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Posted in: Woman stabbed to death by ex-boyfriend in convenience store in Shizuoka See in context

Having tough stalking law won't help when they are prepared to die after killing the female, it means they don't care about life anymore. The government needs to provide shelters with support for women in domestic violence relationship and single women with stalkers to escape to and start a new life because these guys don't give up. I know a guy who smashed his ex-girfriends apartment up and waited for her to return and he split with her 12 months before, and again the parents jumped in and told the police they would handle it so it didn't hit the news.

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Posted in: Daniel Craig still first choice for Bond, says producer See in context

And what's Daniel-san done since Spectre?


Won't be long before $150M starts looking "oishii"

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Posted in: Samurai sword in new Japan Self-Defense Force emblem causing controversy See in context

Yes, I think the katana should be replace with something more frightening like Pikachu or a piece of sushi

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Posted in: Japan revamps child welfare, but tens of thousands still institutionalised See in context

Do you wonder why there are so many abandoned kids here? It's because Japanese men DO NOT financially support the kids when they leave the partner. 98.3% of single mothers have to do it alone because 日本人の男責任しない This country is a joke when it come to responsibility. Look how many single mothers there are here..

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