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Posted in: The wait is over for Pokemon Go fans in Japan See in context

Another good reason not to visit McDonald's.

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Posted in: Tokyo named most liveable city in world by Monocle magazine See in context

Hahahaha...really? Tokyo number 1? Well i've never heard of Monocle Magazine but i certainly won't be seeking it out in the future now.

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Posted in: Mount Fuji climbers to be urged to wear helmets See in context

ridiculous. Volcanic eruptions easily produce boulders as big as cars, i'd love to see the helmet that's gonna protect you against that.

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Posted in: Disney makes it official -- 'Frozen 2' on the way See in context

oh where did i put those ear plugs....

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Posted in: Five things expats wish Japan had See in context

Except, centralized heating is really only a plus when everyone in the home wants it the same temperature. Got a house with one side that gets a lot of sun, and the other that’s shady during the winter? Sorry, with centralized heating that pumps the same temperature air into both areas, one of them is always going to be too hot or too cold.

Utter nonsense. With my central heating back home in the UK, each room has a thermostat on the radiator so you can control the heat to your liking or turn it off completely. This has been standard for a while now. Please don't publish articles which are just plain wrong!

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Posted in: Five things expats wish Japan had See in context

For what it's worth here's my 5;

Poilce that actually do something (please sort out those annoying bikers!!) Decent quality houses that don't need to be demolished 30 years after building. Better driving manners. A button to silence those god dam annoying speaker announcements!! Cheese and lower priced beer

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Posted in: Osaka railway creates superhero to attract foreign tourists See in context

Just where do you begin with how ridiculous this is......

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Posted in: The evolution of 100-yen shops and how they've changed people's lives See in context

The 100-yen shops in Japan beat any equivalent in any nation by far

Wow, you must be well traveled to come up with such a grand statement!

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Posted in: The top 10 rural regions of Japan that Tokyo residents would like to move to See in context

Yamanashi is pretty, but I wouldn't like to live there as it's just too rural

Well i do live in Yamanashi and i think it's too busy and built up! Just proves that it's all down to personal opinion, no right or wrong answer here....which leads me to question what is really the point of the article....

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Posted in: Despite hardworking image, are Japanese just as lazy as the rest of us? See in context

With another tantalising national holiday always just around the corner, it’s easier to just hang on until then rather than specifically ask for paid holiday

hahahaha, really? So let me think, should i put in for a weeks holiday and spend some time with my family or maybe take a trip around Japan or even abroad. NO i'll wait until next month when i get a single day off, often in the middle of the week where i'll drive to an appropriate "famous " spot for that time of the year along, get stuck in a huge traffic jam, waste money on armfuls of omiyage then trudge back to work the next day! .......tantalising indeed.

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Posted in: Japanese tourist says guide in India raped her See in context

Why do women from anywhere, including India, travel by themselves anywhere, especially India?

Well i've traveled by myself on many an occasion and some of the experiences i've had have been the best of my life. Travel as a couple or a group and you tend to stay within that group, not meeting other travelers or locals.

It really can be a whole different experience going it alone, try it sometime ;)

But yes care should be taken when going to India or other such places, but to ask "why travel anywhere alone" is just ridiculous.

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Posted in: Tokyo named safest city in world; Osaka No. 3 See in context

Well done Tokyo but i have to say this list should not be taken to seriously. I've visited a good number of these cities and i would have come up with quite a different order. Clearly individuals have their own idea about what is or isn't safe. Or it could be that this study is just a pile of rubbish!

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Posted in: Sayonara Japan See in context

. Who can't respect the Scots chanting to the Italians the warning 'We're gonna deep-fry your pizzas'?

or that classic chant to the Norwegians, "You only sing when you're whaling"

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Posted in: Sayonara Japan See in context

Why wear an Argentina strip if you're a UAE fan?

But anyway, well done UAE! Very bad result for Japan.

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Posted in: Haruki Murakami’s advice on how to be a great writer: Be born with talent See in context

Being born with a talent is not not so special or enough for you to succeed. Having the drive and desire to use that talent to the best of you abilities is what's more important. I could name quite a few people who have a 'talent' but never used it

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Posted in: Poll reveals what we already know: Japanese toilets make no sense See in context

Yep, Japanese toilets are definitely cleaner than the ones back home. My only grumble is the lack of soap and somewhere to dry my hands!

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Posted in: Why is Japan such an unpopular tourist destination? See in context

And around 13 million visitors in 2014. Btw, what good does it comparing plain visitor numbers to any country by disregarding the population or land size of such country. Japan has roughly 127 million, China 1,357 million and Thailand 67 million citizen. Respectively, 10.3 million, 55.7 million and 26.5 million visitors in 2013. Or, 8%, 4% and 40% of its population were visitors in 2013. Stats are only good if compared properly

Following your rationale, Japan would finish 7th in the 'percentage of population' table, so in fact worse than where they are now. Not sure what you're getting at.

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Posted in: Why is Japan such an unpopular tourist destination? See in context

Geography is a big problem and there's not much you can do about that. It's not a natural stopover location on the way to or from anywhere, unlike say Hong Kong which surely has such a high number of visitors from this reason alone. Japan is also an island and so it's usually a single destination visit. Unlike say Malaysia, which is easily reached from both Singapore and Thailand and so can be added easily to any itinerary. My own country (the UK) misses out in being an island as well. Visitor numbers in the UK are quite a way behind the likes of France, Spain and Italy.

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Posted in: Google expects public in driverless cars in 2 to 5 years See in context

You don't that's silly.

I was of course being flippant but it't a serious question. Driverless car A crashes with Human drive carr B. Owner of car A says it's not my fault i wasn't even driving, so who pays? who is liable?

But with less people killed or seriously messed up

How on earth can you make this massive assumption. Who's to say there won't be more accidents more people killed?

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Posted in: Google expects public in driverless cars in 2 to 5 years See in context

I just cannot see the point of this....

I would guess the majority of people who drive cars enjoy doing so. Where is the enjoyment in a driver-less car?

And what happens when inevitably one of these things crashes, who's fault is it? always the human driver because the machine can't be wrong can it? and how can you prosecute a machine?.......... this will be an insurance nightmare.

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Posted in: 4 dead in snow-related accidents in Niigata, Yamagata, Hokkaido See in context

Stupid, stupid, STUPID people!

Yes, it' s not the safest thing to be doing. The alternative though is the roof collapsing on you when you're sleeping in bed or as It''s ME said getting buried by it when it comes off the roof in one great big slab!

Design of the houses is really the problem. Roofs should never be flat or low pitched in high snow areas.

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Posted in: A brief history of the evolution of Japanese school lunches See in context

I'm convinced that one major point of kyushoku is to train children to eat anything, no matter now cold, bland and nasty

I think this is changing. If the kids don't like something they don't eat it and back into the bucket it goes. The teachers barely raise an eyebrow now.

But overall apart from a few dodgy ones, school lunch is pretty decent. I certainly couldn't make or buy something for that price that was equally as good......admittedly depends on your city i guess.

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Posted in: Cold endurance test See in context

I thought the ice bucket challenge fad has passed...

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Posted in: All 13 on New Zealand skydiving plane leap out before crash See in context

The plane?

Well having flown with them i know their planes are very old and worth little.


There is none. the inside of the planes are empty shells, they're only for skydiving.

Lives on the ground?

Yes, this was a risk but the lake is large and and i guess he had the skill to ditch it correctly because it landed plumb in the lake.

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Posted in: All 13 on New Zealand skydiving plane leap out before crash See in context


But why take the chance? like you said everyone was out, there was nothing to save.

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Posted in: All 13 on New Zealand skydiving plane leap out before crash See in context

There is more to this story, can see 12 jumping but the pilot? Losing the engine does not mean the aircraft is out of control. Second it took time for all of them to jump. So why??

I've done this very skydive and short of trying to beach it into the lake what was the pilot supposed to do? Better to just bail out rather than take a chance.Either way the plane is lost.

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Posted in: Japanese restaurants are springing up all over the world - most of them fake See in context

Sure there are people out there making bad Japanese food but the Japanese are hardly innocent in that regard. The number of terrible Italian, Indian, Thai etc meals I've had to endure in Japan are too numerous to count and always overpriced.

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