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I don’t care Abe , and other small poppets parties

what I care finally we re ready to change constitution thanks LDP and kameito , we pay billion and billion to other country’s for buy equipments

we need to protect our country by our self , change the supreme law doesn’t mean we should go for war , and have all around blood

the equiments we buy from US we can make them and sell them as US or China does

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I agree almost every year same its been 12 years they doing same xmas illumination

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Posted in: S Korea rebuffs Japan's protest over 'comfort woman' invitee, shrimps See in context

Abe dont give dam about Korea !

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Posted in: Nikkei closes at 21-year high on corporate earnings optimism See in context

LDP and Abe is great ! gonna vote to Abe !

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Posted in: Japanese media surveys show Abe heading for big win in Oct 22 election See in context

My vote goes to LDP !

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Posted in: Koike: A political paradox shakes things up ahead of poll See in context

Dango Bong agree with u

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Posted in: Edano to form new group for Democratic Party members rejected by Koike See in context

Most of foreigners complain about Abe and LDP

Dont Why ?

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Posted in: Koike says she will be selective on which Democratic Party candidates she'll accept See in context

All small parties become one Just bec They scare to lose

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Posted in: Koike vows to 'reset Japan' with new party, won't run for election herself See in context

I go with ABE no matter what u guys speak about LDP , He had these scandal which pissed me off as well

But Still he is the strongest leader we had at the moment in our country and i vote for ABE on October 22 !!!

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