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Posted in: Japan begins power saving despite nuclear restart See in context

"Power saving" sounds lovely and non-totalitarian, but what this really is, is energy rationing. It doesn't roll off the tongue so sweet...

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Posted in: Edano tries to convince Fukui that it is safe to restart nuclear reactors See in context

You might as well try to convince them that they can fly at the same time!

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Posted in: 70-year-old woman defrauded of Y20 million See in context

Always appears to have been done by some sophisticated gang. However, it's long been known, by those that have two or more brain cells to rub together, that these scams are coordinated inside jobs...

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Posted in: Nuclear power only option despite Fukushima: industry See in context

A top industry leader has defended nuclear power as the only realistic way to reduce global warming

To use global warming as a way of promoting nuclear power really disgusts me...

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Posted in: What's wrong with Japanese education? See in context

What's wrong with it is that there isn't much right with it...

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Posted in: TEPCO criticized for being vague on terms of higher rates for corporate users See in context

corporate users won’t have to pay the extra rate until their current contract expires.

I have a vision there will be extended contracts for favorable corporate users...

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Posted in: Okinawa snow event canceled over radiation fears See in context

Considering scientists detected Chernobyl radioactivity in snow at the South Pole I think the parents made a wise choice...

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Posted in: Radiation from disaster detected 643 kms off Japan's coast See in context

643 kilometers off Japan in the Pacific Ocean, with water showing readings of up to 1,000 times more than prior levels

In an ocean the size of the Pacific this must have been HUGE contamination without question.

The results are for water samples taken in June

Concealed until February 2012...

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Posted in: What do foreigners find strange about Japan? NTV finds out See in context

That they allow their own people to live in places highly contaminated by nuclear fallout...

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Posted in: Thousands in Tokyo march against nuclear power See in context

These people will not be listened to. Instead, a politician with a fake smile will appear, probably on TV instead of to their faces, and say, "We seek your understanding and cooperation on this issue" as said politician gives them the shiv and ignores their concerns. It's always comical to hear people talk about how they "cannot do something without local consent", but then when the people planted by the local governments (after being given bribes by central) are revealed and the scandal rages, the government still ignores the wishes of the people when it runs counter to their own and the government does what it wants anyway.

smithinjapan, makes me think of totalitarianism...

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Posted in: Ex-U.S. diplomat Maher pulls no punches on Japan See in context

Maher pulls no punches on Japan

But no solution put forward, so what's his point...

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Posted in: Eurozone crisis biggest threat to world economy, Noda tells Davos forum See in context

The biggest threat to the world economy are the ppl that have hijacked it. Remove them, remove the problem...

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Posted in: Gov't says no to free medical care for children under 18 in Fukushima See in context

Gov't says no to free medical care for children under 18 in Fukushima

Totally Inhumane...

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Posted in: U.N. nuclear agency to set up Fukushima office See in context

The office might be there, but no staff will be...

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Posted in: Fukushima ice cream maker wins Italian award See in context

I think he should get out of the deadly Fukushima contaminated zone and head off to Italy...

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Posted in: Noda struggles to conquer Japan's debt mountain See in context

Take bribes and then buy debt. What do you expect...

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Posted in: Firewood ash at Nihonmatsu homes found to contain high levels of radioactive cesium See in context

Must be daft or oblivious to be burning fire wood from Fukushima, or any other contaminated region for that matter. The nonsense never ends...

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Posted in: AKB48 monthly newspaper on sale See in context

Just the headline is ridiculous enough. No need to read the rest...

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Posted in: Stress test See in context

if local communities consent.

Don't consent then...

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Posted in: Emperor greets New Year's well-wishers; says he shares their pain See in context

I wonder at what point in their history they started doing this? You know, the small, token wave where the hand barely moves...

Oxford might have something to do with it...

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Posted in: TEPCO to raise electricity bills for corporate users See in context

It expressed fears it might not be able to stay afloat without the extra cash.


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Posted in: Osaka to accept tsunami debris See in context


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Posted in: Radiation hotspot in Chiba linked to Fukushima: officials See in context

57.5 microsieverts an hour

That is major! This one needs some serious investigation...

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Posted in: Fukushima City begins decontamination of homes See in context

If this is simply washing the properties down with water then it is not decontamination in any sense of the word.

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Posted in: Used suits See in context

Sad to see a village that offered so much to athletes turned into a dumping ground for radioactive suits.

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Posted in: Russian ship finds tsunami debris more than 3,000 kms from Japan See in context

Interesting to see the currents at work. I wonder how far the isotopes from the crumbled Fukushima power plant ventured out of Japan, too...

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Posted in: Radium bottles in Setagaya home may have been there for over 50 years See in context

With all the technology available these days why can't the government supply the general public with actual footage of the whole investigation at the house from start to finish? It would be much more convincing than releasing obscure bottle images that have had all of their metadata removed...

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Posted in: Radium bottles in Setagaya home may have been there for over 50 years See in context

30 microsieverts per hour—an alarming level.

Incredible how ppl were able to live in that house without dropping dead. Wonders never cease in Japan!

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Posted in: Radiation likely came from radium in bottles beneath floor of empty house See in context

And if you research the story a bit more from other sources and what was actually found in the bottles, the story is more believable then the conspiracy theories who think it was planted.

So If many "sources" believe it to be so, it is so? That sounds like a fallacious argument to me...

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Posted in: Radiation likely came from radium in bottles beneath floor of empty house See in context

Radiation likely came from radium in bottles beneath floor of empty house

Lol, and the government are always complaining about ppl making conspiracies? They hit us with the most unbelievable of them all!

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