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Posted in: Ex-scholar at Japan university given jail sentence in China: source See in context

"What I can tell you is that China is a country under the rule of law and handles the relevant case in accordance with the law," Wang told reporters. Could he manage to say that with a straight face?

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Posted in: 4 law officers serving warrant killed, 4 wounded in shootout at North Carolina home See in context

Glad the perp was eliminated. His was not a life well-lived...or well-died. Condolences to the families of the ones besides him who died.

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Posted in: Japan beats N Korea in World Cup qualifier; then N Korea cancels visit by Japan See in context

Call the game a forfeit and keep going. I wonder why Japan didn't beat them 10-0.

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Posted in: 3 junior high students implicated in death of man who fell from building rooftop See in context

For everybody asking what was a 22-year-old doing with a 14-year-old, where does it say he knew she was 14? She probably told him on line that she was 20 or 22 or something.

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Posted in: Osaka Prefecture eyes collecting fixed fee for inbound tourists from 2025 See in context

Well, I guess I won't be going to Osaka again. And, please, no whining about "They don't need you anyway."

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Posted in: South Korea's fertility rate drops to fresh record low in 2023 See in context

As kohakuebisu wrote above, https://asia.nikkei.com/Spotlight/Society/South-Koreans-choice-of-staying-single-gains-wider-acceptance is an interesting take on this. On thing mentioned was, "In January, LG Uplus, a major telecom service provider, introduced a program to support employees who prefer to stay single. Those who declare their wish on a corporate message board will be offered an allowance equal to one month's basic salary and five paid days off -- the same perks given to employees upon marriage." Then the article said, "The company says the program is designed to respect diverse lifestyles." Korea is planning to diversify itself out of existence. I know another country that seems to want to do that.

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Posted in: North Korea scraps all economic cooperation with South Korea See in context

"NK GDP expected to grow b/w 10 and 20% this YEAR, seems biz with China and Russia BOOMING. Why?

US NATO Ukraine proxy war, so SK no longer needed!" We are all stupider for having read this.

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Posted in: 4 Vietnamese arrested for thefts targeting Uniqlo shops in Japan See in context

knows_more_about_Japan_than_u_do wrote "I checked Japanese government stats which show last year 5 out of 100 crimes were committed by foreigners. Or 95 out of 100 crimes are committed by Japanese. In other words, less than 0.5% of crimes including theft are committed by foreigners." An elementary school education might help. Have an eight-year-old student help you.

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Posted in: U.S., Britain strike Yemen's Houthis in a new wave, retaliating for attacks by Iran-backed militants See in context

" The British government is an accomplice to genocide." What a complete joke. Just a ridiculous assessment.

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Posted in: Kubota to pay record $2 mil penalty for false 'Made in USA' labeling See in context

I wonder how much stuff in China is labeled "Made in America."

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka: Hero or villain? See in context

"...notably the now discredited Black Lives Matter movement." A moment of truth in the media! Nice. I also find her to be kind of hypocritical. Japan has plenty of better people to look up to.

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Posted in: Xi vows to prevent anyone 'splitting Taiwan from China' See in context

nikky wrote; "the South Chinese Sea should only be controlled by Asian neighboring states and American ships have no place there, then there will be peace in the world." So do YOU get to decide who can use international waters? I think not.

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Posted in: Man gets 20 years for policeman's 1971 murder after 45 years on run See in context

He is 74. They should execute him ASAP.

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Posted in: Black American solidarity with Palestinians is rising and testing longstanding ties to Jewish allies See in context

So...the woke white crowd has gotten blacks to join their anti-semitism. Sounds about right.

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Posted in: Shohei Ohtani's contract with Dodgers could come with bonus of mostly avoiding California taxes See in context

I'm surprised California's confiscatory tax rates don't scare away more high income people. Before Newsom became governor there, they had a huge surplus. Now, they are billions in debt, and things are rapidly declining. People, even the socialist/communists types, are getting tired of CA.

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Posted in: Small-town America's never-ending struggle to maintain its values hasn't always been good for U.S. democracy See in context

"Those areas are Republican now and they continue the Jim Crow legacy" is a silly statement. It was democrats like Al "No Negroes" Gore Sr. that kept the south from advancing for so many years. YeahRight was correct.

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Posted in: Malaysia arrests 7 Japanese men suspected of phone scam operation See in context

I hope they get caned for six months, then sent back to Japan. "Vicious and sadistic corporal punishments on tens of thousands of criminals every year" sounds pretty good to me.

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Posted in: Man claiming to be 'a woman inside' arrested for entering female bath at resort See in context

Good for the manager.

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Posted in: Striking actors agree on deal with Hollywood studios See in context

I was kind of hoping the strike would go on for years. The world needs self-important American actors and actresses to be less important. I haven't watched a theater movie in 15 years, and have no plans to see any in the future. There are better things to do than worry about Hollywood.

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Posted in: Putin accuses IOC of using Olympics for politics and racism See in context

"Nothing new under the Sun. Olympic committee is subservient of Western establishment." Ha ha. Down some more vodka, comrade.

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Posted in: Putin expected in Beijing, more dependent than ever on China See in context

elephant200Today 02:29 pm JST

A suggestion is to create an Eurasia QUAD with nuclear arsenals: Russia, China,North Korea and Belarus to counter US and her running dogs military expansion, we need to work together, to fight !

North Korea is nothing. Belarus? A joke. They have as many nukes as I have and maybe less military might.

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador to Japan takes spotlight with snarky China tweets See in context

If China is upset, they should quite disappearing people.

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Posted in: Taiwan reports 28 Chinese air force planes in its air defense zone See in context

If China's economy, youth discontent, real estate implosions, self confidence crisis, plummeting income from a complete lack of foreign visitors etc get much worse, Xi is going to have to attack Taiwan to try to rally his citizens.

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Posted in: More than 20 Japanese detained in Cambodia over fraud allegations See in context

If guilty, I hope they get the max sentence possible.

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Posted in: China says U.S. military aid to Taiwan will not deter its will to unify the island See in context

Good one, Rod. You made me laugh out loud.

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Posted in: Singapore hangs first woman in 19 years after she was convicted of trafficking 31 grams of heroin See in context

"Singapore’s laws mandate the death penalty for anyone convicted of trafficking more than 500 grams (17.64 ounces) of cannabis and 15 grams (0.53 ounces) of heroin." Good job, Singapore. More countries need to follow your example.

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Posted in: Angels unlikely to trade Shohei Ohtani if they stay in contention, GM says See in context

Don't care where he ends up, as long as it's not the Trolleydodgers. Last year they spent 262 million dollars on their salaries. That is a quarter of a billion dollars. Their support for the DV7plus1s makes me like them even less. Want the best for Shohei, and it's not with the T'Dodgers.

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Posted in: Celebrities to urge climate action at Hollywood gathering See in context

Why do the Hollywood types get any say in anything at all, especially with their sky-high levels of hypocrisy?When California has its periodic (mostly government-caused) droughts, it is always the Hollywood types who are out front, loud and proud, telling people not to water their lawns. A number of the "stars" have 100s of acres of lawn, which are watered every day to keep their lush appearance. People need to stop listening to actors and actresses who give so little to society.

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Posted in: What does the expression "Go woke, go broke" mean to you? See in context

It's a backlash by the majority of people who are tired of political correctness and all of the destruction that it is causing. It's a backlash against a loud minority who are filled with H8.

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