was stand on Japan side, the history is change more heavenly.

Now the history is seemed turn over to the bygone days. Korea is select to return to China empire, USA is throw away by her, Japan is only a ladder to meet China.

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These apology was done to keep friendship with the Korea or China, and it be progress to the new boon world, we are promise for deeply. But now, they are criticism Japan, by the reasons of apology matters. We are very great disappoint from there behavior, and it perfectly braked our hopes.

The true history is far away what China or Korea says, then we must be "revision" it, by the right of human, not of the "political ideas".

1) In 1937, our army attack Nanking, no papers telling to world the massacre is done, but papers scoop the Nanking's photographs it snaped friendly smiled peoples and soldiers. In 1949, Mao ordered to People's Liberation Army be surround Nanking, and killed all 200,000 peoples, the massacre was Mao had done.

2) The Kidnaped Korean Comfort Women was exist, but it was at the Korean War, not at the WW2, then Korea and USA must be apology to the women.

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In 1945 Japan was defeated, when a report was made by US army about the Comfort Women of Japan army.

The reports was tell us, those women at WW2 was worked for own free will, and all of them was satisfy by well payment and treatment, then they have nothing to be complain. Those women are 200,000 of Japanese, with 20,000 of Korean, and few is other nations.

Korean War is blows after WW2 in 1950-1952, when Korean army was kidnap 200,000-700,000 women for orders of US army's request. Chaos of Korean war, not exact count is remains, and mostly of them may be killed.

Kidnaped Korean Comfort Women was evidenced the war is Korean War, but few of WW2 women is mixed with them, then evidence is mixed Korean War to the WW2.

Those women must be separated as WW2 or Korean War, but Korean do intentionally mixed them, and then they say it be WW2.

Now you will be think, the Korean War's women must be truly need the remedy, Korea and USA must be offer it, it be not Japan.

China+Korea was hardly denunciation Japan, and then other peoples was seemed as ruled or cooperation by them.

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