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I wish there was a better idea of how old the girl was, rape is rape and 100% wrong, so don't misunderstand me here.

There is however a difference between a 15 yr old girl and 19 yr old woman. There is not enough information to make a valid judgement about the situation.

My sentiment exactly. There is not a lot of meat in this article. Where exactly did the alleged rape occur? What kind of drink did she have? And why the huge age range? Is this a Japanese crime-reporting standard? It's odd.

It seems like a lot of knee-jerk reactions because of his off-duty police status.

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Aside from the one person talking when the entire car is silent, I really hate seeing a male with a porno mag with a girl sitting next to him. (Worst time I saw this was a schoolgirl sitting next to a 20-40 year old male with a book full of glossy, full-page porno shots and he's flipping through it right in front of her.) Also, watching males sitting across from schoolgirls and trying to glimpse up their skirts. Some are nasty obvious about it.

The blatantly obvious objectification of females drives me, a female, INSANE. When I was 13, an older Japanese salary man took out his "piece" on a JR train and smiled at me. We were the only two people in the car. It scared the crap out of me!

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front and centre:

giggling out loud:)

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