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Posted in: Japan to provide $65 million additional humanitarian aid to Palestinians See in context

Israel is situated in a bad location. The country is surrounded all by Isramic countries. Fight will never end. I asked to my Jewish friend who is an American what about Israel move to America and become one state of USA? His did not answer to my question.

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Posted in: Japan to start releasing Fukushima water into ocean on Thursday See in context

I am a retired Japanese. I rarely eat fish after my retirement since they are expensive. Pork and chiken are a lot cheaper than fish and they are more substantial. When the accident happened in Fukushima, products of the prefecture were sold a lot cheaper than those of other places at super markets. I was happy I could purchase Fukushima rice and Fukushima peach cheaper. After ten years, I am all right and healthy.

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Posted in: G7 nations considering near-total ban on exports to Russia: reports See in context

We realized Russia remains not much different from the time of Tzar. People are ignorant and living like slaves.

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Posted in: Japan's winning World Baseball Classic team visits Kishida See in context

They showed us "We can do." "Japan will be strong again."

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Posted in: 'Happy Science' cult leader Okawa dies at 66 See in context

us reamer

Until Japan lost the war to U.S., Emperor was the central entity of the Japanese people's mind. They lost the god and salvation as well becoming lost sheep wandering in the wilderness.

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Posted in: 'Happy Science' cult leader Okawa dies at 66 See in context

Okawa's father was a member of Japan Communist Party.

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Posted in: Ukraine defends front; Putin talks up nuclear arsenal on war anniversary eve See in context

Putin said in his speech Uklaine was historically a part of Russia. He thinks Gorby gave in too much and is rewinding time. 75 to 80% of Russians are reportedly supporting Putin. Because Putin brought stability of their livelihood after big confusions of Perestroica. For them, livelihood is more important than freedom.

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Posted in: Kishida warns Japan on brink of social dysfunction amid falling birthrate See in context

This problem has been known for long in Japan. But the government did not do anything effectuve until it is becoming an imminent threat. My neighbor, father a truck driver and mother working at a nursery, has 4 children and live in 2DK small danchi house yet it costs them over 60,000 yen a month. This is ridiculous.

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Posted in: Rescue hopes fade after Russian attack in Ukraine's Dnipro; dozens feared dead See in context

What a disgrace of the world that we cannot stop such barbarous acts of Putin's Russia!

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Posted in: Millions of British people skipping meals in cost of living crisis: poll See in context

I saw the news on BBC TV old folks served meals at churches. I was impressed British churches do such a good thing and thought about Japanese buddhist temples where people go only when people die. I wish they do similar charity things at Japanese temples too. They are having troubles losing believers visiting temples recently.

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Posted in: North Korea test-fires long-range strategic cruise missiles: state media See in context

Russia may be helping finance it. I do not think North Korea alone can afford expenses.

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Posted in: Japan's lower house chief says he will explain links to Unification Church See in context

If I knew LDP's links to Unification Church, I would not have voted to LDP.

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Posted in: Japan set to honor assassinated Abe at controversial funeral See in context

It is a surprise for me so many negative comments written here about Abe and they are not rejected by the moderator. I thought Abe was seen more positively from abroad.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II mourned by Britain and world at funeral See in context

Among many things, It impressed me very much that Britain's new King Charles wearing the military attire during the Queen's funeral. It is a sign that they consider the military as an important element to constitute a sovereign nation. While in Japan, JSDF has been ignored and devalued for long and people are still refusing to admit JSDF as a full fledged military.

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Posted in: Energy problems in Ukraine and Europe take center stage See in context

Putin decided invasion of Uklane seeing U.S. withdrew from Afghanistan - U.S. is no more plalying the role of the world policeman and as a result of too early announcement by Bide that U.S. would not send U.S. Forces to Uklaine.

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Posted in: S Korea urges improved ties with Japan See in context

It is the time S. Korea throw away their old clothes and make further advances for the future hand in hand with Japan. S. Korea has become a success story of the free world in this hemisphere.

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Posted in: Japan reports 233,094 coronavirus cases; record high 40,406 for Tokyo See in context

Japanese are still all wearing masks and getting four time jabs but contractors are sharply increasing while in U.S. and Europe they are not putting masks and the numbers of contractors are getting smaller. Why is this?

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Posted in: China's Xi: No reason to change Hong Kong's 'one country, two systems' formula See in context

For ordinary workers and citizens of Hong Kong, their lives may not be affected much so long as they do not raise voices against their government. However, mental stresses living under the authoritarian rulings may not be comfortable for them. That matters us a lot who are living in democratic countries.

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Posted in: Gov't issues power usage warning for Tokyo area as temperatures soar See in context

The government is urging the public in Tokyo to save electricity "Put foods into your refrigerators after cooling them down."

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Posted in: Monetary tightening not suitable at all: BOJ chief Kuroda See in context

Japan's budget is 100 trillion yen while tax income is 60 trillion yen. They fill the gap issueing the national bond and that accumulated 1,200 trillion yen. If they increase the interest rate, they have to pay a lot more for increased interests of the national bonds.

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Posted in: Monetary tightening not suitable at all: BOJ chief Kuroda See in context

Inflation is not happening in Japan yet. There is no reason Japan to increase interest rate right now. Increasing interest rate is more hazardous than cheaper yen affecting people's life, for example, those who borrowed money to buy their houses. Kuroda's tenure ends next April. New governor replacing him will increase interest rate.

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Posted in: Dancing 'old heart-throbs' become TikTok sensation in Japan See in context

How embarassing for their families.

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Posted in: S Korean delegation meets Japanese foreign minister in bid for warmer ties See in context

Remove the comfort women statues first.

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Posted in: In Kyiv, Blinken and Austin announce aid, diplomatic surge See in context

Biden says U.S. will send weapons but not soldiers. U.S. military industries are happy and soldiers are happy too being safe. U.S. lost clouts.

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Posted in: 55% of Okinawans unhappy with 50 years since reversion to Japan: poll See in context

What about Okinawa become the 51st state of United States? U.S. may think Okinawa is necessary for them geopolitically. Going independent will not be feasible economically for Okinawa. If they feel they are treated badly by Japan. It is an option.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, EU affirm swift aid to Ukraine as assault in east starts See in context

It all depends how deeply the west commits to Uklaine. Economic sanctions only cannot save Uklaine from Russian invasions. The west and U.S. are not very serious to save Uklaine, it seems. Russia will get Uklaine eventually.

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Posted in: Police search for motive in Brooklyn subway shooting suspect's videos See in context

This guy was videod when he was passing through the ticket gate. What about equipping some kind of detection machine at the ticket gates?

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Posted in: Lotte pitcher Sasaki sets Japan record by striking out 13 consecutive batters See in context

I am not particularly surprised by his accomplishment. Today, Japanese people can watch MLB games everyday on NHK BS1. When I compare physical constitutions of Japanese players with those of MLB players, it does not mean he can do the same thing in MLB.

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Posted in: Over 20% of Japan's major firms halt Russian businesses: survey See in context

All the world including Russia is in trouble. Get rid of Putin. It solves everything.

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Posted in: More flee as Ukraine warns of stepped-up Russian attacks See in context

Couldn't U.S. and the west do anything when Russian militaries were surrounding Uklaine?

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