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Valery Prayd comments

Posted in: Stinky train tracks, expensive imports and no weekends: Netizens remember Showa-era Japan See in context

Being a native Russian, I thought all my life that train toilets that empty on the tracks are the norm, until I came to Japan. In Russia however this type of toilet is still common, although the local trains obviously have no toilets and people use vestibules or the connection part itself for this purpose.

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Posted in: Russia to block US agricultural imports See in context

@badman, I think they adore him, because it is so much easier to do so when you are abroad, in a developed country. Many of my Russian friends both in Japan and in other countries do this. Imagine yourself in their shoes - all your troubles (like those that common folk in Russia has to deal on a daily basis) are gone, but you're still pissed at the rest of the world because you think it is thanks to the US and Europe that Russia is in such a sorry state. And then comes someone who promises to rebuild the country, and even though he sorta fails, you read Russian state media that tells otherwise and somehow feel better. Well, at least that's my hypothesis - I can no longer understand this Russian mentality and patriotic hysteria that's going on here.

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Posted in: Russia to block US agricultural imports See in context

I sure hope this is just the beginning. Although I'm native Russian, and for the time being I live in Russia, I think its high time to show Russians that in 21 century (compared to, say, USSR in the first half of 20th) no country could and should exist in vacuum and isolation. And the harder it hits, the better the effect. Maybe it will teach Russians something other than stupid ululations of their so called patriotism (which has nothing in common with the real patriotism).

As for myself though, I'm starting to think about packing my belongings and going back to Japan - with the trend being as it is, and with the madness that's going on in Russian government, in a few years there will be sanctions on scientists, software engineers, and other important specialists being prohibited from leaving the country.

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