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Posted in: S Korean delegation meets Japanese foreign minister in bid for warmer ties See in context

Remove the comfort women statues first.

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Posted in: In Kyiv, Blinken and Austin announce aid, diplomatic surge See in context

Biden says U.S. will send weapons but not soldiers. U.S. military industries are happy and soldiers are happy too being safe. U.S. lost clouts.

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Posted in: 55% of Okinawans unhappy with 50 years since reversion to Japan: poll See in context

What about Okinawa become the 51st state of United States? U.S. may think Okinawa is necessary for them geopolitically. Going independent will not be feasible economically for Okinawa. If they feel they are treated badly by Japan. It is an option.

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Posted in: U.S., Japan, EU affirm swift aid to Ukraine as assault in east starts See in context

It all depends how deeply the west commits to Uklaine. Economic sanctions only cannot save Uklaine from Russian invasions. The west and U.S. are not very serious to save Uklaine, it seems. Russia will get Uklaine eventually.

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Posted in: Police search for motive in Brooklyn subway shooting suspect's videos See in context

This guy was videod when he was passing through the ticket gate. What about equipping some kind of detection machine at the ticket gates?

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Posted in: Lotte pitcher Sasaki sets Japan record by striking out 13 consecutive batters See in context

I am not particularly surprised by his accomplishment. Today, Japanese people can watch MLB games everyday on NHK BS1. When I compare physical constitutions of Japanese players with those of MLB players, it does not mean he can do the same thing in MLB.

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Posted in: Over 20% of Japan's major firms halt Russian businesses: survey See in context

All the world including Russia is in trouble. Get rid of Putin. It solves everything.

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Posted in: More flee as Ukraine warns of stepped-up Russian attacks See in context

Couldn't U.S. and the west do anything when Russian militaries were surrounding Uklaine?

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Posted in: Japan gives up plan for Biden's visit in April See in context

Do not make an old man too busy.

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Posted in: Gov't welcomes Ukraine evacuees with eye on int'l recognition, election See in context

Receive one million Uklane refugees to Japan. We can change our society and revitalize our economy by injecting different blood and culture.

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Posted in: Russia faces global outrage over bodies in Ukraine's streets See in context

The world looked to have made progresses but really not. Despite all the world is affected, they cannot do anything to one mad dictator.

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Posted in: As Mariupol hangs on, the extent of the horror not yet known See in context

When the west gives in to Russia and Putin, the standard of value of U.S. and the west will begin to fall. So far, the west has shown incompetency against the barbarous war crimes. U.S. and the west is showing to the world that they cannot stop crimes against the humanity.

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Posted in: Russians push deeper into Mariupol as locals plead for help See in context

My early comment that this is a civil war and Ukraine is a province of Russia was soon removed. I think now if Putin is replaced by Zelensky, all will be fine.

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Posted in: NATO rules out policing no-fly zone over war-hit Ukraine See in context


Ukraine cannot withstand six months.

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Posted in: NATO rules out policing no-fly zone over war-hit Ukraine See in context

NATO as well as U.S. are not helping Ukraine militarily. Consequently, Ukraine is helpless. Russia knowing it invaded Ukraine without worries. Economic sanctions cannot halt Russia's advances.

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Posted in: Putin says Russia is ready to discuss security measures with U.S., NATO See in context

The time is getting closer Putin should go. Russia must change and has to become truly a part of Europe. Changes of Russia got behind by Putin.

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Posted in: Japan urges nationals to leave Ukraine See in context

I hope the same thing would not happen in Taiwan. Japanese government urges nationals to leave Taiwan.

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Posted in: Japan's 2021 agricultural and seafood exports hit record high for 9th year See in context

BBC TV recently runs short commercials of South Korea agricultural products constantly. Strawberries, Shine Muscat, Korean Pears and Kimchi as their special agricultural products. Excepting kimchi, other fruits were improved in Japan as a result of great efforts. South Korea and China stole the seedlings from Japan and they are selling in Asian markets widely in cheaper prices. Japanese products are better and taste nicer but more expensive. Japanese government is strengthening to control seedlings developed in Japan not taken out abroad.

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Posted in: Japan to expand COVID quasi-emergency to 34 of 47 prefectures See in context

Japanese government and doctors are puzzled how to cope with Omicron without causing serious disruptions in the society. It is not life threatening but the virus is very infectious and large amount of people are getting infected. They cannot find the right way to live with the virus.

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Posted in: Skeletal remains found in apartment in Osaka Prefecture See in context

In westernized Japan after the war, old Japanese family system fell. Parents work hard and spend a lot of money to raise and send their children to colleges. Children get married and build their own houses in remote places and do not return to take care of their parents. When either of the parents die, he or she becomes helpless.

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Posted in: Japan to cut 14-day isolation for Omicron close contacts to 10 days See in context

Omicron is not frightening. I worry about isolation punishment more.

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Posted in: Record 235 COVID-19 cases reported among U.S. forces in Okinawa See in context


Okinawans are tolerating humiliations which mainland Japanese cannot endure.

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Posted in: Authorities urge elderly people to be careful when eating 'mochi See in context

I try not to eat mochi. Dentures come off.

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Posted in: Civic group denounces arson attack on Korean settlement in Japan See in context

When I checked twitter, I found many comments of so called "netouyo" (internet rightist). They are so emotional and do not know to respect other people and their opinions. They are childish and immature. I realized democracy is not fully permeated in Japan yet, At schools, they have to teach democracy to students again.

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Posted in: Protest held in Okinawa 3 years after start of landfill for U.S. base See in context

They want Okinawa without bases. They think they would rather be poor than getting subsidies from the Japanese government with bases. At the bottom, they do not like Japan. Go independent!

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Posted in: U.S. trade deficit with Japan shrinks 23.2% in October See in context

It is said Japan's imports of vaccines from U.S. amount to one trillion yen a year.

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Posted in: Japan's farm exports in 2021 to top ¥1 tril for 1st time See in context

I am from Akita near Aomori that produces apples. In my childhood, we ate apples everyday. In those days, apples were cheap but sour. Today, apples are very sweat and big but very expensive. I tried American apples before but they were smaller and skins were harder. My American friend liked Japanese pears - nijisseiki (20th century). They said they were juicy.

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Posted in: S Africa dismayed at 'punishment' for honesty over Omicron variant See in context

They are a lot more honest and conscientious reporting to the world about the Omicron variant happening in their country than China that hid it.

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Posted in: Mizuho slapped with business improvement order after system failures See in context

The ministry of finance behaves as if they are above the tops of the bank.

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Posted in: Japan to release hundreds of thousands of kiloliters of reserve oil See in context

Unprepared rush carbon neutrality movement is inviting confusions in the world.

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