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Posted in: Lady Gaga voted AP Entertainer of the Year See in context

She is an entertainer but I dont think she deserves to be called an artist. In an attempt to produce "meaningful" and "thought-provoking" songs, her lyrics just end up completely messed up (has anyone actually LISTENED to the lyrics of "Judas"?). I wrote a college paper in which I discussed "Judas" (particularly the video clip which is chock-a-block with religious symbolism), and the religious references themselves have no real function lyrically or metaphorically. She just uses religion because she knows its going to get a rise out of people and not because she truly believes its an analogy for her "dark past". Lady Gaga will not be remembered as a great artists like the ones she copies (most prominently Madonna, David Bowie, Elton John, Cher)... rather, she will be remembered as little more than a conceptual art prank.

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Posted in: TV commercial of the week: Snickers and Erika Sawajiri See in context

haaaaaaate the hair. all i see is bad hair. the message i get is that if i eat snickers, my hair will explode into a frothy yellow mess.

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Posted in: Taylor Swift wins big at American Music Awards; nothing for Bieber See in context

ive never quite understood this craziness around taylor swift... i certainly dont hate her by any means, but she doesnt have the greatest voice, her lyrics (though relatable for 13 year old girls) arent the most creative, her tunes are catchy but by no means 'genius', rather it seems her only redeeming quality is that she's... nice.

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Posted in: Marie enrolled in Parsons The New School for Design See in context

kurumazaka: her father is not american nor was marie raised in SoCal. her father is french-canadian and works/worked for the japanese division of a large french oil company. marie debuted as a 'celebu-dol' and was labelled the paris hilton of japan because of her family's wealth. marie herself studied in chicago during middle school but other than that has lived in jaapn her whole life. so yes, it is correct to say her english is middle school level at best, though if you read her blog, sometimes her english is absolutely incomprehensible.

and parson's is just famous as the school which produced marc jacobs and alexander wang, im not sure it deserves this 'harvard of fashion' status.

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Posted in: Beyonce pregnancy sets Twitter record See in context

lets just say i hope the baby takes after HER

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Posted in: Leah Dizon to make 'comeback' in TV commercials See in context

didnt she already have her post-pregnancy comeback a year ago? and that went down the toilet so she disappeared off the new york or whatever.

shes also starring in some c-grade sequel to an anime spin-off ('garo' or something). i wish her well, but i dont think she actually has any fans left. her fanbase was what, 85% male who liked her hot-single-and-american image. now shes divorced with a kid. hopefully it all works out for her though.

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Posted in: Jodie Foster helps keep search for aliens alive See in context

im sure if we waited long enough, theyd eventually find us.

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Posted in: 8 Korean groups to perfom in Japan See in context

i love 2PM, i wish i could attend!

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Posted in: Model Jun Hasegawa announces upcoming wedding See in context

this is so shocking! but im happy for her, shes one of the few people in the industry who actually has her head screwed on. i hope she is happy with her new married life, i hope she keeps working because shes easily one of my most favourite models.

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Posted in: KARA to appear on Music Station See in context

lol @ people saying how these girls are great singers. goo hara was recently voted as one of the worst singers in korea by a korean newspaper. and isnt this the group where the leader refers to herself and asks others to call her 'goddess'? shes very pretty, but a goddess? not yet, sweetheart.

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Posted in: Koyuki makes first wedding dress appearance after marriage to Matsuyama See in context

gorgeous! but i bet she looked even more beautiful at her wedding :)

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Posted in: Ai Haruna, Angelica Michibata solve Shibuya mysteries See in context

i think haruna ai is hilarious. i pray for the day i magically have michibata angelica's figure. both these ladies have charming personalities and they are having a good time promoting a fun film.

why all the fuss?

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Posted in: Yuko Oshima most popular of AKB48's members See in context

understood. i thought it would be itano tomomi but she has as many haters as she does fans whereas its incredibly hard not to like yuko. yay to her :)

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Posted in: Yaguchi, Nakamura tie the knot See in context

congratulations, they look very happy.

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Posted in: Aki Hoshino launches own beauty products See in context

id love to look like her when i turn 34.

im sold!

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Posted in: 'Talent' Miyu Uehara dead after apparently hanging herself at home See in context

this has really broken my heart. i remember watching a show that followed her back to her home town and she was so close with her family, her parents seemed like such lovely people even though they struggled financially (and its not like miyu could support them very much on a talent's wage). this is really sad, i remember thinking she was so cute. may she rest in peace, i hope that wherever she is now she is no longer in pain.

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Posted in: Depp sends message to Japan at 'Pirates' world premiere See in context

keira knightley > penelope cruz

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Posted in: Marie broadcasts fashion show live on Twitter See in context

in marie's defense, that picture of her is at least two years old. i believe her hair is shorter and darker and she has much better fashion sense now than to wear some salmon-colored dishrag.

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Posted in: Anna Tsuchiya performs at candle-lit dinner event See in context

for some reason, i dont 'get' tsuchiya anna. she parades around like shes some 70s rock god but then she tries to portray herself as a homely cookie-baking mother type... im still figuring her out. i think its very sad that the tsunami and earthquake were on her birthday, i hope that doesnt take away from her birthday and she can celebrate without guilt.

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Posted in: Jane Birkin performs at free charity concert in Shibuya See in context

wow, living legend. ive actually become a fan of hers because she is mentioned a lot in young womens' fashion magazines for her style back in the 70s, very casual but feminine and of course for the birkin bag.

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Posted in: Kumi Koda to donate proceeds from song downloads to quake relief See in context

i dont understand why its so hard for some to believe that she is doing this for self-promotional reasons. just because shes an entertainer doesnt mean she only has money and fame on her mind, im sure what shes doing comes from nothing but the best of intentions.

love her as much now as i ever did.

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Posted in: Mao Asada reclaims top spot in image survey See in context

i agree with most of the list. i really like becky as well, i remember her when she first debuted and her personality hasnt changed a bit since all those years ago. for some reason, foreigners dont seem to like her, but i doubt she cares. lol

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Posted in: SMAP broadcasts 79-minute live earthquake special See in context

good on them, i hope that their kind words will make at least one person's day easier.

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Posted in: Eastwood, Bullock each donate $1 million to earthquake relief See in context

sandra bullock is always very geneous and helpful to those in need, i remember reading about her donating a huge amount to some others in need a while ago as well. its always good to see celebrities with a conscious who know the value of money, instead of idiots who spend it all on cars and holidays homes theyll never visit.

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Posted in: Sawajiri's mother says Erika apologized to ex-husband's parents for divorce See in context

her mother's name is lila because she is a foreigner, her mother is french-algerian.

and i disagree with an above user, i dont think erika can resume a normal career. all this pathetic bawling-her-eyes-out every second day and making every event she attends all about herself has ruined her career as much as the original scandal. she will always be known as that actress who thought she was such a tough little cookie but ended up crawling back to the very people she insulted. enough of this woman already.

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Posted in: Quake in New Zealand kills at least 65 See in context

i was in auckland when this happened, i was actually watching television when the 'breaking news' sign appeared. this is so heartbreaking, there were so many graphic images of people with blood streaming from their heads and limping... christchurch was just getting back on its feet and then its devastated again like this.

i am thinking of everybody in christchurch and contribute to the relief effort as best i can.

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Posted in: Leah Dizon secretly divorced stylist husband last year See in context

i find it interesting that leah dizon didnt really get too far in america in terms of her modelling (if you can call her american work 'modelling') but in japan, she was ranked #1 on all kinds of polls like 'best looking' or 'celebrity you want most as a girlfriend'. by japanese standards, her face is almost perfect so i think thats why lots of people here are confused as to why she made it so big. she has very anime-like features, a small face (kogao), a high nose bridge, tare me, long neck etc.

i think the reason why her career in japan flopped so bad is because of terrible management (and lack of talent on her half). her management just seemed to sign her up for everything to the point where she didnt specialise in anything and no one knew what to call her (gravure idol? model? singer? talent?), she was spread too thinly.

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Posted in: Becky and GReeeeN record theme song for Universal Studios Japan See in context

man whats with all this hate for becky? ever since she debuted i always found her a friendly positive character and i think shes charming. and she was born and raised in japan so she is unable to speak any english despite her european looks.

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Posted in: Tearful Sawajiri confirms plan to divorce, promises to change attitude See in context

i am just going to sit back until the japanese media finally tires of her and we can all go live our lives normally again.

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Posted in: 'Single' Akina Minami wins Wedding Best Dresser Award See in context

marie and tomomi (the other two winners) arent married either? what kind of award is this...lol

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