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Posted in: Japan Tourism Agency surveys onsens over tattoo policy See in context

...while that is possible, I think everyone should research wherever they're going. It's common courtesy. If you fail, then you are turned away, or something else. Trying to bring about change in another country to suit your own tastes is not only arrogant, but incredibly rude. In any case, I have no problem with the idea that they have their own standards and rules. It's a tourists job to research... Plus, researching makes the experience better. It's a travel basic.

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Posted in: Vagina kayak artist denies obscenity charges See in context

Most cultures I can think of has at some point considered genitals obscene... It's something everyone is still fighting. Many other cultures didn't care. If you don't think of things in a sexualized way, then nothing is really obscene... No one would give a shit. I am willing to bet a couple hundred years in the future, everyone can be naked and no one will give a shit. Just a century ago in the US, ankles were considered obscene, equivalent to a vagina in today's eyes. In fact, many places think this way. Everything is sex.

It's a lame ass attitude, I'm glad you are against progress in regards to gender... So progressive... Tradition doesn't always have a place in the future. Tradition can be disgusting.

There's a reason I'm so angry at China right now... They've literally brought back societal values, and tricks used to manipulate people from two thousand years ago.

Social oppression needs to go away if a country wants to succeed. The societal values of Europe and America aren't exactly traditional. Why?

Answer me that and please prove why! Moreover, there is no generic genitalia... They're very varied, especially considered intersex exist...

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Japan is more musically diverse. I rather enjoy their rock. And a little bit of their pop. Truly, it's like all pop: only a few, select songs are acceptable. All the others, french, British, American, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, they're shit.

Personally, I only watch Kpop because they CAN dance, in fact, the bangtan boys are the most synchronized dancers I've seen in ages. They synchronize better than some of the national level breakdance groups in America and France, from the competitions I've seen. You may argue that their moves are easier, which is true, but keep in mind their main purpose is singing although they're not too great (tbh, no one can really sing nowadays unless its traditional folk or opera. They don't know how bad they sound until they sing together, then you can pick out all the vocal flaws in pop singers)

It brings me back to jrock because it tends to be quite interesting, as much of rock is, and is musically diverse. It's intensely crossover, and I especially favored the visual kei movement (rock is quite cool: if you've followed 我是歌手, tbh a shit show, but you'll see that tang weiwei is a fantastic vocalist that was classically trained and has a diverse musical range, she just favors rock and it's awesome)

The girls' dances, while childish and cheesy, are significantly harder than the boys'.

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Posted in: 110 complaints about revenge porn reported to police in one month See in context

Are you trying to say you've never heard of the term revenge porn? It's rampant... But wait... A ton of those were actually photoshopped because people don't have naked pictures of themselves... And I can't believe you haven't heard of the celebrity "scandals" and the "click here to see!" I always ignore

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