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Posted in: Robot security guards patrol Tokyo metropolitan government building See in context

Attn: Mayoshi San - Please fund this ridiculous startup idea !

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Posted in: At 75, India’s democracy is under pressure like never before See in context

This is a rather one-sided article. There is no supporting argument in the entire article for its grand title. "At 75, India’s democracy is under pressure like never before"

Perhaps the writer needs to be reminded of the 21 month emergency imposed in 1975 by Ms.Gandhi when quite literally democracy was suspended.

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Posted in: Renowned fashion designer Issey Miyake dies of cancer at 84 See in context

A maker, a genius extraordinaire. He will be sorely missed.

I truly hope they immortalize his works by creating a museum or exhibit for the key works.

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Posted in: Elvis image bans shake, rattle and roll Las Vegas chapels See in context

Replace Elvis with Martin Luther King or Muhammed Ali. Individuals who never sought to claw money from the masses. Not that Elvis did .. but it sends a message that licensing companies are dispensable.

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Posted in: Intruders assault man with hammer in his apartment See in context

The most feasible explanation is Sven Asai's. Looks very much like a loan shark case.

Sadly the trolls downvote it. Lately I notice the number of downvotes upvotes. Time for the platform to start rationing downvotes.

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Posted in: Musk warns Japan will cease to exist if birthrate continues decline See in context

Japan will soon face a perfect storm.

The wealthy business owners will love the depreciated yen as it benefits their export oriented business. They themselves are impervious to the inflation induced by the depreciated yen. However they have no interest in procreation - preferring poodles instead.

The working class who toil for their low salaries are further burdened from inflation. They want to procreate - but it will have to wait.

The only way out of this is wealth creation -via startups- but at a startup execution is everything. And execution requires a good talent pool. ... which is scare because of ... .

Any way out of this cyclical vortex ?

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Posted in: Mark Wahlberg piles on the pounds as boxer-turned-priest See in context

I sense a spark between them :)

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Posted in: Japan accepts 8 people displaced by Russian invasion of Ukraine See in context

Ok. Its a start. .. Nice to see a non-zero number.

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Posted in: Google to overhaul ad tracking system on Android devices See in context

Consider this a meta-warning

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Posted in: TSMC to increase investment in chip plant in Kumamoto See in context

Nice spot of positive news. Japan sure could use the employment this alliance will bring. Plus these are long-term industries.

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Posted in: Japan's border policy keeping hundreds of thousands of foreigners in limbo See in context

Politically the border policy is very beneficial for the govt. Polls overwhelmingly show that locals want to continue the border ban. Especially so outside of Tokyo.

In the short run it may the right response to the pandemic.

But in the long run it will deter highly qualified workers (tech) from choosing Japan. These cohort will choose Germany or Switzerland and slowly create wealth there. The effect is almost imperceptible in the short run. But in the long run when there is no new companies and new jobs. Everyone will feel the pinch. While they may choose to retreat into a shell, the cost of goods will escalate & others more prosperous than Japan will have the means to purchase & influence the price of these goods.

The frog in the pan .. boils slowly...

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Posted in: Faith in the metaverse: A VR quest for community, fellowship See in context

Note the placement of the bed next to the altar. How thoughtful & convenient.

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Posted in: Ready to race See in context

That's a gorgeous car ! Photographer to the right please.

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Posted in: WHO staff accuse Japanese director of racist, abusive behavior See in context

The detail and volume of allegations are concerning. There is bound to be a lot of truth in these allegations. it doesn't sound like like a matter of perception.

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Posted in: As McDonald’s Japan restricts French fry sales, rival boosts its fry sizes by 25%, at no extra cost See in context

A masterpiece of creative writing ! I had as much fun reading it as perhaps the author did writing it !

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Posted in: India's year of the unicorn: Startups in spotlight of 2021 tech boom See in context

The choice of heading picture for the article is remarkable. It serves to re-iterate stereotypes of India & is a start contrast to the picture the article paints. We should learn about diverse upcoming countries like India. Not perpetuate past stereotypes.

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Posted in: Sega builds 'world’s fastest gaming PC' and giving it away for free (processor speed unknown) See in context

This is a master pun. Fastest PC indeed !

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Posted in: Chocolate maker thrives with many disabled staff in workforce See in context

What a spot of sunshine ! My eyes welled up reading this. Newsworthy venture.

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Posted in: Why global tech turns to Indian talent See in context

US corporate culture is the most result oriented environment in the world. It accepts and elevates performers.

Both US management principles and Indian IT need to be commended here.

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Posted in: Nissan investing in electric vehicles, battery development See in context

Nice to see some diversity in their C-suite.

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Posted in: Sony upgrades full-year net profit and sales forecast See in context

Nice spot of sunshine in corporate Japan.

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Posted in: Company to implement salad-making robots See in context

Filed under - solution for a problem no one has.

Right next to the hanko robot from last year.

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Posted in: Samsung starts mass production of most advanced 14nm DRAM See in context

This will cement South Korea's place as the lion of the memory industry. Between Samsung & Sk Hynix they have nearly 70% of the industry. Toshiba memory/Kioxia ... .. have a long catch up game now.

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Posted in: 10 Afghan evacuation seekers enter Pakistan to head for Japan See in context

Does not bode well for any future collaborators in vulnerable nations. Good luck recruiting sympathizers in Taiwan.

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Posted in: Always there: The AI chatbot comforting China's lonely millions See in context

China is leading the world in AI. Look at any conference in AI.

They also seem to be pioneering the - lets build it & figure out ethical and humane implications later - mindset.

Given the skewed gender demographics, its more likely that many men may only have AI partners.

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Posted in: Olympic broadcasters curb sexual images of female athletes See in context

This is sure to become the most commented thread on JT.

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Posted in: Olympic broadcasters curb sexual images of female athletes See in context

Lets break every dogma at this olympics and see how it pans out. I like it.

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Posted in: Toyota decides not to air Olympics-related TV ads in Japan See in context

Wise call - contrarian and they will possibly lose all the sponsorship money. However the brand has more to lose than gain given current sentiments.

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Posted in: Fujifilm finds new niches, record profits amid pandemic See in context

What an inspiring story. Given the deathblow that the decline of film has on Kodak. The innovation of Fujifilm is outstanding. Gambatte.

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