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Posted in: Canada bus attack leaves man decapitated See in context

blah blah blah blah blah-- The media loves to report violence every day, and they hope that people will react with negative emotions such as anger and vengeance. It is just how the media wants you to be -- in a state of negative emotional frequencies -- in a state of fear when you ride public transport. It is an isolated random act of violence, and it will not deter me one bit from riding the Greyhound or sitting next to a stranger on the bus.

If you look at the mainstream news everyday, you do not get a realistic portrayal of society. Everyone seems to love the reports on murder, natural disasters and the like. The good news, the other 98 percent, no one wants to hear.

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Posted in: Bush vows to take 'message of freedom' to Beijing See in context

China wants to remain a free country that is not under the control of the Rockefeller et. al. oligarchy. Japan has already sold out. Check out Benjamin Fulford on youtube and listen to his story.

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Posted in: America is the most selfish country. See in context

Consider the source - Shintaro Ishihara. A selfish, profiteering racist.

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