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It was OK, I guess, until you factor in the never ending shouting by the police into the bullhorns. There was also the stupidity of putting up a barrier, so I could not get back to my seat/tarp, so I did like everyone else and went through the bushes two feet away. Of course it was very crowded and you can't run away from the heat/humidity...wait...if you can get a hotel room looking out to the bay, I'd say go. Otherwise, avoid it.

If you're still determined to go, get there before 5PM. Bring a tarp and tape to mark out your spot. You can then make a run for drinks and food and your spot will be fine.

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Sounds like a good idea to me. Doesn't work well with my PSP 1SEG, but the gf has the 1SEG on her Sony. Perhaps when "Tokyo Sky Tree" is built, the signal will work better than the fuNk it is today.

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One way the weak ones are sorted out. Unfortunately, this sucks for the driver and the kids family/friends.

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I think "Tokyo Tree", or "Tokyo Sky Tower" might end up as the alternative. If they lit it up green at night, or even blue, it would help with the branding and might happen with the trend of "eco". Perhaps light it green that slowly changes to blue as it reaches 12AM. Anyways, it's going to be one hell of an object in the skyline.

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