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Posted in: Fukushima farmers seek aid for radiation zone cattle See in context

I've had the extreme pleasure of meeting Masami Yoshizawa and getting a tour of his entire farm, it's amazing what he has done with so little and it was easy to see how much he adored every single animal in his care. He has even written a book on the topic of what happened.

If any of you wish to further help him, he needs money and volunteers: (In Japanese) btw they also have an adorable live cam of their three legged cow (just a baby when I met him)

Here's a write up on him that's in English:

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Posted in: More than 1,200 cases of theft reported by home owners in Fukushima no-go zone since 2011 See in context

Sadly, from what I saw during the times I went in to assist with animal rescue, I think this figure is a bit low, especially since it is not including the business owners. Most stores we drove past had busted windows, some ATMs were smashed open and a number of homes we went to in search of animals had their front doors wide open and muddy footsteps inside.

"Question is did he sell any of these items? The other question is why didn't the police patrol or at least secure the zones. The really need to secure the zones, an occasional patrol means nothing."

They have most of the roads into the core area fully secured, but unfortunately the area of the entire no-go zone is just too big to properly barricade. Police will often pull over each person they see with out of town plates and demand papers (happened tons of times to me), but they can't be everywhere, and sometimes the thefts are from fellow Fukushima residents, whom they rarely pull over since owners are allowed to go back and check on their own property.

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Posted in: Duo launches Kickstarter campaign to complete Japan’s 88 temple pilgrimage route See in context

80393 Fredrick is in Maryland, USA

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Posted in: Lonely Planet to release 13th edition of Japan Country Guide See in context

Will they finally put the rest of Tohoku back in?

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Posted in: Fukushima town’s sole resident speaks out in documentary See in context

is believed to be the sole inhabitant within the 20-kilometer red zone.

far from it, there are a few people living in the area, he's just the only one left in Tomioka Sorry, as someone who has met and even sat in the homes of other people who are also still living there, this line bothers me.

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Posted in: Fukushima to get 20,000 cherry trees on 190-km coast See in context

I'm helping to plant a huge amount of cherry trees and pine saplings along the coast this weekend ^_^

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Posted in: Activists fault WHO report on Fukushima radiation See in context

Jesus Christ, why would they even think that the WHO has reason to lie?

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Posted in: Google to photograph street views of evacuated town in Fukushima See in context

Really? Cause I have the app, and the damn numbers change around once a week

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Posted in: Google to photograph street views of evacuated town in Fukushima See in context

Basroil: they update very regularly, the actual Safecast volunteers don't need to go back because they have sensors set up throughout the area and also all of the counters that they donated to people logs readings back to the server. It updates at least once a week for the entire prefecture of Fukushima.

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Posted in: Google to photograph street views of evacuated town in Fukushima See in context

Namie is the town I do animal rescue in, it's such a beautiful place and it breaks my heart every time we go in and there's no one there enjoying what was once an amazing place to live. The saddest time of year is definitely hanami, gorgeous blooms everywhere, and not a soul to celebrate it. It's wonderful to know that these people, and the world, will be able to at least slightly enjoy it again.

P.S. I have been into Namie many times and 1. the mSv/hr is around 5-10 in most of this area 2. the driver will be fine, even if he gets out and walks around for awhile and 3. it isn't quite a ghost town, at least 5 residents that I know personally still live there with their pets (they feel it's better then living in a temp shelter and letting their animals be homeless)

Basroil: safecast has a smartphone app that is updated quite frequently and is amazingly useful.

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Posted in: Owner of dog that mauled 90-year-old woman to death jailed for 14 months See in context

Tosa's are dangerous animals- No. As someone who has worked at animal shelters here and in the US, a dog is not violent by nature, it is how it is raised that affects that.

And as for pit bulls, "Despite their reputation, the United Kennel Club doesn't recommended using pitbulls as guard dogs because they're too friendly with strangers."

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Posted in: Top 5 worst places to visit in Japan See in context

ummm Roppongi and the Palace are both IN TOKYO, so they essentially listed Tokyo as 3/5 of this list

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Posted in: Rice grown in Miyagi contains more than double legal limit of radioactive cesium See in context

Thank you basroil, I live in Fukushima and it means the world to me to see at least one person intelligently defending the region in regards to "contamination"

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Posted in: Is the JET Program right for you? See in context

You forgot to mention that many JETs look down on people who are teaching privately here and often hang out in their own little cliques

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Posted in: Taimatsu Akashi – fire festival in Fukushima See in context

It was amazing, breathtaking and moving

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Posted in: March 11 earthquake caused long-lasting stress in dogs See in context

I'm an animal volunteer up in Fukshima, and can vouch that this research is right on the dot. All of the animals that come in, dogs, cats, birds, are all suffering greatly, even after they've been rescued from the Hell that is the exclusion zone

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Posted in: Beach in Fukushima opens for first time since nuclear disaster See in context

"the TOWN of Iwaki" We're one of the biggest cities in Japan, please correct that.

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Posted in: bills 'best breakfast in the world' restaurant opens in Omotesando/Harajuku See in context

and with many people probably feeling the same way,

no, cause like most of this country, I don't live anywhere near central Tokyo

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Posted in: Something for everyone during Golden Week See in context

Wish you would show other locations then just Tokyo, most of us don't live near there

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Posted in: 'The Wolverine' to be filmed in Australia after Japan misses out due to tsunami See in context

But... most of the original comic series took place in Japan, and the movie would really help Japan right now. Why the heck would they move and? Now they're going to have to change most of the original plot.....

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Posted in: Help wanted: Japanese ogres See in context

thank you Roten!

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Posted in: Interac See in context

"What about the Fukushima nuclear crisis?

The closest school we had someone is 55 kms away from the nuclear power plant. The teacher is still working there. "

That's not true, my boyfriend and I know at least one Interac teacher who had to move to a new school because he was teaching in what is now the exclusion zone (we worked with them for 2 years, now do private)

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Posted in: Help wanted: Japanese ogres See in context

Link please? Seriously, my boyfriend wants to apply

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Posted in: 2 high school girls killed in Yamanashi car crash See in context

My friends taught these kids, they were all good kids who were just celebrating that they'd finally graduated high school. All of them even had college plans figured out, so please stop talking about them like they were lowlifes.

Oh and no, it was a boy driving.

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Posted in: Monk guards remains of unknown tsunami victims See in context

How fantastic of him, bless his soul <3

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Posted in: Tsunami debris from Miyagi arrives in Tokyo for disposal See in context

yes, but it is mostly just a fear. I have spent a great deal of time in Tohoku volunteering and reviewing the radiation maps, if it is from beyond the mountain range in Fukushima there is hardly any radiation

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Posted in: Fukushima gov't rounding up stray pets from no-go zone See in context

Hayakawa's Blog: More detailed information about the Government of Japan's rescue attempt in the Fukushima 20km No-Go Zone.

This protection effort will be from March 1 to March 19, divided into 3 time frames. Based on an the recommendations of a Committee of Capture Techniques that was formed to provide ideas how to trap pets in the 20km Zone, they will be able to move forward with this rescue attempt. They will implement the ideas and techniques used by the Committee based on the results that they got from the committee's attempts on Feb. 24 to capture pets. They hope to capture an average of 100 animals a day. The animals will then be transported to the Fukushima Prefecture shelter. Owners of the newly captured pets will have 1 month to claim their pet. If they do not claim their pet, the pet will be considered abandoned and will be able to be fostered or adopted by someone else. They are making it 1 month to claim the pet because the animals that are in the shelter for long periods of time show signs of stress, so to reduce this, they have implemented this new owner claim policy. The Government officials are also asking that people volunteer to be foster parents since it is unhealthy for the pets to remain in shelters for too long of a time.

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Posted in: Fukushima gov't rounding up stray pets from no-go zone See in context

Disillusioned: haha that is pretty much exactly what my boyfriend said. "oh decontaminate, so go in and burn them all?"

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Posted in: Japanese-Americans urged to share internment story See in context

These are stories that are long overdue in being heard. I wonder if they will get George Takai to record his story? He has openly talked about how his entire family was in the camps, but I do not think he has ever sat down and told the whole tale

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Posted in: Tsunami debris from Miyagi arrives in Tokyo for disposal See in context

gyouza: I agree wholeheartedly. Why aren't more people willing to help Tohoku recover?

Arigato Tokyo and Shizuoka!

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