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Posted in: Ghosn denies wrongdoing; says his arrest in Japan a conspiracy See in context

Ghosn received his high education in France - a country that produced Rousseau and Montesquieu. Japan's Justice System has a lot more to learn from the west in regard to human rights. However, I wish crimes in Japan will not increase by that. It was the Japanese government which opposed Nissan taken over by Renault. I am glad it did not happen. Ghosn is a victim in that sense.

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Posted in: Iran attacks U.S. forces in Iraq in retaliation for killing of commander See in context

It was oil involved in the trouble before. But the problem at the bottom is Israel's location in the middle east. Cannot the United States accept Israel at shomewhere in their country?

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Posted in: Trump says 52 targets already lined up if Iran retaliates See in context

How would this affect the presidential race? So far, the democrats that were so aggressive in accusing Trump are strangely quiet.

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Posted in: Ghosn's escape prompts talk of more curbs in Japan's strict justice system See in context

I do not hear Japanese people complain about their Justice Systems while a lot of critical opinions by foreigners here. Why?

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Posted in: Japanese media blasts 'cowardly' Ghosn after escape See in context

All of you are blind and attacking a wrong target unnoticing the true target. It is Abe who did not want Nissan absorbed by Renault.

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Posted in: Ghosn, in Lebanon, says he left Japan to avoid 'injustice and political persecution' See in context

He lost his 1.5 billion yen bail money.

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Posted in: Ghosn, in Lebanon, says he left Japan to avoid 'injustice and political persecution' See in context

Japanese sources say Ghosn used a private jet. I guess Japanese side knew and overlooked his exodus. Trials take a lot of time in Japan. It is a big waste for Ghosn for his life. I am glad for Ghosn he returned to Lebanon.

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Posted in: New York Jews scared, defiant as mayor decries anti-Semitism 'crisis' See in context

Please explain why the Jewish people are descriminated in America and in the west. For Japanese, they look more or less the same with other caucasians. They contributed a lot in science and classical music. Many jewish people are working in banks and journalism in America.

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Posted in: Authorities urge elderly people to be careful when eating 'mochi' See in context

Americans are not fans of mochi saying it is like a rubber. Is not chewing gum the same?

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Posted in: Seven-Eleven to end contract with franchisee who cut opening hours See in context

I do not think other convenient chains will contract with him. They think he is a trouble maker and they fear he will move to set up unions.

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Posted in: Seven-Eleven to end contract with franchisee who cut opening hours See in context

7-11 stores are useful for truck drivers who are driving day and night. They can take a break and can use a toilet. However, the business model is a kind of a scheme. It is made the parent company never lose money. For example, konbiki bento that they could not sell within the day must be paid by the store owners.

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Posted in: Seven-Eleven to end contract with franchisee who cut opening hours See in context

7-11 in America is now owned by 7-11 Japan, I think. Do they operate the shops 24 hours a day?

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Posted in: Japan's naval dispatch to Mideast seen as result of compromise See in context

It is OK they do protest. It is a proof that Japan is a democratic country. However, I want they also show alternative plans Japan to survive. Otherwise, Japan will be criticized we are on a free lunch and riding free leaving the dangerous jobs to others.

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Posted in: Train stations, airports crowded as New Year holiday exodus begins See in context

What do Americans or the westerners do? Do they visit their parents in Christmas days? Or is this an oriental tradition?

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Posted in: Ruling party lawmaker arrested over alleged bribe from Chinese gambling operator See in context

I wonder who is the tipper. It appears the police has been investigating the case time before.

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Posted in: Ruling party lawmaker arrested over alleged bribe from Chinese gambling operator See in context

Bad people throng around the bad businesses.

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Posted in: Abe asks Moon to act on dispute at first meeting for 15 months See in context

Koreans are strange people they damages the present rewinding the time. Let the bygone be bygone.

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Posted in: Japan Post CEO may resign after 12,836 improper insurance sales uncovered See in context

Privatization of Japan Post was a mistake. Particularly with insurance and post office savings. Before, people had a strong confidence in the governmental organization and deposited their money in the organization and Japan Post rewarded people fairly and conscientiously while the government could use the long term deposit as sources of their revenues and could finance the public works such as buildings bridges etc.

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Posted in: Japan demands swift release of fishermen detained by Russia See in context

Octopus is one of the must item of new year dishes in Japan. For the fishermen, it should have been the best season of the year and ignored the regulations, I guess. By the way I heard before, Americans do not eat octopus. They think they are "monsters" of the sea.

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Posted in: Essay questions scrapped for new university entrance exams in Japan See in context

English proficiency is most needed for Japanese politicians. I wish they could read English newspapers and understand English broadcastings.

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Posted in: Japan drops to 121st in 2019 gender equality ranking See in context

We are behind China and Korea and may be a little above Muslim world. So, it is not necessarily the influences of feudal Confucianism. We may have some other reasons. Yet, it is changing a lot. Many Japanese ladies are working today since they cannot afford without the income of wives.

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Posted in: JR East unveils luxury Saphir Odoriko express with all first-class seating See in context

I recommend tourists take left side seats of the train. You can enjoy fine view of ocean.

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Posted in: Ex-top bureaucrat gets 6 years for murdering reclusive son due to fear of violence See in context

Japanese society has to change. It should be more open and relaxed. It is like a military. The society must give chances and freedom to individuals. Reclusives are victims of the rigid and illiberal society. For Japanese, life is a hard thing not to enjoy.

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Posted in: Tokyo being billed as 'Recovery Olympics' — but not for all See in context

I still do not understand the reason Japan invited the Olympics. Why it is needed. It was decided without due discussions.

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Posted in: Fukushima clean-up has reduced radiation levels, but not all: scientists See in context

I wonder whether scientists and people who first built a nuclear power plant had an idea of controlling the nuclear materials when the plant had an accident and about disposal of the nuclear waste.

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Posted in: At climate talks, Koizumi confronts critics over coal See in context

Solar panels may cover the household electricty but not big factories and offices. After the Fukushima incident, all the nuclear power plants in Japan were halted and today only several out of 17 reopend. How can Japan survive where they do not have natural resources and if the country has to import expensive oils and LPG, Japan will go broke. We are already broke. Japanese coal power plants are equipped with sophisticated trappers and do not produce much hazardous emissions.

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Posted in: Japan to keep pushing coal in developing world despite criticism See in context

Beijing air pollution appears a lot improved. They are building nuclear power plants one after another. You are not worried about increased nuclear power plants in China. China may be helping developing countries in building nuclear power plants in the future.

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Posted in: Abe determined to amend Constitution after debate in next Diet session See in context

Abe and I also think any country cannot keep the dignity of a nation without a military that can fight. We have "Self Defense Forces" but they cannot maintain the rights and dignity of Japan. Our rogue neighbors insult and threaten and make shameless demands often to Japan knowing Japan is no threat to them because JSDF is an army that cannot use their weapons. Respect to America originates they have the strongest army in the world. When a war breaks out in this theater of the world, I fear Japan becomes a battle field for the reason U.S. Forces are stationed in Japan. They like to fight in the garden of other countries.

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Posted in: Abe determined to amend Constitution after debate in next Diet session See in context

I understand Abe. So long as Japan does not change the peace constitution and defend own country by themselves, Japan has to depend on U.S. Forces in Japan and they will remain in Japan. So, people of Okinawa should support Abe to get rid of U.S. Forces from Okinawa.

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Posted in: Japanese firms brace for economic contraction after Olympics See in context

I had the same idea and sold my stocks months ago. But the stock prices are going up. I am regretting I sold my stocks too early.

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