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Valerie Brooks comments

Posted in: New research scandal brewing over Alzheimer's study See in context

****It's all corrupt, they are like a mafia where they get the doctor's to join, promising them lot's of money every year, like a million or more...and these doctor's have to prescribe junk drugs, like this alzheimer's cure and psyche meds and it's a waste of time and the drugs are toxic. The doctor's ego, arrogance got them into those jobs... The alzheimers people are low on connections with people in life, and it runs it's course and they run out of people and connections, the brain isn't stimulated, their life is over, brain not used anymore, too few people in your life, not sensing any importance, they have wound down, sometimes quickly. There are different types of alzheimers and to understand it all would take honesty and years of collecting data, so big pharma knows this, they collect the data and they sit on it and give out meds that don't make a difference. It can come quick causing quick death which I saw in one 52 years old lady, or drag on slowly or be induced with aluminum...is all I know. One thing for sure is if you don't join that big pharma mafia, they won't help much keeping people alive and well.....they are just making doctor's wealthy to keep them busy and rich to make them stay out of their hair because these guys are smart enough to figure it out what big pharma really is....NWO population reduction. Drugs mostly meant to manage your death not your health. Grocery stores are killers with GMO perfect looking food that tastes like nothing, vitamin-less and even stops adsorption of vitamins from real food. Only organic food, just picked has vitamins.

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Posted in: Students forced to drink diluted acid as punishment at Aichi school See in context

Betaine Hcl is a supplement which I take. I had incurable bladder infections for 17 years til I found this substance forget about canned cranberry juice being worth a crap. I say it's a stupid thing to control students even if they were forced to drink water for getting results wrong. No reward at all should be enough....and judgmental anything may be still too much. People need to give a care about correct results, all on their own. Now when I may suspect food poisoning, I take Betaine HCL (stomach acid) and for eating sushi, etc. Great stuff to know about. Sorry the teacher has to lose his job but if he didn't...the world would be too weird doing controlling moves like this.

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