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One percent? Is that a joke? I guess it is if you think that is "defunding".

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The Vietnamese Army humiliated the PLA in the 1979 Sino-Vietnam war.

Nonsense. You really think the Vietnamese trounced the huge China in just one month? China had the specific goal of just punishing Vietnam and that is what they did. They hit Vietnam hard then withdrew on their own terms. Stop reading B.S. Vietnamese propaganda. They didn't wrestle with the U.S. for over a decade to just to pound China in one month. Full props to the Vietnamese for holding out against the U.S. but get serious. The Chinese had no intent to hold territory in Vietnam nor effect regime change or the war would have lasted for years even if the Chinese suffered defeat after defeat. That's not what happened.

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You can’t label and pigeonhole every police department or officer.

Like saying you can't pigeonhole or label every Nazi because of Oskar Schindler and Karl Plagge. Its true but you are completely disingenuous using that truth. I could pigeonhole all American cops more accurately than you label and pigeonhole every leftist, Democrat and liberal.

Basically there are three kinds of American cops. 1) total rotten apples 2) the partially rotten apples who cover for the total rotten apples 3) neutral cops who might be good cops except for the fact they do nothing about the rotten apples.

As for the rest of your post I just cannot even be bothered reading it. I don't even believe you are even trying to debate honestly.

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Liberal. Democrat. Left. (skip) Liberal. Democrat. Left. (skip) Liberal. Democrat. Left. (skip) Liberal. Democrat. Left. (skip)

Problems like this article reports on are BECAUSE of inane divisions created by trolls both on and off the internet and here we have people doing their best to promote even more division. This does not lead back to political parties or political spectrum. This leads back to rich vs. poor and the army of the rich, the police vs. the community. You can also bring in racism, esp. black vs. white but I would argue its more black culture vs. white culture. But this liberal vs. conservative, Democrat vs. Republican, left vs. right broken record is nothing but a fat lie from people who don't give a damn about a solution cause they love the problem.

And I will just add that both major American political parties suck rotten eggs. They both profit off the divisions, at least at the top.

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Despite a much more positive outcome with Covid 19 in Japan, its actually amazing that most people are being very compliant with everything, from mask wearing to use of hand sanitizer to staying home whenever possible.

Even as the number of Covid 19 cases rise, the deaths and serious cases are not. Yet most people comply. What's actually bizarre is so few protesting or complaining. Welcome to Japan. Conformity is us.

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So people went wild over the police shooting BACK? Americans need to get a grip

So many Americans these days no longer trust the police and their "stories". They have been caught lying so many times now that NOTHING they say is believed. In fact, its so bad now that THE OPPOSITE of what they say is automatically taken to be the truth. But guess what the papers tend to print? The POLICE side of the story and so they too are automatically disbelieved. American police have lost ALL cred and respect with the black community and now its only a big chunk of white people still so gullible they will believe police stories without a thorough check.

No officers were wounded by gunfire, but a security guard and a civilian were hospitalized in critical condition after being shot

That right there should give you a lot of pause. Officers were the initial target but none got so much as a flesh wound? But two unrelated people were shot and are in critical condition. Uh. That all seems highly improbable. And who shot those two people? Doesn't say. Was it police? They wouldn't say.

And if there was an investigation police would investigate themselves and find they did nothing wrong. Just like every other time they investigated themselves.

I am going to have to read several articles from various sources before I decide what actually happened. Or I may very well remain undecided.

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Posted in: Japan signs ¥36.6 bil deal with Vietnam for 6 patrol ships See in context

Bad move. Vietnam also has overly ambition claims in the South China sea and if it gets to warring again this helps Japan get drawn in or targeted.

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Posted in: Model told by police to 'talk it out' with stalker who came to her door See in context


So you believe that arresting him (which I already covered) is one part of the solution and the other part is for police to attempt to scare him (which I also covered). Have I got that correct? Are those the only solutions you have and their end goal is to simply make him coming back "less likely"? I want to be completely clear that is what you are saying.

Also I want to make sure you understand that I never said landlords had any such legal obligation and they actually don't need it to consider the safety of their tenants. Some actually care. Also nowhere is it written that police forced her to talk to him. I will ask nicely, once, for you to please not try to put words in my mouth.

So you agree that the police aren't doing their job?

No. I said police are not body guards (which is why the profession of "body guard" exists). Police are there trying to sort out a dispute between two citizens and to ascertain which one is the problem (or both) they need to ask questions which may seem ridiculous to the abused party or parties. We all want cops to take our side but guess what? There are a ton of liars out there and the police have the unfortunate task of having to figure out who they are.

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Posted in: Model told by police to 'talk it out' with stalker who came to her door See in context

Police need to talk to the guy remind him that there are anti stalking laws , if you continue to stalk this lady and she calls to complain , well arrest you.

And what is your evidence they didn't? And if they did and he comes back and stabs her are you willing to stand your ground and insist the police did exactly what they were supposed to do by reminding him of the law and threatening him with arrest? I am pretty sure that exact scenario has happened before.

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Posted in: Model told by police to 'talk it out' with stalker who came to her door See in context

Okay. So what exactly does anyone want done about it and is that currently legally possible? Anybody? Any ideas at all?

Oh, someone said arrest. Okay. On what charge and what is the evidence for the charge exactly? Her word alone? Assuming that's sufficient, hold him for how long? He is definitely not coming back later because they arrested him once? Problem solved? Or he never would have come if he felt arrest was likely? Problem solved?

"Next time if I were to get stabbed, if I call 110 the police from this same jurisdiction will come."

They would have come if you had been stabbed straight off the bat and someone called them. The point is that something needs to be done to ensure you don't get stabbed. What is that something? Complain? Scream? Pray? What?

"It's not that easy for me to just move."

Its not that easy for anybody. So maybe the person you need to contact is your landlord so you can have extra security put in place. Or perhaps you should have chosen a place with better security in the first place considering your profession?

And if you are really that worthy of a model perhaps you have the money to hire a body guard, cause the police ain't it.

And anyone that wants to give me a shellacking for this post better have some answers that are 1) legal and 2) possible. Pounding on the table and whining is not a solution.

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Posted in: Japan's male smoking rate drops below 30% for 1st time See in context

The guy sitting next to me eating a ton of fat & sugar doesn't impact my senses and health.

If you are sitting next to a guy who is smoking then you have refused to vote with your feet and your dollars and are not participating in the true democracy, and through your laziness, are now supporting fascism.

Next time you go into an establishment and make a U turn for the door due to the smoking situation, ask to speak with the manager and tell him you are leaving because the restaurant does not have a place where you can be smoke free.

And I mean really, I would have thought capitalism would have taken care of this by now. Can't one of you rabid smoke haters start opening "no smoking" whatevers and make a mint with all your smoke hating customers? Can't one of you make some hugely popular invention that guarantees smoke won't travel far from a smoker anywhere they are? Do you REALLY have to support the government de facto banning yet another joy in life for some people? Is crackdown from the top really all you got?

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Posted in: Japan's male smoking rate drops below 30% for 1st time See in context

Next, you'll be saying sending criminals to jail is socialism.

I think you have never investigated America's prison population, highest in human history. Just your labeling all people who go to jail as "criminals" has grossly over-simplified the situation. You just threw Wesley Snipes the tax dodger in with some guy who smoked weed before sentencing was shortened and death row inmates. Anyway, yes, there are socialistic elements to the way some prison systems are run. Not that I am against socialism per se, but corporate socialism combined with authoritarianism is literally fascism.

Please note how the tobacco corporations are not being challenged directly on the poisons they put in their products. Instead, its the customers being cracked down upon, despite the fact the customer numbers are decreasing essentially without a crackdown, ie the crackdown on customers is not really necessary. Yet, the freedom of the people is so easily tossed in the trash heap but not the right of corporations to poison them. What do you want to call that? I call it fascism.

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Posted in: Japan to send help as Mauritius races to contain massive fuel oil spill See in context

Yes they do.

No they don't. They can "try" but nobody outside Japan without some very specific ties wants to listen to Japan government propaganda news reports in any language.

Precious few people heard about this idiotic man-made disaster via Japanese news outlets because they are NOT reporting to the world as the world does not tune in to them.

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Posted in: Japan's male smoking rate drops below 30% for 1st time See in context

Its fascinating the number of people who will swear they support democracy and freedom while actually supporting authoritarianism with smoking laws that have been passed banning smoking here there and near everywhere. And this despite the fact the article indicates smoking has been on the decline for decades and the driver is actually awareness. Maybe these people actually believe the government will stop at smoking? Or maybe they want fascism?

Every idiot knows smoking is not healthy

Just like a bunch of other things, such as fast food, excessive alcohol drinking, failing to exercise, factory farmed hormone and antibiotic laden meat, and a whole bunch of dangerous activities such as swimming in the sea, bungee jumping, horseback riding and skiing.

At this point people screaming for a "helicopter government" make me sicker than smokers. The government has already banned or defacto-banned too many activities that adults should be able to enjoy when what they should have been doing is ensuring the activities are as safe as possible. Smoking is an example as the cigarettes are laced with horrific chemical additives making them far more unhealthy than pure tobacco.

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Posted in: Afghanistan to release 400 'hard-core' Taliban prisoners in bid for peace See in context

What a fine mess the U.S. government has helped create in Afghanistan. While the Taliban prisoner are released they should be replaced by U.S. government and military personnel.

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Posted in: Japan to send help as Mauritius races to contain massive fuel oil spill See in context

@sakurasuki NHK and the Yomiuri do not report to the world. Al Jazeera does. Most people in the world have no idea what NHK and the Yomiuri even are.

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Posted in: Taiwan airlines offer 'flights to nowhere' during pandemic See in context

Good idea.

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Posted in: Japan-S Korea feud set to flare over wartime labor row See in context

The 1965 treaty does NOT nullify back owed to Korean individuals who were slaved by Japanese corporations. The governments would not even have the authority to do that in a remotely sane world.

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Posted in: Self-driving amphibious vehicle to go on trial in eastern Japan See in context

I don't mind AI pilots and drivers so long as they have co-pilots. And those co-pilots and co-drivers should be human.

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Generally speaking, I love leftist Israelis. I wish I could hand them a chunk of U.S. Federal land, or even a chunk of Ted Turner's, and have them build a new Israel there, away from a place surrounded by unfriendly people and nations.

Generally speaking, I hate rightist Israelis such as Netanyahu. So many are just plain outright evil and murderous. And sadly they control Israel. Its the only thing I truly hold against leftist Israelis. That they allow the right to control Israel and continue the land stealing, murder and oppression.

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No invasion or nukes were ever needed to end WWII. Soviet entry ended it and convinced the Japanese to surrender to the US to save their emperor.

Yes, and the American leadership knew EXACTLY when the Soviets would enter the war with Japan as that had been decided at Yalta. Its no coincidence that just before that the first nuke was dropped. It is so DISGUSTING to read people still excusing the mass murder of civilians after all these years and all the information that has been released. The Soviet entry into the war is what made Japan surrender, PERIOD. Its DISGUSTING how some people need to hold on to a mass murder doing something great apparently as some stupid point of national pride. Well I am American, and its nothing on me. I didn't do it. I had nothing to do with it. But it is infuriating to hear someone from my country still defending this complete garbage with complete garbage excuses that don't match with simple facts.

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Truman was using "Hiroshima" in the metonymic sense - that is, using a part to represent the whole. Kure, in Hiroshima, was and still is an important naval base

Like shooting through YOUR house to get to your criminal neighbor. Or YOUR car to get the criminal in the car next to yours. Please call your local police and let them know that's all fine with you. I would not want any of the people paid to protect the public to take a single risk when they can just heap all the risk on YOU.

There should really be a list of people who conjure up that absolute rubbish so that if we are ever attacked the other country will know whose house is okay to bomb to smithereens. NOT MY HOUSE! I believe the bomb has to fit the target. The target does not expand to innocent people for convenience of the bomb size.

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. If you read Hirohito's surrender speech he indirectly mentions the atomic bombs as one major reason to give up.

And you did not quote him because he also mentioned the Soviets in the same breath. He only mentioned the Atomic bombs as a way of brown-nosing America, not wanting to make them feel left out or just the lesser evil. The leadership were already having discussions of surrender when the news of Nagasaki came. They basically grunted and carried on talking about the Soviets. It was all about the Soviets. Only belief in American mythology and foolish pride prevents people seeing this simple truth.

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Posted in: Nagasaki marks 75th A-bomb anniversary See in context

August 9, 1945. The other day that ACTUALLY live in infamy, after August 6. I think FDR rolled in his grave both days and probably wanted to withdraw his Pearl Harbor speech. Truman was a VP choice of mere political convenience after all and Roosevelt hardly had anything to do with him. If only he had known what an evil man would be president not much later.

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why they didn't immediately surrender following Hiroshima.

Because the leadership were merely scared for themselves and perhaps Hirohito. They did not give two figs about Japanese civilians and it was nearly only civilians that died in all the firebombings months previous and in Okinawa before that.

This is why I get annoyed with people who insist that the Japanese were refusing to surrender so the bombs were necessary to end the war. All the A bombs accomplished was the same general death toll as the firebombs months earlier so obviously its a totally contradictory stance. If mass killing won't make them surrender then a bit more won't either. What ended the war was the leadership, especially Hirohito, fearing capture, torture and slow execution by the Soviets as they entered the war. The leadership knew it could stall no longer. If they did not surrender to the U.S. immediately they would lose their chance for an actual trial and possible exoneration, jail term or swift hanging. All the leadership wanted was to run from the Soviets.

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These "exhalation filter masks" reduce evaporation and increase the temperature of inhaled air, both of which increase the temperature of the head especially, the place you want it least. To understand how important the mouth is for reduction of high body temperature, consider that dogs don't sweat but only lose heat through their mouths. Having P.E. at all in summer its important to be aware of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Its even more vital in Japan where kids have P.E. on a huge open sandlot with zero shade and no grass (grass absorbs solar radiation and sand reflects it). Its even worse with "exhalation filter masks" on.

P.E. should either be given up or other holidays used to make up for lost days.

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Did you miss the message that the "global warming" slogan was changed to "climate change" some time ago?

That never happened. Global warming has always been a subset of climate change. If people stopped saying "global warming" and switched emphasis to using "climate change" its because simple minded people were getting confused when the "weather" in their latitude was still "cold" in winter or not as hot as last year in summer. Things like "global averages" are just totally lost on some people. From their weather in their little spot on Nowhere, U.S.A. they will insist the whole planet must be fine and those walls the Marshall Islanders have been building are just them being paranoid and nothing to do with what they have been experiencing these past several years.

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Posted in: U.S. judge denies bail to two men accused of aiding Ghosn escape See in context

Going back to the Imperial United States was a complete fool move. Seriously.

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Posted in: U.S. judge denies bail to two men accused of aiding Ghosn escape See in context

So where are all the Ghosn fans now who were absolutely adamant that the Taylors would make bail?

@Ossan America - That is a very strange and very specific accusation. I am surprised you mentioned no names. Are you accusing ALL Ghosn supporters of this? I am a Ghosn supporter. But I am not a fan of American courts (or Japanese ones for that matter). I believe the Taylors "should" be given bail, or at the very least be put under house arrest. However, I have to say I would never "expect" justice to come out of an American court, but only hope. In my experience, justice is a coin toss in America and having the world's largest prison population, now and in all human history, makes good proof of that.

So anyway, I find it surprising that anyone would insist adamantly that the Taylors would for sure get bail. Is that really what you are saying? Did these people claim to know the judge? To have a crystal ball handy? Do you have a name or a quote? It all seems very strange to me.

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@Kobe White Bar Owner "Save the planet" is a slogan. Its important not to read too much into it. Humans are changing the climate and it will have and is having serious repercussions on our health, well-being, and even survival. Even if we nuke this planet into a barren lifeless rock, yes, the planet will still be here technically, just like Mars is there, or Venus. But we will have destroyed everything that makes this planet special, everything that makes this planet inhabitable. "Save the planet" means "stop destroying the climate and environment we need to live".

I think you misunderstood George Carlin. His idea is that (short of nuking the whole planet) that once we kill ourselves the planet will heal ourselves. He was as sick of humanities' stupidity as I am and no longer cared if we killed ourselves. He was not saying "we didn't do it". He was saying "we are doing it and when we kill ourselves doing it the planet will recover and move on like we were never here".

The melting ice shelf is totally due to this infestation of humans the planet has.

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