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Posted in: Japan to offer bullet train technology to Taiwan See in context

Chinese actually have a similar/a bit better technology. Dont be selectively blind.

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Posted in: China denies visa to 3 Japanese in Taiwan orchestra See in context

Oh, I think this move is not very good. Political things should not affect this part that much even though it always do. I wish I can represent some Chinese to say sorry to these 3 members.

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Posted in: Japanese department store chain sees Y500 mil damage in China riots See in context

Will Chinese firstly consider Chinese cars in the future like the Korean do nowadays?

It is not currently cause Chinese cars' quality is nowhere close to Japanese cars.

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Posted in: Japan embassy, businesses shut as more protests erupt in China See in context

@DebuchoSEP. 18, 2012 - 10:54AM JST classless people

By reading your comment, it is hard to tell the difference between you and those Chinese.

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Posted in: Noda says China must protect Japanese citizens, companies as protests resume See in context

Here is a protest in Japan? https://www.box.com/s/2dnktsicc1qezzxigbvw




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Posted in: Thousands of Chinese protesters besiege Japanese embassy See in context

Chinese government is doing a great job to try to relax people in case of hating Japanese(in general) but,, it is hard.

especially nowadays, Japanese politicos goes right-wing.

I really hope Asian countries not fighting each other someday.

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Posted in: Japan to send letter to China's president, protesting flag incident See in context

The scene Chinese see Japanese national flag just like Jewish see Nazi flag.

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Posted in: China iPhone sales surge, but can Apple protect its apps? See in context

Copyright issue is on a high priority list in China. Not because a company like Apple but all the local business. Chinese people are buying more and more legal products in recent 10 years. It takes time for "all the Chinese" to do this. This article is very biased. Intended to make china looking bad, intended to ignore the efforts Chinese are trying.

and yes, china is like that. maybe forever. Satisfied?

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Posted in: Chinese site hawking Kim Jong-Il T-shirts See in context

I have to say I want it!

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Posted in: Toyota to sell China-made hybrid vehicles by 2015 See in context

This actually means toyota want to prevent the chinese start studying the technology.

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